Refresh The West

Just a mini post. Since you are not likely to see it in our own newspaper, here are a couple of reports from The Age and The Oz about how crap The West Australian is according to Stokes. (Thanks Skink and Plastic Glasses). Kezza makes a convincing case, but since a budgie wouldn’t even crap on the paper if it lined its cage, that wasn’t too hard for him to do. A quote.

“Good newspapers have to invest in writers.

“There is no point in having self-indulgence and people writing what they think is good.”

To illustrate this point, try and get hold of yesterday’s Paul Murray piece where he meets someone who happens to be carrying a clipping of a Paul Murray column around with them. You’ll squirm with embarrassment. But more of that on Friday.

The OZ today in another story however described Brian Burke as a convicted fraudster and former West Australian PRIME MINISTER.

Crap West by The OZ

Crap West by The Age

You know what would refresh the West’s Online presence? The Worst of Perth. You can invest in this writer Kerry.

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87 Responses to Refresh The West

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    And as posted in the other West post, this little gem :-)

    [West Australian Newspapers will go to the Supreme Court tomorrow to try to settle a dispute over the amount it pays contractors to deliver its Saturday paper.

    Some delivery agents say their workload and costs have doubled since they were told last August to deliver the Saturday edition of The West Australian in two separate, equal sized parcels.

    They have pushed for higher delivery fees and one agent’s lawyer has tried to have the matter resolved through arbitration.

    The West Australian has refused and has instead referred the matter to the Supreme Court.]

    PS. you may wish to delete the other duplicate post :-)


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    And The West “Fights Back” :-)

    [The Chairman of WA Newspapers Peter Mansell says Mr Armstrong has his full support.

    He says the criticisms don’t add up.

    “If you look at the peformance of this company over many years it has out performed many media companies including Seven,” he said.

    Mr Mansell says Mr Stokes is trying to divert attention from his plan to gain control of the company without paying shareholders the premium they deserve.]

    Diddums :-)


  3. Devnull says:

    Is the west still in print? I havent read it in years.


  4. Rolly says:

    @ 3 Devnull

    “Is the west still in print? I havent read it in years.”

    And I was complaining about the lack of observable intelligence in our society only for you to blow that theory away!


  5. James says:

    What is odd is the prominent link to on the right-hand side of – I can only imagine it’s an ad, not part of the actual website.


  6. Why go to the paper when TWOP satisfies all your needs?


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    WAtching the ABC’s coverage of Stokes Call to Arms, I note that his biggest supporter is Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest.

    considering how he is the West’s Pin Up Boy, I wonder if they will now turn against him ?


  8. Not to mention being worst billionaire here.


  9. Frank Calabrese says:

    Heads up from the East.

    Kerry Stokes Address is being covered on Lateline Business at 11pm tonight.

    And I haven’t seen anything on The West’s site – What a surprise – NOT :-)

    Perth Now story.,21598,23471858-948,00.html


  10. My Ning says:

    Don’t wanna sound too self-congratulatory or Murray-esque, but I saw Stocksie on TV last night last night and he said exactly what I said about the Paulster last week in the worst journo section – that the paper has forgotton the reader…


  11. skink says:

    it was announced yesterday that scientists have succesfully created a hybrid cow – human embryo at a University in England,23599,23476268-2,00.html?from=public_rss

    I would have thought this was a bit of a waste of time – we already have Pam Casellas


  12. cimbali says:

    Paul M was on the radio yesterday morning and apparently he wanted to be a geologist but was really crap at maths and failed university so he fell into journalism! He said he grew up in kala and went to Guildford Grammar.
    That was as far as I got before the coffee machine kicked in and drowned him out.
    Stokes is going to be on ABC morning program today so may be a TWOP mole should be listening in.


  13. skink says:

    Oh, so clearly PM’s extensive education and honed intellect uniquely qualify him to be a know-all

    “fell into journalism” ? if only he had broken his neck in the fall


  14. Frank Calabrese says:

    Newsagents Hope Stokes is their “White Night”

    Plus Stokes has thrown out a challenge to the Chairman of the Current Board.

    [Mr Stokes has challenged the chairman of West Australian Newspapers, Peter Mansell, to a public debate.

