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Outrage Sunday 282 work work work

“It’s very angry.” This was the summary of a book found in Cottesloe this week – Greg Hoey’s Work! Work!! Work!!!: This Semi-Fascist’s Paradise. I was delighted to add a part of Mr Hoey’s oeuvre to my shelves. WWW is … Continue reading

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Laid by Rolf Harris

Thought I’d just resurrect this plaque “laid” by Rolf Harris I posted about several years ago. Photo by James N. Ashfield.

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Rolf Orthodox

James N found, down on the river in Ashfield, a building which one day could give Perth a good ruin a la Hudson River Valley. Some kind of monastery apparently. And new. More interestingly, a Bicentennial Rolf relic nearby. Don’t … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday

Christ, but it was hard to contribute meaningfully to the culture. After tripping over the pram in the hall he’d plonked down hoping to grab a few minutes to get the blog post out of the way (“Dude, you said … Continue reading

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Send your old fonts to Africa

Jack found this in Ashfield and sent it in as a graphic design nightmare. How sad that charities and similar tend to use donated graphic design from people who are not familiar with the concept. Surely we can donate Papyrus … Continue reading

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The Ashfield of History

Worst Garden/Sculpture Mazarina who braved the interior of KGB Headquarters just to get me a shot of their carpet, sent me out to Ashfield to snap the house below. I had already been tipped off by Bedford Cath about this … Continue reading

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