Carlisle existence is suffering

Do you want four paths to the cessation of suffering with that? A drive-through Buddhist temple in Carlisle. I’ve always felt that individuals were trapped in an endless cycle of birth, death and suffering in the whole Carlisle area, particularly at the Orrong Road end, however an observance of moral precepts is not really the bag of Carlisle residents is it? The cycle continues.

path to suffering
path to suffering

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60 Responses to Carlisle existence is suffering

  1. Grrr says:

    Sir, this may be the Finest Worst Ever.

    (Please tell me that is just a converted 1980s era bottle shop and not actually a drive-thru salvation stop).


  2. Grrr says:

    Can I amend that?
    At first blush, sir, this may be the Finest Worst Ever.

    At the outset, those heathens are clearly too lazy to get out of their cars to receive the grace of god and, unlike my good self and my love of the Great God Mammon, are clearly seeking absolution from Bhudda and a six-pack of XXXX Gold.

    (Can I suggest the temple in Maylands as a Not Worst? That place is awesome for whatever festival they do each year).


  3. David Cohen says:

    You are joking me.


  4. Snuff says:

    Personally, TLA, I wouldn’t mind fries with my sound of one hand clapping.


  5. forkboy says:

    The funny part is the shop next door is the “Carlisle Butchers”…….there are usually two opposing aluminium advertising frames located next to each other… reads “free meditation sessions at 1pm & 5pm”….the other reads “The famous Carlisle Ring Burner (a sausage) fresh today”……………….some smart young tourists occasionaly relocate the signs for a sublime effect……


  6. The main sign is very good too, which I will be posting soon.


  7. Eat butcher’s sausages
    for screwyou meditation
    ahead a drive way


  8. 1&2, the finest worst ever? I think an Alsatian peering up a deformed woman’s clacka would have something to say about that. (Or is it clacker?)


  9. forkboy says:

    LA is that the sign advertising “Spit Roasts”?


  10. forkboy says:



  11. forkboy says:

    Ease my suffering
    Kill the budda on the road
    Then under cover park


  12. Vic Demised says:

    Mind in angel gear,
    the omming of the engine,
    exhaust-fume incense.


  13. That’s a great one Vic.


  14. the car is failing
    Buddha is the spirit-tool
    car now humming


  15. Mazarina says:

    It used to be a petrol station – hence the ‘drive thru’ feel. Does look pretty funny though.


  16. Bento says:

    Forkboy @5 – Tourists?? In Carlisle?? Why???


  17. Groucho says:

    That’s all we need is petrol sniffing monks and a carma drive-thru.

    As for tourists, well if so many of them go to visit Buddhist Temples in Thailand and Burma, then why not in Carlisle ????? Unless the Carlisle Ring Burner is of international fame.


  18. Ljuke says:

    Not tourists so much as mischievous retirees.


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  20. Zarquon says:

    What, no ones heard of the Wheels of Dharma?


  21. Johnny Nonation says:

    In the words of The Moody Blues –

    The rain is on the roof
    Hurry high butterfly
    As clouds roll past my head
    I know why the skys all cry
    OM, OM, Heaven, OM

    The Earth turns slowly round
    Far away the distant sound
    Is with us everyday
    Can you hear what it say
    OM, OM, Heaven, OM


  22. Johnny Nonation says:

    Yeah I saw the dead raccoon as well – lucky bugger, cooped up in that zoo.


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  24. Perthite says:

    its not a drive through at all if you have actually stood outside of it. i can’t believe there is a whole blog dedicated to the worst areas of a city. how boring.


    • shazza says:

      Fairs fair TLA, it would be boring if you had no sense of humour I suppose. Perthite I recommend starting with the chicken crossing the road and work your way up from there.


  25. Believe it Perthite. Not really a drive through Buddhist Centre? Really? Astounding.

    You want me to get out of my car in Carlisle? I can’t get behind that.


  26. Hovean says:

    This used to be a Caltex service station – my utes’ carbys were always serenely balanced after a service by the reliable Arcano Brothers.
    There’s a bottleshop over the road for those requiring a different route to the cessation of suffering.


  27. I really do like this worst.


  28. Rolly says:

    Why, TLA.
    Do tell why.


  29. Bill O'Slatter says:

    At meditation
    the Buddha wishes you to
    remain in your car


  30. Rolly, it’s a classic worst. A photo and site that otherwise would not have been recorded or commented on and would have been lost and forgotten forever.


  31. Hovean says:

    True enlightenment
    finds blown Monaro
    dreaming of pedals


  32. RodB says:

    buddha in Carlisle
    watching suffering drivers
    praying with their wheels


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  34. chris says:

    its not actually a drive through..its where they park the cars


  35. RubyRuby says:

    This is a beautiful worst. I particularly like how the Buddhists are bringing true life and vibrancy into what would be a shocker of a derelict servo, otherwise. It serves the community and uses what already exists, rather than wasting resources creating a newer, blander and blah-er piece of dharma.

    Maybe they should be consulted on the future of Perth’s foreshore? We might not end up with something world class, but something unique and truly local. Which Perth people feel comfortable with and that visitors from elsewhere would bother looking at.

    And with this kind of philosophy behind it, it may even come in well under budget…?


  36. Hovean says:

    Squash balls suffering
    ceased, now baying at the moon
    When does bottle shop open?


  37. The Bartender's skills with a Manhatten says:

    There is something very touching about this. It’s like the Mennonite communites in Pennsylvania where the congregations meet in just-raised barns.


  38. The Legend 101 says:

    Where the hell is Carlisle.


  39. The Legend 101 says:

    oh thankyou


  40. The Legend 101 says:

    thats ok, but i dont understand why your thanking me.


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  42. Ranmoku says:

    This is my temple, it’s an old Petrol station, Buddhist cannot accumulate great wealth like the Christian churches, so we bought an old petrol station. The real laugh is in the bottle shop accross the road with a public toilet used as a gay beat and the butcher next door. Not a very dhamma based neighbourhood. Suprisingly, however, we have a huge turnout. There are a lot of ABC’s in the area…


  43. Sharon says:

    Ranmoku, for some, the ability to acquire a petrol station denotes great wealth. It’s all relative you see. And you might want to have a word with your mate the Dalai Lama about that accumulation of wealth theory you have.


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