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Parklet Mania

Are parklets really good for anything? Except for depriving honest Sigma drivers of three parking spots? Here is one outside the otherwise excellent Crow Books. Modelled on a detention centre . Would anyone even sit in this prison? Does anyone … Continue reading

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Cocos Practicus

Cimbali saw the first ever practical use of a Cocos. As a bench in PICA. Or was it art? Like lying on a box of bees? Still unclear. 

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Yagan’s Revenge?

The Barnett government has made it hard to get to the oddly soulless Ellenbrook, and maybe that’s a good thing. Dodgy Perth has previously detailed Pedo Sirling’s unhealthy pursuit of this child. Why she has been rendered headless and “joyfully … Continue reading

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Transport Hub

By Cimbali, Mt Helena.

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This is not without some merit. Although it’s context – in the shadows of cocii, cotton palms and roundabout palms seems…off. Hamilton Hill does need all the divine intervention it can get. I kind of like it.  By Cimbali.     

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Free Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is never free. By Cimbali.

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Chief Peeking Willie

By Cimbali. Fremantle Markets, well known cornucopia of worsts. Of course it could just be a bison penis hooked onto his belt. A baby bison who had it chopped off on a particularly cold day. I guess. I came for the … Continue reading

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Beaconsfield Nips

Rare nipped version. By Cimbali. Beaconsfield.

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