    Mr Stokes has told the ABC there should be an independent newspaper in WA that reflects the views of the community.

    He says he would be tempted to join iron ore billionaire Andrew Forrest in starting a second paper if Mr Mansell does not cooperate.

    “He’s got two choices, he can find another party to buy it for 20 per cent, at that price that would be good for the company and we’d be very happy to work with them,” he said.

    “Other choice he has, he could take us out at 17 dollars a share and we’ll go with someone else like Mr Forrest and yeah we’ll start our own newspaper.

    “What I would like to do, I would be very, very happy to debate all of these issues with Mr Mansell live on your program or any program, anytime anywhere, I’m available.”]

    And Today’s dead tree version has quite a few ads promoting Saturday’s West as “Two Papers For The Price of One”.


  15. Plastic Glasses says:

    Someone should just start up an on-line newspaper. I’m sure there are many people out there with journalism skills who never made it into the one and only newspaper in the state, and would jump at the chance to write for, gather news for an independent on-line paper.

    There needs to be another newspaper in this state. I’m not talking about some radical left wing press, just something that isn’t for a very small group of people. Anyway, The Western Suburbs weakly caters for them.


  16. Frank Calabrese says:

    THe West “Defends” it’s adversarial relationship with the WA government,21598,23477783-2761,00.html


  17. ultra says:

    Kerry Stokes, bringing quality, independent, reliable journalism back since… Today Tonight. Is it actually possible to have an “independent” newspaper if it’s controlled by the owner of competing media?


  18. flynn says:

    The Packer and Murdoch families seem to do it easily!


  19. Frank Calabrese says:

    I love who was at the Stokes Breakfast.

    [At a Perth breakfast – before an audience including NAB chairman Michael Chaney, former Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley and former premier Richard Court – Mr Stokes launched a scathing attack on the “self-indulgent” editorial content of The West Australian, which he said had completely lost touch with its readership. ],25197,23475424-5006789,00.html

    Hmm, there goes the Support from THe West for a Statue for old Charlie, all that brown nosing and massaging of various orifices amounts to nought :-)


  20. Frank Calabrese says:

    Subiaaco Post’s Story on Stokes Vs The West.

    And I love this bit :-)

    [The day after Mr Stokes’ speech the newspaper reacted by splashing on its front page the story that the Australian Shareholders’ Association recommended that WAN shareholders back the current board.

    Mr Stokes had not put forward alternative strategies, the association said.

    But that is exactly what Mr Stokes did do.]


  21. Frank Calabrese says:

    West Journos to write to Stokes.,21598,23505923-2761,00.html

    And today’s Spray by Robert Taylor about Reece Whitby was disgusting – talk about Conspiracy theories and having it in for Stokes.

    Stokes taking over the ALP – He is a Liberal Party member who’s a member of the 500 Club FFS.


  22. Rolly says:

    @19 flynn

    The Packer and Murdoch families seem to do it easily!

    “seem to..” being the operative words.
    Words from insiders in the business contradict the appearances.
    If you think that you’re not being conned then, ipso facto, you are. Really.


  23. skink says:

    from 22:

    “It’s just to get some kind of understanding from him that he doesn’t want to dumb down the newspaper…There’s been some pretty good journalism come out of her in the last four or five years”


    “dumb down” the West? how exactly could that be achieved? It’s so bloody highbrow right now


  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    Also it is worth noting that Gary Adshead has also done stints as Seven’s Crime Reporter, and is most likely looking at taking over Reece Whitby’s role as chief political reporter on the station.

    Methinks they are scared for their jobs and being forced to write DECENT stories, not pieces of Primary School English.


  25. flynn says:

    Rolly it is very hard to impart the appropriate tone of derision and cynicism in mere words.


  26. Paracleet says:

    I think the real question is if we must have a trashy rag as our only paper why can it not have tits on page 3.


  27. Rolly says:

    Or 3 tits on one picture like this blog?


