Coming Worst Events

POSTPONED? This event may have been postponed. Murray’s tentacles reach very far.

The future of Journalism Conference sponsored by Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance/Walkley Foundation link is not yet updated, but as far as the (yet to be finalised) lineup is at the moment I will be alongside Poll Bludger’s William Bowe and Keryn McKinnon – Foi blogger, West Australian, talking about
Bloggers: Amateur netizens or dedicated professionals? Is the future in the hands of citizen journalists?

I will be concentrating on how Paul Murray ex editor of The West Australian is defining citizen journalism/new media in several ways, cutting and pasting vast swathes from other sources to pad out content. How new media is that? Sometimes quoting his own pieces! I may even address the actual topic. Who knows? Watch this space for more details on how to register. If you come along, be sure to buy me a drink.

She-Ra Lisa Scaffidi will be talking about the future of Perth, which could be quite interesting for The Worst of Perth readers, particularly in regards to public art and architecture. I will try and ask her about the proposed sculpture park and the plans for Forrest Place. You can also come along, but it will cost you about $80, including brekkie.

Interesting that the venue for She-Ra, and Paul Murray Citizen Journalist is at the Hyatt, already featured as one of Perth’s worst buildings.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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31 Responses to Coming Worst Events

  1. skink says:

    hob-nobbing with the gliterati?

    invitations to $80 corporate love-ins?

    has LA sold out?

    “Yes Lord Mayor, No Lord Mayor, you are a wise and powerful mistress…”

    incidentally, I heard Sarah Palin referred to as the She-Bush yesterday


  2. skink says:

    I clicked on that “Future of Journalism” link, and that website is rather out-of-date and makes no mention of the Perth event.

    a sad indictment of the future of journalism if they can’t update their own website.

    cutting edge.. and so forth


  3. Since the removal of the Arse Boozie sculpture, I would have to say I’m Pro She-Ra. She has a lot of sculpture removaing gooodwill in the bank with The Worst of Perth.

    I tried to sell out. No-one has the cash.


  4. I did note above that the website isn’t up to date. Will change it when it’s up.


  5. Putting my serious hat on here : is it encouraging public participation to charge $80 ? How is Rolly going to attend ?
    It is not open nor democratic to have such events and does not bode well for planning decisions made by She-Ra.


  6. That’s why I am attending, so I can filter the goodness down to the common man and woman like youse pigs.
    I’ll dumb it down a bit too.

    It’s a John Curtin Intitute of Public Policy event. You might want to blame them for the price.


  7. skink says:

    one of Crikey’s tip sand rumours reads:

    “Apparently the West Australian put in a hiring freeze last week. What’s going on over there? An overreaction to dropping ad sales, or are they clearing the decks for a new editor?”

    that really would offer something for the future of journalism


  8. The University of New Technology conspiracy continues .”Bringing Academia, Government and Industry Together for Mutual Benefit.” Make many Mutual Benefits for Glorious Nation of Perth ! Whoohoo !


  9. BTW, do you have a NON serious hat Bill?


  10. David Cohen says:

    I’m starting a rumour that LA is soon to be appointed She-Ra’s Architecture, Design, Culture & Nexus Tsar. He will soon be known as the City of Perth’s ArDeCuNT. He will have a wide brief to roam the City in his shorts, taking digipix of outrages to be fixed. I can’t confirm his first act will be for a giant dirigible to float over these outrages, ordering them to fix them up, otherwise he will carpet-bomb them with thousands of photocopied Paul Murray columns. A bargain for the ratepayers.


  11. Rolly says:

    @ 5 Bill O’Slatter

    “Putting my serious hat on here: is it encouraging public participation to charge $80 ? How is Rolly going to attend ?”

    This is where our democracy continues the Ancient Greek tradition: Only the landed and moneyed are fully franchised.
    The peasants, hoi poloi and mere slaves to the system, have no direct voice in community and political affairs.

    But, after all, (as I understand it) $80 is only the price of 10 packs of fags or a couple of cartons of piss.
    Which, of course, puts me right out of the loop.
    I do, however, have a guaranteed income and am totally free of debt, which puts me w-a-a-y-y ahead of lots of workers who are shortly going to cop it hard with the shrinking of the “free” world’s economy.
    My Grandmother’s adage that “The problem with money is not so much the high cost of living but the cost of high living.” has served me well for several decades.
    It’s a pity that domestic economics 101 is not a compulsory subject for primary school study. Certainly few parents demonstrate any understanding of the immense value of rational frugality.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the ‘trickle down’ of information via the good auspices of TLA and TWOP. No doubt that it will make more sense than teh Worst or tWAt.


