Deff Geoff

Some time ago I made this bust of former Premier “Deff” Geoff Gallop out of masking tape, paint and a lunch box. (So there’s some art of mine you can criticise.) It seemed like a much simpler and more innocent time then didn’t it?. The Premier seemed honest and genuine. Brian Burke was banned. Cabinet members weren’t constantly being given the boot or facing enquiries. Even the opposition seemed to know how to behave themselves sometimes. You can’t imagine Colin Barnett chair sniffing can you? Richard Court before him was so straight it is unlikely he undressed to take a shower. Now we seem to have shonks on one side and chair sniffers on the other. Carps seems more desperate and clownish every day. The opposition incompetent and clownish. Deff Geoff, come back. For God’s sake come back!

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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24 Responses to Deff Geoff

  1. Squib says:

    That reminds me – there is some link between prominent chins and leadership. I read somewhere that people with strong chins are more likely to be in a positon of power


  2. Deff certainly had the chin for it.


  3. Juffy says:

    I dunno….I can’t critique this piece until I see it mounted on the end of a brick wall in Dianella, opposite a stone lion.


  4. Tony T says:

    Is that really Malcolm Fraser? It’s hard to tell one lefty from another.


  5. Liam says:

    Fraser, Tony T? I saw Gorton. Though I suppose his face actually *was* made out of a lunchbox.


  6. Norman Gunston called Gorton “The Liberal with the Labor supporter’s face.”


  7. One cracked under the strain ( ably assisted by his cabinet ,no doubt ) the other ….


  8. David Cohen says:

    This is a world-class, internationally-competitive, cutting-edge work LA. Please have it:
    * incorporated into Carps’ riverfront plan;
    * installed above Mandurah line train stations;
    * add busty lion torso for Waldecks display;
    * etc…


  9. skink says:

    there is only one place for this – beside the Boozy in the TWOP sculpture garden at Gomboc

    difficult to get an idea of scale form the photo- I imagine it in Mount Rushmore proportions, with Cary Grant scrambling down the nose


  10. Mez says:

    that’s pretty good LA
    reminds me of Peter Nicholson rubbery figures work

    now there’s a show that should be back on TV


  11. Scope says:

    That’s pretty cool joke!
    Your blog is very interesting.
    If you are doing a blog on Perth discos and whores with pic, that’d be sensational!

    This statue is… funny~!



  12. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Yes LA, i’ve also been meaning to ask when you are doing a post on Perth discos and whores with pic….


  13. Anonymous Perthon says:

    My comments keep going in the spamometer, and speaking of spam LA, how do you get your lunch out of that lunch box?


  14. #12, well I did do The Firm. #13. yes for some reason it’s stopped picking on frank and now calling you spam. The spam catcher is supposed to learn. I think it dumb.


  15. Rage says:

    Did you make his hair from twine? Or bits of spaghetti?

    Either way, it’s very primary school fun.


  16. It’s all made of masking tape. the hair is twisted tape.


  17. occidentprone says:

    Remember when politics was about policy and infrastructure and taxes and other boring stuff. Almost makes you nostalgic.


  18. Wow… now that you have said it, it is like an epiphany – it is suddenly all so clear…


    Christ, they are all shite, ain’t they.

    Good News Geoff was exactly that… not a heap of good news since he left town – just Carps chucking a tanty on 720 about his own team.

    Couldn’t see Geoff doing that.

    Truly, we are beset by a bunch of know-nothing has-beens.

    Matt – come back. You did your druthers, now is the time…


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  20. Nobody has made the comparison between the dignified way “Deff” Geoff Gallop went mental and left office, compared to Troy Buswell.


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