  28. Andrew Stevens says:

    I think that ‘dumbing down’ the West to the point of it being comparable to the Sunday Times is hardly a worthwhile aspiration myself. While it is the only daily paper we have, it has an important role and I fail to see that Kerry Stokes’ plan has much merit in it. Of course, if he wants to start up a ‘red top’ type paper, go for it and leave the more serious stuff for the West. It’s been the only decent opposition to a fairly average bunch of politicians that we have in power at the moment and it has been responsible for revealing quite a few important stories. If you don’t agree with the paper or one or other of it’s columnists, then don’t buy it – it’s a free world and no one is asking you to read it. I avoid ‘The Weekend Australian’ (or the Sydney/Melbourne Times as it should be called) because of the useless rantings of Mr Phillip Adams myself…


  29. skink says:

    I saw that the Sunday Times did a front page feature on Stokes yesterday, without once mentioning WAN, and the West only acknowledged the issue with a business story about “another investment broker recommends support of existing WAN board”

    it seesm if you wantto know what’s happening with the local newspapers, it’s no good reading the local newspapers

    Mr Stevens:

    unfortunately the “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” argument is a bit lame when there is only one daily paper in this state. If we want to know what happens in local politics, local sports results, or check out job ads or what’s on at the cinema, we have little alternative. Unfortunately when we do that we also get fed the jaded opinions of an unbalanced editorial team, and the immature scribblings of undertrained journos and inexperienced subs.

    The West has a responsibility to be the newspaper of record in this state, unfortunately it abdicates that duty in favour of taking random potshots at pollies that it dislikes.

    why don’t you like the Oz? I would have thought Albrechtsen was right up your street. Adams is a fairly solitary voice on that paper.


  30. But what happened to Knowallus Blowhardus? The disappearing Paul Murray is a story more mysterious than The Marie Celeste. Saturday they had a UK philosopher talking about British happiness rather than the big man.

    What happened to him? Surely someone knows? I didn’t even see a PM is going on leave thingy. I know there are several West staff readers. Can TWOP take responsibility? Like The Sydney, did HMAS Murray stray to close to TWOP’s guns?


  31. skink says:

    perhaps his captain ordered him to be towed out to deep water and be scuttled.

    right now he could be sitting on the sea bed, a sad rusting hulk

    I had a look at the West’s blogs, and Moz has not posted anything for weeks.

    I did however come across this gem regarding the new swimming suits:

    “The suit is not making the swimmers go faster. It is just helping them go less slowly…”


    “It’s likely that female swimmers will be the biggest beneficiaries of the new suit because their body shape creates the most drag in the water.”



  32. Rage says:

    Well, you are what you write.


  33. I noticed that one. PM writing on swimsuits was stretching the lycra a little far credibility wise.


  34. Frank Calabrese says:

    Go Carps :-)

    [Asked yesterday about Mr McGinty’s attitude towards journalists, particularly those from The West Australian, Mr Carpenter said he understood the Attorney-General’s position.

    “It is undesirable to have a standoff between a senior minister and the major morning newspaper of the state … but I understand why Jim McGinty has come to the position he has come to,” Mr Carpenter said.

    “I think most West Australians would understand it and understand why the readership of The West Australian has tailed off under the current regime. The West Australian newspaper, I think, needs to change its culture, the editorial culture; it needs to change the editor; it needs to change the senior management.”

    Citing two incorrect front-page stories last year, Mr Carpenter said the newspaper needed to take a more honest approach to journalism.

    He described the story about a woman in a hospital waiting room as “completely fictional rubbish”, and last year’s supposed finding of HMAS Sydney as the worst abuse of journalistic power he had seen. “I have never seen a worse abuse of journalistic power than the one we saw when The West Australian newspaper claimed on its front page that the Sydney had been found, regardless of how that might impact on the emotions of the families of the people who died in that (disaster).

    “It’s no wonder that The West Australian newspaper really has such low credibility rating in the community of this state, and there’s a general view that a change is needed – I agree with that.” ],25197,23547272-5006789,00.html


  35. skink says:

    The continued abscence of Paul Nurry is becoming a bit of a worry. I have also noticed that a some of the other deadwood journos so beloved of this site have also been AWOL.

    In their abscence the West has been printing ‘serious’ comment pieces by reputable journos, mostly flogged from wire services.

    I have several theories:

    1. as eminent thinkers, PM and his chums are all at Rev. Kev’s 2020 summit. If anyone knows how to fix this country, and talk about it at length, it’s PM.

