Weekend Worstoff 2

Welcome to Weekend Worstoff 2.

I wanted to do a post trying to find out who was Perth’s worst entertainer, Max Kay or Tod Johnson. Incredibly I wasn’t able to find video of Kay in his kilt or Johnson’s V Capri, so You’ll have to make do with Tod murdering The Rolling Stones in a later band. Max had an execrable “Theatre” in Beaufort Street Mt lawley where he would make kilt jokes. Merifully the place has been bulldozed possibly to make him stop. Max’s life story is here. Seldom has someone done so much work for such an ill considered cause. Has also run for Lord mayor. Which is the worst blight on Perth Tod or Max? You tell me. I’m sure there are many horror stories about both of them out there. They both are still going strong so what would I know?

Max Kay

Speaking of blights. What goes on in The premier’s head? First he wants Dubai on the river, now The Royal show. A perceptive TWOP commenter suggested that the giant ferris wheel option would be next, several weeks ago. Why is it we only ever are given 2 options, the ludicrous or nothing? Thanks to Bedford Crackpot for the mock up. Nice touch for it to be in Docker colours. That will definitely say “winner”.


I contacted the oppostion spokesman for development Simon O’brien on behalf of TWOP readers several weeks ago, specifically asking what the oppostion’s stance on this farce was, but got no reply. I particularly wanted to know if they supported demolition of the Convention centre. Nothing. No one is at home in the oppostion apparently. Amazing. You would have thought a guy with a mo would have been more in touch?

Simon O'Brien

From the search results this week. These are genuine terms people have put into google to arrive at The Worst of Perth.

pissholes in the snow – bob maumill and dog jack russell – native woman nude – perth sex brothel bordello – piss nubile movie – pictures of road signs for brothels – frank calabrese video footage.

I’m not sure which is more disturbing, someone looking for video of Frank calabrese, or Bob Maumill and a dog.

Finally in commemoration of the closure of Vistula Butchers, an early TWOP post, Meccano sends a pic of a meat tour in Melbourne. A scenic walk with a er meat theme. Nice Worst of Melbourne Mecc. Meccano says…

The “Living Museum of the West” at Pipemakers Park near Highpoint in Melbourne’s inner West appears more like a boot-camp for serial killers then a nature reserve. Each walking track is clearly marked “MEAT TRAIL” and numbered 1 through 8 presumably denoting the degree of difficulty. Some tracks snake away into dark bushy undergrowth while others wind around water traps and derelict buildings. Students who progress to “Meat Trail 7” are rewarded with a bright yellow demountable complete with secured windows and a portable gas cylinder. I imagine the Norman Bates style Building behind the demountable offers them refreshments and cleaning products before they embark on “MEAT TRAIL 8” which leads out of the park towards the city.

Meat trail

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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  1. David Cohen says:

    Nice post LA. The Kay hagiography reveals his Beaufort St theatre was an old meat works. A spooky link to Meccano’s Melbourne monstrosity.
    I suggest Simon O’Brien open a revue on the foreshore called Capri Pants: this could solve a few Perth problems at the same time.


  2. Rolly says:

    Geez, LA you’d be hard pressed to give Max Kay a “Worst” if you were to put it to a popular vote.
    I only ever went to a couple of his shows one of which was a ‘working’ visit.
    Bloody well packed to the rafters and the roof lifting off with laughter and merriment.
    I think that the stats would show that this guy succeeded where many others failed: He adapted his homeland upbringing and broad experience in entertainment to the peculiarities (and I use that word in a literal sense) of the Western Australian scene as it was at the time.
    Made, and spent, a lot of dough from it and was clever enough to quit when on top.
    No. IMNSHO definitely not a “Worst”.


  3. Mez says:

    ifn you turn the volume off Tod looks scarily like Tom Cruise preaching scientology


  4. Really rolly? I’ve never heard anyone refer to his shows without cringeing embarrasment. A down market Dirty Dicks in content if that is possible.But different kilts for different folks.

    Mez. Sound down probably good idea.


  5. flynn says:

    Perish the thought that my comment prompted them to go out and look for one! If it was the cable car to Kings park, at least it would be mildly original for the middle of an Aussie capital city.


