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I thought the roof was lego for a moment, but even so, love it. Cock-Burn by Shazza. It’s all just right. 

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Shazza saw this in Manning Park. Things seem more sinister than they once did don’t they? Remember when it was all boozies? Very sad. Save

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That would take weeks! How about every second Claremont cunt? Best out of three? By Shazza. Fremantle?

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Grapho textual C&B

By Shazza. Although the kerning… Fremantle.

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Does the aboriginal have a future?

That was the disturbing (1977) question that Shazza came across (while apparently creeping the houses of shut ins and hoarders), in O’connor (?) Absolutely! Contends #NF#1 from this equally disturbing tableau in Greenmount. Which should be in 1967, but is … Continue reading

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PC gone mad

Shazza suggests the terrorists have won in Hilton. Although I suspect segways will have free reign on this pedo free (as in foot) pathway.

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Rug Junction

I knew the curtains would match the carpets again one day! Suffer in your jocks if you had your flange lasered. Combover merkins to you. By Shazza. Do you really need me to tell you where this is? SoFro rugz … Continue reading

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Mongoloid Esquire

A Fremantle denizen appears to have made a pilgrimage to Garden City. They may also have recently given up smoking. Or coffee. Or Quinoa. By Shazza.

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Big stilts = small dick

Shazza now with some Freo. Why don’t I just move to SoFro? Or even Cobo.

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