    2. Armstrong has told them all to keep their heads down and don’t say anything daft until after the AGM, and until then the West will try to impersonate a real newspaper

    3. and this is the scary one…
    PM is in secret negotiations with Stokes to replace Armstrong as editor, and return the paper to the glory days of his first reign.

    4. or maybe they all just finally woke up to the fact that PM is crap and told him to do one.


  36. skink says:

    latest news headline on

    “Causeway Busy”

    no, really

    cutting edge journalism


  37. Frank Calabrese says:

    [latest news headline on

    “Causeway Busy”

    no, really

    cutting edge journalism]

    I can never understand why you need traffic reports on a website when you’re stuck in traffic.

    Oh and anothe MIA person, Pam Casellas has been replaced on the TV pages by Ben O’Shea, who is doing his best PC impersonation.


  38. Jeezus. Another TWOP target bites the dust. Do we claim victory or what?


  39. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Jeezus. Another TWOP target bites the dust. Do we claim victory or what?]

    Time to go hard on Armstrong – maybe after our scalps of PM & PC, maybe we’ll claim PA’s scalp next :-)

    Hmm, notice our main targets all have christian names starting with P :)


  40. skink says:

    of course, they could just be taking a break during the school holidays

    still, I shall not rest until Limpwrist is dismissed


  41. Frank Calabrese says:

    A Couple of letters opposing Stokes from the Subiaco Post.

    This one from Bert Reuter, who used to be part of the Bell Group.

    And this is another opposing letter.


  42. skink says:

    I see Murray was back in the paper on Saturday, which torpedoes all my fanciful theories

    “and so you’re back
    from outer space
    I just walked in to find you here
    with that smug look on your fat face”

    another insightful piece from the Moz, which could could be summarized as; “I’m going to repeat all Mark McGowan’s allegations of an ethnic conspiracy surrounding D’Orazio, but when McGowan said it he was being racist, and I’m not, so there”


  43. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I see Murray was back in the paper on Saturday, which torpedoes all my fanciful theories]

    And he was also responsible for helping Jorge Immburger (sp) with those appaling doomsday articles on WA.


  44. skink says:


    it seems that Kerry Stokes and TWOP have been defeated:

    the West will not be refreshed, but will stay as stale and soiled as ever

    let’s see if they run that one on the front page.


  45. poor lisa says:

    43 and don’t you love how he managed to fill out the word count by retyping lots of names from ALP branch lists? Not once, but about 3 times at various points in the alphabet throughout the column – just to show that those ethnics are using ALL our ENGLISH LETTERS in their WEIRD NAMES to do their wicked BRANCH STACKING. (And of course so he can fill out the word count).

    Particularly lovely was the ‘portentous’ final paragraph ‘Zabeti… Zaneti… Zannbeti…. Zannotti…’ etc.
    Like ‘News Flash ! An ALP man has got all his mates and their mums to join the party! And they’re not Aussies! We’re all doomed!’

    So I guess we can continue to look forward to more of this terrific journalism. Too bad about Kerry.


  46. skink says:

    “that’s not writing, that’s typing.”


  47. Frank Calabrese says:

    [the West will not be refreshed, but will stay as stale and soiled as ever]

    And watch the attacks on the current govt rise ten fold now that Armstrong has had a stay of execution.

    A sad day in Perth Media.


  48. Frank Calabrese says:

    Now this says it all.

    [Meanwhile, a representative for the journalists’ union, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, asked why WAN had not responded to a letter requesting the company adopt the journalists’ code of ethics.

    Mr Mansell surprised shareholders and stunned media in attendance when he admitted he was not familiar with the code.],21598,23587678-948,00.html


  49. skink says:

    Oh look! the story is on the front page

    three months of refusing to acknowledge the story, and then when Limpwrist gets a win he slaps it on the front page and a full page feature in the Business section


  50. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Paul Murray was at his most arrogant best today with this pearler of an opening line:

    “I don’t Like Plastic Bags, that’s because I don’t do the shopping”.

    What a penile stimulator :-)


  51. No, he said it’s because he doesn’t LIKE shopping.


  52. Paul Nurry says:

    Listen. I don’t like plastic bags, and the c*nts don’t like me. End of story. Walking around India, I was struck by the fact that I could easily go up and touch an untouchable. Now being an expert on untouchables, I can tell you all that calling them untouchables turned out to be totally wrong. Peter Garrett calling them untouchable just proves how out of touch he is. Go over to India and touch one Garrett, and then tell me they are untouchable. Pure bullshit. I touched about fifty of the pricks.