  6. Let’s claim it. Reconstructions:

    She-Ra. Just reading TWOP. Shit they’re right. That arse and boozie sculpture HAS to go.

    Paul Armstrong: Just reading TWOP and shit, they’re right! Paul Murray and Pam Casellas ARE Australia’s worst writers.

    Carps: Just had Mark McGowan read TWOP to me. Shit that Flynn is right. We DO need a half arsed ferris wheel.


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I’m not sure which is more disturbing, someone looking for video of Frank calabrese, or Bob Maumill and a dog.]

    Well there is 1 bit of video footage of me, at this religious procession in Guildford – I’m the one in the wheelchair :-)


    It was put up by a friend of mine :-)

    Re Max Kay, his son Gary and one of his daughters were also cast members in his shows at the Civic, and also doubled as waitstaff before the show.

    And Today marks the return of one Paul Murray to the West.


  8. Kalamunda’s San Leone would make micemeat of your virgin Frank.

    Murray is back. Is he nice and refreshed with some homespun wisdom for us?


  9. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Kalamunda’s San Leone would make micemeat of your virgin Frank.]

    But note the trolley – built because of the lack of men to carry the thing and the fact that the older men can’t carry the bloody thing – and note the Bling, which apparently is stored in a Bank Vault for the other 51 weeks of the year. Actually it was originally earmarked for Midland, but the local church there objected to it because there was another Virgin in the Church, and wanted this one to be stored in a small hall at the rear, but the committee objected – luckily they found a sympathetic priest, who has since passed away to house it in Guildford.


  10. 2 virgins in Midland? Bullshit! Someone told me San L is not paraded anymore. Maybe it’s for the same reason. He would take 30 strong grano workers just to shift him.


  11. Frank Calabrese says:

    [2 virgins in Midland? Bullshit! Someone told me San L is not paraded anymore. Maybe it’s for the same reason. He would take 30 strong grano workers just to shift him.]

    St Brigids has Mary, Help of Christians, which is paraded around the carpark of the church each year – it doesn’t even go through the Midland CBD anymore.

    Only the real big statues like San Nicola in Northbridge, San Cosimo and Damiano in Dianella, plus the Blessing of the Fleet have enough supporters for it to be paraded in the traditional manner.

    PLus there is the case of the oldies dying off, and the second and third generation Italo-Aussies not continuing with tradition, especially those statues which were brought here in the 80’s, the previous ones mentioned have been around a lot longer, and thus have enough people to continue to do it.

    Another reason may be related to actually getting a permit to parade in the streets – Kalamunda having one major road would be a problem :-)


  12. ST leone would have been early or mid 70’s. It is F*cking massive. It used to be a huge event. I think it is probably oldies dying off.


  13. Frank Calabrese says:

    [ST leone would have been early or mid 70’s. It is F*cking massive. It used to be a huge event. I think it is probably oldies dying off.]

    Not only that, but now there are competeing feasts being held on the same day in different areas, plus there seems to be at least one feast somewhere in the Metro Area every Sunday from May till November, and are often held to coincide with the event in the old country – where strangely most people prefer to go there.

    Actually one of the side benefits of these events is free booze at the end, plus Sandwiches and pizza etc.


  14. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    For those not in the know the numbers have been added as a feature to the Baby John Burgess “Wheel of fortune” idea floating around earlier in the blog!! Perhaps Burgo could come out of retirement and open the bugger!


  15. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Yeah I went to Max’s theare restaurant for an 18th I think it was. Not a bad show considering. Part of it he’d impersonate chinese and Italians pretending to speak the language but it was just jibberish. I think the chinaman character had false bucked teeth. Cringeworthy but somehow fascinating. You knew that kind of humour was a dying craft even back then.

    V Capri were just crapola though weren’t they? Or should I say, (as we did at the time), V CRAPee….ha ha. Can’t remember the exact words to that hit of theirs, last I remember hearing it in public was over the PA attached to the WIld Mouse at the Royal Show (or was it Flying Mouse?) Lines like…”You’re Haunting me…” “Nights are so cold”…”And I think of you…..all of the ti-ah-ah-me”

    Ha ha ha. Todd was ok on the tellie when I caught a brief bit of him on one of my trips back though (I thought).


