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I prefer it when Pete F. stays in Cottesloe. No further than Mosman park in any case. Beautiful shithouse Holden collection. And the red eyed rabbit? It’s in the olive green Torana’s boot. if you are lucky.

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Strangely, Shazza never mentioned that this total embarrassment is out in public. It actually keeps going around the block in some kind of…lap, as if it wasn’t trying to hide. You think that Fremantle couldn’t get any shittier, and then … Continue reading

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Feathered Friends

Having a gold Torana in itself isn’t enough to get you into the worst car category. In fact the last one was voted not worst if I remember. What you need to do is to give it some testicles, and … Continue reading

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Safeway Autos

Beaufort Street. Good or Bad? A nice piece of history nonetheless after it goes. This sign won’t last much longer I don’t think. Update: The consensus seems to be that this is good. Tagged “not worst”.

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