  53. Rolly says:

    There is, perhaps, a glimmer of hope in all this.
    Kazza might actually keep his promise and start another daily rag and show that it is possible to have two imbecilic waste-of-words publications presenting different views on the same subjects whilst simultaneously avoiding the issue of factuality.
    Unless, of course, an independently minded editor and journalistic team can be found and, indeed, even tolerated.


  54. I can’t see a Kezza Twiggy(!) rag getting off the ground. It would be broke in 2 years if it did.


  55. skink says:

    Stokes has said “it’s not over”,25197,23592105-7582,00.html

    since he owns 20%, it’s not unreasonable to expect a seat on teh board, but mabe not two. the ‘suicide pact’ by the existing board has won the battle, but not the war. Stokes will just have to open his wallet and buy some more stock.

    Limpwrist and Nurry are still on the endangered list


  56. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I can’t see a Kezza Twiggy(!) rag getting off the ground. It would be broke in 2 years if it did.]

    And we all know what happened when The Sunday Independent went daily :-( And lest we forget The Western Mail.

    I reckon to really get Mansell and Co worried is for the WA Govt to bite the bullet and withdraw ALL it’s Govt Advertising and move it to the Crimes – we all know how upset limpwrist was when they didn’t get the chance to give away free kids tickets to the Royal Show – tales of woe about sick kiddies in hospital not getting a hospital bed etc.


  57. Rage says:

    Hm, it is possible for two glad-rags to exist successfully, and specifically at the moment.
    Especially if it’s a Fairfax one with plenty of dosh to invest for the first few years while it’s getting off the ground. Plus, guys like Fairfax will be able to bring their existing advertisers over thanks to their other established products.
    It would be a major investment, even for established publishers, but The Worst has earned their title for a reason. Most people I know dislike the thing, but buy it because there aren’t any other local options.
    Don’t lose the faith, there are a lot of businesses around to stimulate advertising and plenty of kids with cash to invest, (christ, look at the shit that is published in this state- and I’m not just talking about papers), but it is essential that an established print media outlet, with a proven, successful model is the one to start it.


  58. And if they took on TWOP as part of their team…
    Or even Pussycat?


  59. Rage says:

    That’s pussycat gigante to you.

    Also, a Worst of Perth column on the inside cover would be pretty refreshing- a biting, tongue in cheek look at our citizens? Great. Much more so than the simpering, advertiser driven, sandgroper shite The Worst publishes.


  60. Mez says:

    I found a 1986 Western Mail TV guide the other day. The curious thing was that television programming has not changed much. Still a quiz show at 5:30, News at 6, Happy Days 6:30 (maybe a Friends equivalent), American movie at 8:30 then chat shows until beddy time. Seems the Perth viewing public have not demanded much of a shift in over 20 years.
    I wonder if another newspaper wouldn’t just replicate the always give ’em what they want attitude of WAN. I can’t remember the Western Mail offering much different except that they had Andy Capp instead of Hagar. The Daily News wasn’t much chop either.
    Kezza has said a lot about disenfranchisement but little about content. I would want to hear a hell of a lot more aboutn that before I promise him and another billionaire my $1.20 per day.


  61. Mez says:

    there was an article about Gil Tucker though


  62. Frank Calabrese says:

    [found a 1986 Western Mail TV guide the other day. The curious thing was that television programming has not changed much. Still a quiz show at 5:30, News at 6, Happy Days 6:30 (maybe a Friends equivalent), American movie at 8:30 then chat shows until beddy time. Seems the Perth viewing public have not demanded much of a shift in over 20 years.]

    But have you noticed the absence of a locally produced Morning “Chat” program such as Grant & Cameron or one hosted by Jenny Seaton, which allowed artistes such as Keith McDonald to perform – no wonder he’s now reduced to school gigs, he hasn’t got a TV gig now.


  63. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Classic Pert TV guides, check this site and scroll down to Western Australia.