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      Speaking of Max Kay, you can attend this and hear him talk about his life as an entertainer.


      Bel Canto Promotions presents…
      Sunday Serenades Concert No. 2

      A Chat With Max

      Enjoy an afternoon with Perth celebrity
      Max Kay as he chats about his life and career.
      From his life on the stage, the highlights of the Civic Theatre days or to what he fills
      his days with now, this is one fun filled afternoon
      Not To Be Missed!

      Sun 28th March at 2:30pm

      Old Mill Theatre
      (Cnr Mends St & Mill Point rd, South Perth)

      Tickets $15 includes afternoon tea.

      BOOK NOW!!

      on 0408-855-458 or belcanto@westnet.com.au Door Sales, if available

      (Rest of page has his bio etc.


  16. La Plaza Bentley says:

    By the way, no love for Yorkie?

    Ahowdayado? It’s good to see ya. Ahowdayado? I’m glad I’m here….


  17. Frank Calabrese says:

    [By the way, no love for Yorkie?

    Ahowdayado? It’s good to see ya. Ahowdayado? I’m glad I’m here….]

    I transcribed the entire lyrics to that (it’s actually a Matt Monro B Side) on the Big Kahuna thread. Oh and I actually own a copy of his single “Whisper Low” which was originally released in the late 60’s, but strangely received a bit of airplay on 6PM, once Yorkie had joined the station.

    Oh and Haunting Me was the First single by a WA Act to debut at No 1 on the Perth Charts and was released as a photo disc, ie the B side had a colour photo glued to it, instead of a musical track.


  18. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Ha ha ha. Todd was ok on the tellie when I caught a brief bit of him on one of my trips back though (I thought).]

    And he’s good on radio, especially during his brief ABC Arvo gig, until he was replaced by Bernadette Young, who sounds like every other female ABC announcer.


  19. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Ok Frank…you’ll know this one then. Who was the Channel 7 personality with the big smile and ginger hair. He was a huge personality, very likeable…a presenter type? I’ll know the name if you say. I’m talking late 70s, 80s…damn I can’t remember the name. He might have passed away now.


  20. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, there were several, the one with the large smile was the late Sam Kronja.


  21. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Naah. He did a striptease to his undies on Telethon once. Damn. Can’t remember. Oh well.


  22. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Naah. He did a striptease to his undies on Telethon once. Damn. Can’t remember. Oh well.]

    Ahh, Peter Dean – he now runs a Seniors Real Estate Agency with his son – and once had the character Short Sighted Seymour, and had to give it up cos his kids were being teased at school about it.

    Peter Dean used to be a 6PR Good Guy, and then moved to 6IX with John Fryer to present “Can We Help You”, ran for over 14 years until 6IX got out of doing the Horse Racing and 6PR took them – Peter Dean was until a few years ago working as a spruiker for the midland military Markets, and was the original The Way We Were host on 6PR until Steve Gordon took it over.

    Couldn’t find a picture of Peter Dean, but here is his partner in crime John Fryer.



  23. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Yep. Peter Dean. You are a wealth of information! Peter Dean was a very good old school tv personality as I remember.


  24. La Plaza Bentley says:

    Yep! That’s him! A very good old school personality as I recall.


  25. Frank Calabrese says:

    [A very good old school personality as I recall.]

    According to Inside Cover, Ch 7 are in the process of preparing a TV Special for their 50th Anniversary in October next year produced by one of the preselected ALP Candidates for the seat of Morley :-) (and it ain’t Lou Magro, which narrows it down a bit)

    Expect to see said footage of Peter Dean disrobing, amongst other gems.


  26. Is it just me, or is Verity James one of the Worst of Perth. I actually quite like Todd when he took over from her for a stint on 720 in the afternoons.


  27. Frank Calabrese says:

    And speaking of Max Kay and the Civic Theatre Restuarant.

    Here he is circa 1969 AND wearing the Kilt :-)


    Speaking of Max Kay, I have on video an edition of Spellbound from 1969 which features Max Kay wearing a suit and singing an Al Jolson Medley, and being interviewed by Gary Meadows, and “Moon Man” making him a Sandwich and acting drunk after drinking “Snake Gully Hop”


  28. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Is it just me, or is Verity James one of the Worst of Perth. I actually quite like Todd when he took over from her for a stint on 720 in the afternoons.]

