Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

Bento (aka Sir Bufton Tufton) says: “Why is it that just seeing uni students having fun and raising money for charity fills me with rage? I was muttering to myself at the traffic lights this morning, just because a cheerful, pleasant young lady asked if I wanted to buy a paper. Then I felt the need to snort derisively at my very nice colleague, and offer my opinion (uninvited) on his lunchtime reading material.” Ha! He sounds like Rolly’s nephew. What do TWOPers think? Has PROSH jumped the shark? Let me be clear: I yield to no-one in my admiration of the young people’s work. prosh

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19 Responses to Irrational Hatred #8: PROSH

  1. I wonder if it’s due to last year’s controversy regarding the Indigenous Horrorscope which explains it’s blandness ?


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    I wonder if the Controversy regarding last year’s Indigenous Horrorscope is the reason why this year’s prosh is so bland and has jumped the shark ?


  3. Snuff says:

    Has Mike given the car game away ?


  4. rottobloggo says:

    I happily paid $5 for my copy and wished I had more.


  5. Dame Shazza says:

    I think I can shed some light here. Bento was an angry old man when he was 19. He’s a Rolly in the making minus baravan…..for now.


  6. Mattb says:

    I honestly think that it’s quite a clever read this year. Like they’ve actually had to more than rude jokes.

    I don’t like it.


  7. Sunstorm says:

    Read a bit of this year’s Prosh. Totally meh. Safe targets, politically correct, even one of their charity choices was lousy. Getting worse every year.


  8. Shepworth says:

    Err, Prosh has never been that funny. I say this as a UWA graduate who had great fun dressing up and selling it in the CBD in 1985. It is not really about the quality of the humour: more about the fact that it raises a lot of money for charity and the students have fun doing so. I am a great supporter of what it does.


  9. Andy says:

    Did you photoshop Andre Rieu’s face? haha, or is it one of Perth’s worst printing fails?


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