  12. #10, Teh ‘Rage, are you drunk already? It’s not even 10am yet.


  13. In vino et veritas.
    While wandering aimlessly around the mall this bloke come up to me and say
    ” I’m the bloke who got rid of the arse and boozies sculpture”
    I say “Really”
    ” Me best mate is She-Ra”
    I say “Yeah ?”
    ” I got a copy of Nurries last column in my undies”
    I say ” Yes , of course , my good man , here’s ten dollars for a pie and I have an urgent appointment with my lexicographer”
    With this he hurried away in the direction of the Belgian beer cafe.


  14. poor lisa says:

    12 He is a journalist. He’s supposed to be drunk.


  15. Ljuke says:

    @ 11 Rolly, has made it very difficult for me to live frugally. I NEED those Alan Partridge DVDs.


  16. Rolly says:

    @ 15 Ljuke

    “ has made it very difficult for me to live frugally. I NEED those Alan Partridge DVDs.”

    Alan who ??
    And what’s a DVD ??


  17. I hear rumours that the Paul Murray event has been postponed.


  18. David Cohen says:

    Men are beashtsh. I went a Shambucca too far. Shorry, but I will sober up sufficiently so I can do my 3pm interview.


  19. Snuff says:

    A paltry 80, TLA ? And I’d heard the Worst was riding an unprecedented boom. That’s a fair price for a modest geta of sashimi and a few Asahi Super Drys. Speaking of which …


  20. It’s 7:30 in the morning, so more likely Black Sambuca and that mandrax cannabis tobacco mix smoked with a cone made of a broken bottle neck.


  21. The BCF says:

    “We want to buy some wine! Whos got wine here? We want the finests wines available to humanity. We want them here and we want them now!”


  22. Man you’ve still got 7 minutes to get to the bottleshop.


  23. Paul Nuzza says:

    Dear Lazy Aussie

    What do you have to offer the heroic craft of journalism? Indeed, what future do you have to offer? Are you an expert on the future?

    I am. Not only have I seen the Back to the Future movies, but it I was who predicted to the Worst board all those years ago that the paper would go belly-up if we journos didn’t cut and paste more stuff and start writing overlengthy and tedious diatribes filled with indignation.

    But what happened? The pricks gave me the sack and replaced me with a fucking TV journo who had a penchant (oh, how I hate those big words) for double tier 100 point/bolded headlines. Must admit I didn’t see that happening.

    Still, I was right, as I usually am, about the direction of the rag. They later put that new weak prick in charge who had a hard on for Jim McGinty and look at what’s happening – dumb bastard can’t even get his sales up when they are a monopoly operating in a boom.

    Had they listened to me it would have been different. Still, it gave me the opportunity to be a shock jock for a couple of years before that whinging prick Sattler started getting better ratings and the radio sacked me. Didn’t see that coming either.
    This, however, allowed me to put “broadcaster” next to my name, giving me further bogus credibility.

    And what about those heady days at 6PR, eh? By verbally interacting with complete morons and kowtowing to the blinkered opinions of the the lowest common denominator, I was able to put populist next to my name as well.

    Get a life Lazy Aussie – turn a 200 word story into a 30,000 word column and say fuck all. I dare you.

    No, I thought so – you fucking university types don’t have the guts. So don’t come and tell me about the future. I have life skills…..


  24. flynn says:

    See what you can do to NOT get that ferris wheel – I’ll even donate money to get it scrapped.


  25. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of She-Ra, here she is launching the 2008 Pride Festival, including THAT speech in full :-) Courtesy of CTV Perth and their Myspace video page.


  26. Went to She-Ra talk, and got to meet her. Will be in tomorrow’s Weekend Worstoff.


  27. skink says:

    can we start a campaign to get the Big Wheel named after Chris Mainwaring?

    Heath Ledger got a theatre named after him, so clearly the people of Perth like to name things after famous depressives who are fucked up on drugs and end up dead.


  28. The Mainy Wheel? I love it.


  29. Rolly says:

    Yeh! Wheely good.


  30. Mainie memorial feral wheel.
    ” Hey look at the lights, wow man this occie is working”
    ” There ‘s Barra , down there”
    ” Ooh I’m feelin ill , watchout Barra , oh no”


  31. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of the foreshore – check out the artist’s impression of the back to the future Daytime Xmas Pagaent – now on a Sunday Morning – just watch the people which that it starts too early for their brats who are taking part.


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