    I totally agree, and deservedly, ol Verity is reduced to a 3 hour local window from 3am-5am on 720.

    She sounds like a typical Western Suburbs Matron.


  29. Frank Calabrese says:

    hmm, that last url didn’t work, try


  30. Frank Calabrese says:

    hmm, a couple of my posts are in the spaminator :-(


  31. Frank Calabrese says:

    And speaking of Bill “Moonman” Renfery, here he is drawing the Lottery.

    I love this comment – “Bill Redfrey ‘Moon Man’ was photographed drawing the winner of the lottery on 22 July 1969. The lottery results and a small photograph of Bill were published in the West Australian Newspaper on 23 July 1969, p. 15.
    Cataloguers note: The moon landing was a few days earlier (July 20, 1969), hence the choice of the ‘Moon Man’ to draw the lottery.’

    He also had a Top 3 hit with the politically incorrect “Dig That Crazy Didgeredoo”, in which he refers to our indiginous friends as “Abos”.


  32. Jeez, Tod and Max both getting not worst votes? It’s enough to make me want to throw in this worstering caper.


  33. Rolly says:

    Well that’s what comes of basing your opinions on other peoples opinions :D
    Repeat paying punters: Now there’s the real rub.


  34. What other people’s opinions? I have had several experiences with both these guys. And Yorkie for that matter. AND I’ve had my Dick Swisher place mat at Dirty Dicks


  35. Rolly says:

    Francesco C.,
    I believe that Verity is originally from Melbourne. There are a few other ABC folk who sound almost identical.
    If you want a real “Western Suburbs” sound try Gillian O’Shaunessy, 720 newsreader and vapid airhead. (At least that’s how she comes across.)
    Her vowels – Sorry- vahls, are excruciating; especially the way she says ‘i’ as ‘ah’ or ‘ahr’.
    Isolated, as in rain showers , seems to be the limit of her ‘gravitas’.


  36. Rolly says:


    Oh Dear! Poor you :´(


  37. I’ve actually got a bit of grudging respect for Yorkie (I was going to say a soft spot for Yorkie, but that didn’t sound right). Reinventing himself as a wedding celebrant was right out there. Max has always been horrible, and Tod just keeps on being Tod. Verity has been a supporter of the local comedy scene, and has actually laughed hard at some of my performances, so I can’t slag her off.


  38. Actually I think it was a Dick swisher bib. I know I wasn’t Frustrated Fanny.


  39. cimbali says:

    First I have to say how disturbing it is that so many TWOP readers listen the ABC radio in the afternoon!!!!
    However having said that – Verity has a very distinctive voice and doesn’t sound like all the others. She was intelligent, informative and could handle interesting interviews.
    Tod on the radio was mediocre in all respects and couldn’t do a decent interview to save his life.
    Bernadette Young is atrocious! She has an awful voice and mutilates the English language to a degree that makes me grind my teeth (dinn’t instead of didn’t, woulnn’t instead of wouldn’t etc). She also constantly gives her own pathetic opinions which she should just keep to herself – such as “I don’t eat vegetables and I hate fruit” – while talking to the fruit and vegetable woman. Is it beside the point to mention that she has called her new baby Jonquil?
    Geraldine does a pretty good job but I am always worried that they are grooming the “vapid airhead” Gillo to take over as she is always co presenting.
    Turn it off people! Wait til 4.00 and have a daily dose of Russell to keep you up to date with what is happening on the ABC.


  40. Frank Calabrese says:

    Actually, Verity is originally from NSW , and yes she does have the “ABC Female Voice”, and Todd is one of the few on 6PR to actually do his own panelling – even Gary Shannon had to rely on Rob Fletcher to keep the show flowing.

    Gillian O’S is the daughter of Community Radio Stalwart Pieta, and is a Freo girl apparently.

    And yes the ABC is dumbing down their entire on air staff to sound bland and boring, and Russell Woolfe – urgh.

    A very good announcer is actually the Police Commisioner when he’s doing various fill in shifts on Curtin FM.


