Supa Fry

Is this potato bucking for its own float at the Mardi Gras? Maybe it has one already. Is it even a potato? It’s not an onion is it? The last of Turf’s indulgent wallowing in South of the river worsts. A gay potato wouldn’t raise an eyebrow north of the river in the oh so sophisticated Beaufort Street Arrondisement, (and why should it?) but the South seems more brutish, raw and atavistic in its worsts, which perhaps makes this fellow stand out even more. My brow furrows a little.
Arse scratching potato

Arse scratching potato

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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24 Responses to Supa Fry

  1. David Cohen says:


    Starchy, tuberous
    Makes LA (sitting on couch)
    Have chip on shoulder.


  2. The Marketing Board
    Absolutely fabulous
    Tubers are outed


  3. John Ryan says:

    I assume its the usual BS from the marketing board, why can you buy at least 10 maybe more variety’s of Spud outside of WA,what are the people of Perth afraid of you gotta wonder


  4. Groucho says:

    Seems the Michelin Man has been playing in the potato patch ……


  5. Paracleet says:

    Its got elements of ‘Towely’ about it.


  6. Groucho says:

    LA…I think you assuming the potato is gay is definately a case of judging a potato by its colour….oh and the size of its arse.


  7. You may be right. My potato gaydar is not that accurate. I’m better with zuccini.


  8. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Spuds, Patti Chong is on cue.


  9. Bento says:

    And I shudder to think what effect this post is going to have on your Google stats, LA.


  10. Well in search stats today I had, “lesbians standing up banging” so I won’t be shocked if there’s any fruit and veg act searchers.


  11. Gazza the gas man says:

    They don’t call me the poet from smelly creek for nothin so here’s my effort
    “Owed to the Node”
    I aint spud hatin,
    chew on this potatin
    see you fry in hell


  12. Groucho says:

    ….which raises the question “Do female potatoes make fluffier mashed potatoes”? ….baffling.


  13. Rolly says:

    My murphies have quite different eyes.


  14. Turf says:

    Possibly a case of ‘we need an image here’ so ‘give the kids a can of red paint and a brush’.
    A place called Supa Spud might class themselves as ‘Potato & Onion Merchants’ and not the other way round.


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’m pretty sure Supa spud is owned by “Rebel” Potato Grower Tony Galati, who was prosecuted for selling his potatos wholesale without submitting them to the POtato Marketing Board which will NEVER be disbanded as the other famers have all Political Parties by the Coligone if they dare scrap it.


  16. Bento says:

    Close Frank – Mr. Galati in fact runs the ‘Spud Shed’ stores, and is an entirely different onion and potato merchant.


  17. Rolly says:

    Coglione, Frank, coglione!
    Somethings that most pollies lack. (In the metaphoric sense, of course ;) )


  18. Are his robustly hetero spuds?


  19. If I was around the neighbourhood my hand would be itching for the paint spray can.

    That P in Spud demands to be a T.

    Easy peasey with a bit of white on the lower loop, 10 secs max, then back in the car.


  20. Bento says:

    Tony Galati’s spuds are 100% meat-eating, gay-spud-bashing, footy-playing hetero.

    Weird how the more you try to assert hetero-ness, the more it seems like you’re describing a closet case…


  21. alina says:

    well tony galati and vince galati both own and run spud shed, but not this there completely different,


  22. The spud shed has just burnt down. I hope this one is still safe.


  23. Bento says:

    Looks like we had the wrong potato pegged as the flamer. Nyuk nyuk.


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