Wax My Arse

There’s a lady who knows
all that gllitters is gold
and she’s climbing a staircase to hair-ven.

(Led Zepplin)

Several things concern me about this sign. First. Hairvenly. Second, temporary tooth jewel. Thirdly, “every aspect of waxing”. They mean ringholes right? If so, why only mention eyebrow and half leg? Say what you mean guys, If waxing half an arsehole and one eyebrow is $30, I want to hear about it before I ascend the hairvenly staircase. They could be jewelling up one end while stripping down the other.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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8 Responses to Wax My Arse

  1. squib says:

    Oh my! How wonderful to see a wordsmith-hairdresser in the flesh. I’m wondering what the flower is for?


  2. skink says:

    how much for “Crack, Back and Sack”?


  3. David Cohen says:

    I’ve consulted the wife but she’s unable to help: why would you only get half a leg done? Is it so expensive you can only get halves done each time?
    Why don’t they have a price for ‘eyebrow’, if they only do bits at a time?
    What’s the text behind the Smilegems sticker?
    Questions questions.


  4. squib says:

    It’s cos you only wax/shave to just above the knee. The upper leg just isn’t that hairy


  5. B. Texan says:

    I’m disturbed by the disembodied mouth. Now I suppose I’ll have nightmares about that. As if being chased by a giant stapler wasn’t bad enough…


  6. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Has no-one read the sign completely, are we all distracted by the follicular testicular visuals? THEY ARE OFFERING PERMS! PEOPLE, PERMS. Have the people of Morley no shame, do they all live in 1983? Too many questions not enough scotch.


  7. Mez says:

    bottom right hand corner

    I am really really hoping that that is a close-up of a flower and not a close-up of a recently waxed…. um… bottom right hand corner


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