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A rolling casket of wot the fuckery?

Sometimes the only response to Bayswater is hysterical, desperate laughter. Was sent this by (I’m not sure I’m allowed to say who). And I thought it might be an attempt to hoax this organ. Mobile Parklets? An “Actor” led shambles … Continue reading

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I have a serious question. What are you supposed to do here if you are a driver on Baysie’s new bike utopia May Street? What are you suppose to glean from the markings? A street resident told me “Nobody knows.” … Continue reading

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The elixir of freedom

By Bento. Bayswater. Perfect, although would a baking blue sky have killed him?

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Swipe right (wing) Swipe left (wing)

The tinderisation of the State election. I wonder why they didn’t hit old Perky of The Greens?? Even smartarses think of them as irrelevant? That’s not good news for them. Actually haven’t heard word one from Perky and the Greens. … Continue reading

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Bento urges, nay begs youse pigs to remember that the most important aspect of fake lawn is that you never have to weed it. Please remember this. It might be the most important thing you dogs ever read. Bayswater. 

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Yearning to be yarn bombed

This is the sculptural identity of the pro sink Bayswater station group. I believe it is a group designed to stop any progress in Bayswater by concentrating on something that is not likely and running with that. If you shoot … Continue reading

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I can never resist a discunt. Like a Wanneroot. I have to say dis cunt, dat cunt, whatever cunt. This one from Bento In Bayswater. It’s pure Future Bayswater.

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