Outrage Sunday 169 meet the locals

dogging in perth for housewives. sex on nudist beaches perth. any posts for dogging at pinnaroo last night? Last week TLA was discomfited at the mega-traffic TWOP gets from would-be doggers. Alas, the top TWOP post is August 2011’s Cockington Dog. The information is what people want. A distant second is Miss Nude has no nipple, in November 2008. couchette (May 2011) languishes in 14th spot on the all-time hit list. The doggers know how to get the info to meet the locals and squeeze their tortoises.meetthelocalsEnough smut! Time for some art. Pearce and Peppermint Grove aren’t so far apart. art1art2IMG_3469IMG_3471

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 169 meet the locals

  1. Bx says:

    WTF. Is the Peppermint Grove bestial bronze a culture thing and that justifies traumatising the local kiddies? Or is it simply ‘Grove wank? I call on King Colin to move it Cott, plus appropriate the clockwork bull (and his board) and whack it in the Art Gallery of WA – THAT is art.


  2. rottobloggo says:

    This morning: hester park sex.


  3. GivDBird says:

    holy back door detail!


  4. The second sculpture is in The Esplanade near the Keanes Pt Reserve, in front of a heritage listed $7 million home ,and the artist is unknown.


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