Aguirre The Clown of God

Does anyone, ANYONE know what’s going on in this video? The guys in the hats looking slightly more ridiculous than the guy who appears to be an actual clown. What was in the matchbox that passed hands? Mull seeds? A piece of the true cross? Mull seeds? The feather duster and the trolley laden with piss? I was brought up a catholic, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. Apart from the piss of course. I’m glad I walked through town last week.
...and I was brought up a catholic, but wot ter?!

...and I was brought up a catholic, but wot ter?!

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11 Responses to Aguirre The Clown of God

  1. Ken Oaf says:

    The circus in town
    or top theologian
    excuse for pissup


  2. vic demised says:

    Looks like it might be some kind of hangover from the Mediaeval “Festival of Fools”, in which the top positions of the church were taken over for a time by clowns. Hence there was a Lord of Misrule and a Bishop of Farce, etc. Who knows why? Probably just another way for organised religion to oppress the peasants, while giv9ing them the illusion of temporary power.

    The matchbox likely contained sacramental herbs, ritually burnt in sacred vessels and reverently inhaled, which enhanced the experience of chaos and assisted in subverting the church’s authority.

    The Coronas being wheeled in through the back door of the church are used during the ‘Crowning of the Clowns’ ceremony (Corona meaning crown, as in coronation) -and to disperse the dry horrors resulting from the use of the sacramental herb.

    If church was like this every week, there would be no problem with dwindling congregations. I’d go.


  3. Apropros the detailed and correct explanation of Vic Demised ,
    Does the clown get to kick the bishop up the
    arse ?.


  4. squib says:

    He looks like a verger to me. I mean he’s carrying a duster


  5. vic demised says:

    Bill O’S -spot on. The clue is in the name “Bishop of Farce”, which sounds to be missing an ‘f’ if you say it quickly. This was a reversal of the usual relationship, in which the arses of the parishioners were deemed to be the exclusive province of the preisthood, to do with what they wished. La plus ca change…


  6. forkboy says:

    Truth – I was at the event – It was at a service at the Anglican Cathedral (St georges Ter) during the 150th celebration of the Anglican Diocese. The Clown in question is an actual Clergy man from UK by the name of Roly………heavily involved in Childrens ministries. This service had a particular focus on young people……….the piss at Burt hall afterwards was very nice indeed…… meth for the kiddies though.


  7. Bento says:

    Hmm, a clown, heavily involved in the youth ministries, you say…

    Clowns are scary enough. Dan Savage’s ‘Youth Pastor Watch’ suggests to me that a youth ministering clown is surely cause for significant alarm.


  8. I haven’t fully decided whether you were taunting me Forker. You were really there? Did you see me outside?


  9. forkboy says:

    Lazy @ yes I was there……………I dont actually work for the C.C.C my good man………………………..was that you holding the handy cam?


  10. Groucho says:

    …I’ve got a problem with this photo…can somebody please point out which guy in the group is the clown ?


  11. The Legend 101 says:

    Geez the only thing that seems to be on tv theese days are sport,drama and those terrible realitys.


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