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      I remember Bobby Fletcher when he was on 6UVS/RTRFM as Wanda-June Honeywell on that outrageously camp radio programme, ETHOS (the Each To His/Her Own Show). He not only played the part of Wanda, but also twiddled the dials, made sound effects and other production work on the show. I only caught the last year of it (1992), but was I ever glad I did tune in. Appeals to my warped humour and I cherish the few (seven) episodes I recorded on-air. ‘Twas over half a lifetime ago, but damn I still miss it.


      • I remember ethos being funny.


        • Bento says:

          I remember ETHOS being the excruciating remainder of insular tedium I had to sit through before Stereo-go-round. Which, in hindsight, was simply more tedium, albeit tedium in which I was interested.


          • JaneZ says:

            I thought ETHOS was great. But I was the right age for it. Nice people, too, with lots of time for their listeners. I have really fond memories of them. But surely it was on well after Steregoround?

            My (american) husband announced recently that Tod Johnson is following him on Twitter. Couldn’t stop laughing, or explain properly exactly who he was.


            • Bento says:

              You could well be right, JaneZ. Which means ETHOS was perhaps on before Gods of Thunder? I was just a pup back then, and only saw the error of my metal-loving ways when I discovered shoegaze.


              • Bag O'Turnips says:

                Towards the end, ETHOS was on at 11PM Fridays before BPM, which was the dawn-to-dusk. There was Critical Mass and Earache My Eye, but I think tey were on either on Wednesdays or Thursdays, correct me if I’m wrong.


          • Bag O'Turnips says:

            Each to his or her own, after all :)


  41. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Tod Johnson used to “host” some night at the Palladium Nightclub in the late 1980’s and he played the part of arrogant jerk very well, he used to just sit on a sofa on the stage and act really really bored.
    Now Max Kay, he is interesting in a curious old skool relic kind of way
    I reckon Verity James is alright too.

    “Vote Tod for crappiest”


  42. My step-brother (also a Todd) was married by Yorkie at Bold Park.

    My side of the family were making snide remarks beforehand about Yorkie turning up in his gold lamé jacket that he was seen wearing in some TV ad round about that time.

    Much to our surprise (and maybe even disappointment!), he was really good, and the wedding ceremony was wonderful.

    At the end of the day, he is a professional, and did his job admirably.


  43. Strike Bold Park – I meant Boas Gardens, West Perth. It’s the little details that really make the story.


  44. Anonymous Perthon says:

    PJ Nicol, I heard that he charged extra for wedding pictures with him in them – is that true?


  45. DingoRob says:

    [Jeez, Tod and Max both getting not worst votes? It’s enough to make me want to throw in this worstering caper.]

    No, no LA! They are both shockers imho.

    As for Verity “laughing hard”, was it genuine?


  46. Yes, Verity’s laughing was genuine. She was liquored up somewhat though.


  47. La Plaza Bentley says:

    We haven’t mentioned Eoin Cameron.

    Take a look at the picture.

    Actually, that’s pretty good.


  48. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    I’ve been to a Yorkie wedding! Urgh! Each to their own but nah!!- a tad too cheesy, I think I’d rather a freezing cold loosing night out at the dogs drinking Fosters!!


  49. Russell says:

    Max bears a passing resemblance to Zhou EnLai in your photo – just the clothes aren’t quite right. Is that a young Kamahl standing behind Max – that’d be about right, Max must be 105 by now.
    I want Rolf Harris included in the poll – Rolf’s very best bits might seem OK (great artist of course), but there was a lot of embarrassing Rolf in his early Perth days. Not to mention Peter Harries.


  50. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Not to mention Peter Harries.]

    While rather Daggy, Peter should be applauded for earning a Doctorate by doing a Thesis on the History of West Australian Television between 1959 to 1988, which he did as a mature age student.


  51. Russell says:

    “No one is at home in the oppostion apparently.” – did you try across the road? Simon’s office on Canning Hwy is just across from Bikini Girls Massage and the Tattoo Parlour.


  52. SkyLantern says:

    Gotta agree with Rolly @2 on this one. I’m sure Max Kay’s shows were awful, but at least people weren’t subjected to them unwillingly. However, I’ve had the misfortune to hear Tod Johnson perform on several occasions, even though I didn’t choose to do so.

