Crazy Horse – or is that cow?

“My lands are where my dead lie buried.”
Crazy Horse

Would this encourage you to leave your child at this facility? Even if your dead were buried there? East Perth.

Mercedes Corby Ralph Magazine

Mercedes Corby Ralph Magazine

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6 Responses to Crazy Horse – or is that cow?

  1. David Cohen says:

    Totem pole on side
    Heap trouble on our image.
    Perth rotting away.


  2. poor lisa says:

    Is it half a giraffe, or half a horse?

    I will say that the best-looking child care facilities (ABC) are usually the worst, and some of the best look pretty average. Not that that’s any excuse for exposing children at a delicate developmental age to such frightening and bad sculpture.


    • RubyRuby says:

      I think it’s a deliberate ploy to encourage artistic creativity and toilet roll-based animal form sculpture on the part of the children while being cared for… using the mentality of “well, even I can do better than that, and I can’t form a comprehensible sentence, yet”…


  3. skink says:

    speaking of stupid cows – here’s some more fuel for the Kidman fire:

    I am not sure what Hugh Jackman is doing in this photo – possibly trying to kick himself up the arse for appearing in that movie.


  4. Snuff says:

    Is that the Mercedes Corby Ralph cover I’ve been hearing about, TLA ?

    I hope you didn’t pass up that priceless antique in Fairlie, by the way.

    Having never seen a film she’s been in, I can’t offer an opinion on Kidman, skink, but my experience in Arnhem Land, Central Australia, and the Kimberley definitely concurs with Linda Barwick’s. You might be right about Jackman though. Perhaps he’s not attempting this.


  5. It is Mercedes. I was looking at her odd bonce today in the papers.


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