  64. Was Hans Merks and Barry Barkla doing film reviews then?


  65. My Favourite Martian, GTK and Bellbird.


  66. Frank Calabrese says:

    Pre Channel 9.

    and both the ABC & Ch 7 ceased transmission before Midnight – none of this 24 hour stuff with infomercials and Benny Hinn and Crefelo A Dollar (how apt) :-)


  67. Frank Calabrese says:

    Is this comment from “our” Rolly ?

    [This article clearly explains to anyone in the WAN and/or the CH7 why I will continue to neither buy the “West” nor tune into 7News. Their performances bring back unpleasant memories of the bullying gangs in the school-yard. Immaturity rules. OK.
    Posted by: rolly 9:18pm today ],21598,23587678-948,00.html


  68. I’d say harden the fuck up. You WILL watch and you will read. I don’t think someone with a beard would write that.


  69. You can read all the hair brained sheet you like on teh Intertoobs so why bother with the Worst Orstrayliun. This is the conundrum of the Worst : how some one’s hubcap fell off on the Causeway has lost its charm and interest to the modern day audience. Personally I don’t think Stokes would know if he was the middle figure in the dog pussy painting.


  70. I’ve said before. Why buy the West when TWOP posts every day?
    It’s amazing how crap the West’s online “presence “is if the dead tree version is dying in the arse. You don’t put Paul Murray on as teh blogger if you want to complement your print version with the online. It’s like they have heard about the internet form someone who overheard about it in a bar.


  71. Rolly says:

    @68 Francesco C

    Ooops. Sprung.


  72. poor lisa says:

    Nowhere as happening as a bar: the west learned about the internet from someone who overheard about it from an old biddy in the AG cafe who carries around clipped-out Paul Murray columns.


  73. poor lisa says:

    I was in Albania last week and I saw something worst, but I was driving in the driving rain, arguing with Mr Poor about whether Albania counts for TWOP purposes. Now I just can’t remember what it was. It might have been a motel, or a furniture shop on the way into town.


  74. Rolly says:

    There’s plenty to chose from down South and the venerable LA has headed in that direction this weekend; so I guess there may be a post or two as a consequence.


  75. Frank Calabrese says:

    POst Newspaper article on Wednesday’s Showdown.


  76. Frank the most interesting part of that article was the reference to ” The Blob” ( 1958). However I don’t think it cast a shadow and thus counts as a stuffed metaphor.


  77. Frank Calabrese says:

    Not my video, but here is the Dixie Marshall interview with Kerry Stokes.


  78. skink says:

    why would Stokes talk to Channel Noyne? I suspect Luke Morfesse as the instrument there.

    but then Noyne had to mess up their big coup with poor sound quality and inane questions from Dixie Normouse

    maybe Stokes thought that however lame Dixie might be Rick Hairpiece would be worse


  79. skink says:

    Julie Bishop is getting flak for a junket to the Olympics paid for by Kerry Stokes as a thank-you for backing his bid for The Waste:

    this might just be the one likeable thing that Basher has ever done, but it still doesn’t stop be from looking forward to watching her get boned when Nelson gets rolled


  80. skink says:

    Stokes has been given a couple of seats on the board of WAN:

    will it have any effect ojn the quality of the rag?

    will Nurry and Headstrong get the arse?

    I am intumescent with anticipation


  81. Rolly says:

    “Intumescent” indeed.
    Nice one skink; I had to look that one up.


  82. skink says:

    by Stephen Mayne on Crikey:

    “The West Australian’s editor Paul Armstrong might have finally prevailed over his bitter political enemies Alan Carpenter and Jim McGinty with the defeat of the Labor state government, but it will probably be a short-lived victory as Stokes and most independent observers clearly believe he should go.

    The fate of Armstrong will be the first big test of whether Stokes is exercising control, because Armstrong ran quite a partisan campaign against the billionaire during this year’s proxy battle.

    Then there’s the issue of Seven being more than $100 million under water on its 23% stake in WAN and the stock is down another 23c at $8.52 this morning.

    Stokes will want some fast action on things like The West’s lame website, falling circulation and the ongoing disputes with newsagents.”


  83. I really wish I could get Kerry’s email address.


  84. David Cohen says:

    So you can send him Cookster’s poo page?


  85. No to warn him that Paul Murray is Jack van Tongeren


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