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Strangely, Shazza never mentioned that this total embarrassment is out in public. It actually keeps going around the block in some kind of…lap, as if it wasn’t trying to hide. You think that Fremantle couldn’t get any shittier, and then … Continue reading

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Armageddon by bonnet.

By Andrew W. Fremantle. Thank God Peter Brock isn’t alive to see this Holden.

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Brock Mystery Deepens

Some light may have been shone on the metal head recently featured, with this cryptic story in the Hills Gazette (or was it the Banjo Players & Albino News?). It does nail down the fact that it is Brocky not … Continue reading

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Brock of Iron

At least I think it’s Brocky. Maybe it’s Brock of irony. The negative version seems to be clearer that it is Brocky, but the lips seem a little louche for Peter Perfect. Another suggestion is that it’s Ian Diffen. No … Continue reading

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