    But my vote for worst offender at this game – providing unwelcome “entertainment” – is Keith McDonald (no relation LA?). A few years back I became convinced that there was an army of Keith clones, because it seemed that no matter which bar or function I walked into he would be up there on stage playing the same predictable setlist of worst cover songs.


    In Perth:
    1. there’s no accounting for bad taste; &
    2. no one can hear you scream.

    PS. The guy on the right in the Max Kay photo looks like a young Kelsey Grammer… or is it Greg Pearce?


  53. Frank Calabrese says:

    And what’s worse, Keith M also performs in schools singing “Motivational Songs”, which is strange because when he released an Album in the 80’s, he was whinging about not getting airplay because of him being pigeonhold as a Kids entertainer because of his gigs with Fat Cat.



  54. Frank Calabrese says:

    And speaking of Keith Mc & Fat Cat.


    Note the bottom photo, a rare Cast and Crew shot of the Early Birds team, as produced by Keith Woodlands, before he went up the road to Ch 9 and Flapper :-)


  55. Keith McDonald definitely no relation. Saw him at , what’s that tavern on Wembley Golf Course? doing a desperate version of Grandma’s feather bed.

    I’m not sure whether willingness comes into it with Max Kay. I also remember him doing an uproarious buck tooth Japanese impersonation to wild approval. “Velly Solly”. I’m not sure how this earns him a not worst vote, no matter how many were cacking themselves at this comedy gold. Disgraceful and horrifying.

    Rolf also had “Let me Abos go loose Bruce”.


  56. The step-bro has teenage kids now – there is no way I can attest to whether Teh Yorkmeister charges extra for photos – I hope not, but it is possible.

    And to the Anonymous Perthon (great nick!) – I find all weddings kinda cheesy – but the right kind of cheese.


  57. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Rolf also had “Let me Abos go loose Bruce”.]

    Ahh, but Rolf has seen the light and re-recorded it without that verse and I believe the original recording has had that particular verse edited out and is no longer on any later compilations etc, meaning to get the “Abo” Version, you have to have an original 1960 Columbia Single or LP. – however I did hear on a US oldies webstream the Abo version being played.


  58. Frank Calabrese says:

    And here is Rolf’s “Apology”.

    I think the most common version available these days is the 1960 version recorded at TVW Ch 7 with the “Abo” omitted entirely.



  59. Mez says:

    It took Rolf 48 years to say sorry which is not a good defence.

    Gotta say how amazed I am at the defence so far of Max Kay and his vaudvillien theatre. I’ve always thought of him as the perfect poster boy for (theworstof) Perth’s retrospective tendencies. A Sid Caeser 48 years too late.
    ah, but wasn’t humour so much easier to digest with dinner before Andy Kaufman came along and screwed with us.

    I’m sure Max feels very much at home on Council.


  60. Well thank you Mex. I was beginning to think I was in Bizzaro World.


  61. Frank Calabrese says:

    [A few years back I became convinced that there was an army of Keith clones, because it seemed that no matter which bar or function I walked into he would be up there on stage playing the same predictable setlist of worst cover songs.

    Which is rather apt as his original occupation prior to “Entertainment” was as a Butcher.

    And here is the video “promo” of his “School Show”. Note the opening song :-) I think the message goes over the heads of the kids.



  62. Frank Calabrese says:

    [It took Rolf 48 years to say sorry which is not a good defence.]

    Well publicly it took that long, but he made amends almost immediately, as per my earlier post.

    Mez, Max Kay is no longer a Councillor – He ran for Mayor and lost, and hence he’s now in retirement.


  63. skink says:

    A belated vote for Todd, since Max was smart enough to know when to stop as an ‘entertainer’, but Todd never seems to get the message

    I think I saw Todd in the paper on Saturday, in an ad for Rick Hart’s factory seconds sale.

    so Todd is now spruiking shop-soiled white goods. he’s come a long way from Kenny Kidna

    I was always impressed that when he used to present the weather, and do ads for Clean Up Australia, there was a caption highlighting the fact that Todd has a degree in Environmental Science, just in case we thought he was a stupid prat.


