Outrage Sunday V

Is it really the end? Oprah ostensibly bade us farewell last on Friday night, but I fear she will again lurch into our lives, a la Frankenstein’s monster, all too soon. What a superb piece of calculating candy floss she is. Even Kitty Kelley couldn’t get her. Were Gail and Stedman to be seen last night?

I blame Oprah’s influence on women for this atrocity captured by Bento. Why just drive, when you curl your lashes too?

It’s enough to barricade yourself at home and chow down on some Fant. On special at Coles Woolworths Midland.

Let’s finish with some art: here’s the Coast Guard on the Cott groyne, before he was so cruelly mocked by TLA and Pete F after he’d headed south to Freo. Not worst.

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28 Responses to Outrage Sunday V

  1. NF#1 says:

    So what you’re saying is that Oprah did in fact come to Earth to harvest humans for reptilian consumption?


  2. Shazz says:

    Oprah, fuck off already. If only she could take Dr Phil, Dr Oz and all the other quacks she has given air time to over the years with her.


  3. Pete says:

    I thought Oprah had been raptured. Shame really.


  4. Lucky Star says:

    I’m sure my other half and I have seen that chick curling her eyelashes in the car on our way to work. The crazy bitch nearly ran into us as she drifted lanes while applying mascara.


  5. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    Actually, being Oprah’s beard probably wouldn’t be such a bad job. I image it pays well and the catering would be nice.


  6. The Legend 101 says:

    Yum I love a good Chicken from Woolworths, Also cheap yummy fruit cake at Woolworths you should try it Shazza.


    • The Legend 101 says:

      ha ha Ben and Maylea are both Idiots but its intresting that you care Orbea.


      • Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

        Rani Mainwaring, widow of West Coast Eagles champion Chris, was one of those on “Cousins Watch” that weekend, checking in with him constantly.

        She also said she’d get the Chinese take-away this time.


  7. RubyRuby says:

    Perth driving rant on a wet morning.

    Reid Highway upgrades include a smooth, fine looking cycle lane. So, very useful for trucks carrying machinery, then. Not that they were wide loads, just decided that they would convoy along in the cycle lane, overlapping into the road… Is that several years of continuous cycle use worth of wear I saw this morning?! Grrr…

    Also, a word about rain. Since when does some precipitation mean that all speed limits drop by 20kph (at least)?! Totally nuts and totally dangerous.

    Grumble grumble RAGE!


    • Rolly says:

      Sorry to be serious, RR, but driving at normal speeds when the roads are newly moistened – like for the first week or so – is totally stupid.
      Wise up, little lady.


      • RubyRuby says:

        There was an “at least” proviso on that, Rolly. 50kph on the Tonkin is ridiculous and dangerous when there are large, heavy vehicles sharing the road with you – you may feel “safer”, but what about the braking capacities of those around you? Especially when you’ve decided not to turn on your lights… another Perth driving beef. Because 5.30am is NOT daylight, especially in sheeting rain.


      • RubyRuby says:

        Actually, on further thought – one that gets me past my initial outrage at the “condescending old fart” – I do acknowledge that the potential for slip is higher on roads which have accumulated all the crap in the dry spells. Also, that you have survived this long on the roads over here speaks well for your advice. But why are such extreme reactions to weather conditions limited to changes in speed? Why not a greater attention to details like indicators (and their use), how to merge and the colour of traffic lights… and the behaviour of other traffic on the road… instead?


    • Raining? Really? Hooooeee.


    • RubyRuby says:

      Thanks to Dianella for the exception proving the rule – Alexander Drive, rain in buckets, me at the signposted 60kph – daring, I know, Rolly – and being rapidly overtaken by EVERYTHING on the road. Something about that Dianella – maybe they were all trying to get through it as quickly as possible?


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