Behind The Pork Curtain

Worst Shopfront

Guest post from Waldek. What is it with these ex Iron Curtain butcheries? This is the second post we’ve had. The First was the Kransky Haven of Dubrovniks.

Waldek, I’m fascinated by the NO…sign in red, which is obscured. No Timewasters? No hawkers? No Vegetarians? What does it say? This is also the second Lord Street premises featured. Waldek says…

Hi, here is the worst shop in Perth picture. It is hard to find something equally ugly than this Polish butcher “Vistula” 305 Lord st, Highgate. Waldek. This is 2005, but it is the same now.


Excellent work Waldek

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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19 Responses to Behind The Pork Curtain

  1. yasmin bordello says:

    having not sampled the wares of vistula, I would have to disagree with this worst listing. unlike a certain glamour anysex hairdressers, i think this uncomplicated facade seems rather suitable, and the faded exterior only signals a dedication to the art of european smallgood handling that precludes superficial painting tasks. the traditional barber pole stripes denoting blood and bandages of the old razorblade days is only slightly sinister, and perhaps even exciting in a wonder if i’ll become tomorrow’s special kind of way.


  2. lazyaussie says:

    Yeah it’s a nice old shop really. But that’s what TWOP is about. Not just slagging off, but talking about the city. There seemed to be a consensus that the ECU buildings were pretty good too, so some places can be proudly stamped NOT WORST IN PERTH. This shop is the sort of place that should be preserved and restored. I could have a mirror site Best of Perth, but no-one would click the link.


  3. Does Vistula = Visual Fistula ?


  4. or European smell goods ?


  5. lazyaussie says:

    No sneeze guard?


  6. lisa says:

    The sign says ‘NO PRESERVATIVES’.

    The sausages are amazing and there is a queue round the corner about easter time.

    The queue, ripped-up pavement, grills, graffiti, violent red colour scheme and the anatomical name are redolent of The Special Stuff’ butcher in the League of Gentlemen.


  7. bzet says:

    alas, there is no more… he closed… and that sausagese were best in perth if not in wa…


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  9. Anonymous says:

    Good food though, obviously you didn’t try it


  10. nev il-pinto says:

    don’t worry…I’m sure it’s been turned into a block of units now


  11. radoslaw cholonieeski says:

    This was the best butcher shop in town, i dont know you waldek but i will butcher you for your words i swear you eat them back, memmories for Mr Maciek


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