  64. Rage says:

    Max Kay is a hilarious blight on Perth’s crowded landscape of cringe worthy pethonalities*. The only way he could garner a not-worst would be in the ‘so bad, it’s good’ category, like Grease 2 or Are You Being Served.

    Tod Johnston is just… Tod Johnston. There’s nothing redeeming there.

    *I’m sorry. I couldn’t help that.


  65. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Tod Johnston is just… Tod Johnston. There’s nothing redeeming there.]

    And to think he is the son of Jill Perryman and Kevan Johnston.


  66. Rage says:

    You know what they say about the apple…

    Anyway, that photo of Max Kay in the kilt is just fantastic. I may have to change my gravatar.


  67. FDB says:

    My Lady Friend dug out an old V Capri 7″ single at a “bad eighties” party just last weekend.

    To painful memories!



  68. Paracleet says:

    Max Kay. Possibly the most counterintuitive face of fitness equipment that can be conceived.


  69. Rolly says:

    FDP, for God’s sake change your avatar.
    This blog is *Perth’s* worst, not the bloody Worlds worst.
    That face gives me the heebies just knowing that it’s there.


  70. Bonnie says:

    What was wrong with Grease 2? :(

    It’s nice to have a musical where the girl is the cool one and the guy is the daggy one for once!

    Great, now I have the Reproduction song stuck in my head :D


  71. Big Ramifications says:

    Something about that pollie… A primal alarm immediately started ringing. I’d like to say exactly what the alarm is telling me, but it libellous, and the post would have to be deleted. So let’s just leave it as: DODGY. AS. FUCK.


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  73. Thanks to Russell and Frank Calabrese for the free publicity. I totally agree with the old dictum of “It doesn’t matter what they’re saying as long as they are talking about you!” As far as Max Kay, Peter Dean, Johnny Fryer and all the other old stagers go, remember this: “It’s much better to be an Has-Been like me, than a poor old Never-Was” like the ‘hiding behind pseudonyms” adorning these pages!
    If you are reading this and don’t know who or what I am and you would like a free bottle of wine (on me) the next time you dine at the Royal Thai Restaurant (opposite the Oxford Hotel in Leederville) do yourself a huge favour and just go to http://www.peterharries.com.au then contact me by email peter.harries@bigpond.com


  74. Gazza the gas man says:

    Yeah Dr Harries about the anonymice and their lack of courage. If I revealed me name I ‘d b up b4 the board for disgracing the plumber’s oath

    Yes as a relief from me dumb and mad when I was a kiddie I’d watch “Peter Harries Presents” and nat “Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax” with Jeff Newman and nat “Magic Carpet”.
    There are simianlarities between doctors and plumbers: we’re both called to emergencies and we know when the number two-ers have hit the fan.; we know crap when we see it, we face the same problems everyday: how in the eff did that thing get stuck there and then we have to unget it or replace it with a new one. This involves the Weld or the plunger or some such technique simianlar to the doctor’s world.
    We also charge the same but plumbers do call outs.

    Anyways as a test of courage you are invited to be on my (the plumbers) team v (slow and stupid) O’Slatter and co v Cookster an the 6PR table in the cage of death at LA’s comedy party September 11th at the Charles Hotel,. Remember these are the World Championship Wrestling rules in the cage of death: nipple cripple , stick their heads in the bars , and twist ( no plumb fu).


  75. No Name Required says:

    What a waste of space – Rome is burning and this is yOU?


  76. Rome is burning now? I usually don’t go further north than Yanchep Sun City. Do you have pics? Are you fiddling?


  77. David Cohen says:

    Did you start the fire, TLA?


  78. Rolly says:

    Go to blazes.


  79. Bento says:

    This will be a test of the Romans’ spirit. I’ll bet they don’t have the courage, determination and mateship of us Aussies.


  80. Peter Harries (Ph.D) says:

    Hey! What happened to this site? Did all the spelling and grammar challenged, hiding behind pen-names subscribers automatically and spontaneously combust, or did the Editor just get sick of the banal contributions?


  81. Tokyo Rose says:

    I remember Yorkie doing his 6PM radio show and he used to open the programme with his trademark whistle.


  82. Nice to know that you bunch of unknowns have had little to record for so long!
    So long, losers!
    The Ace of Klubs


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