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Sans Lions

Pete F documents that gatepost lions are no more in Cottesloe. Sad. Poignant but sad.     

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Two Blowouts

Undies rupture without the benefit of Green Ginger Wine these days apparently. One by Bento North Perth. One by Pete F., Claremont.  Shouldn’t Claremont have a better brand of blowout?    

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Saturday Bento – Sence and Sencibility

You know when you go on holidays, and you ask your colleagues to keep an eye on various things you’re working on, and they assure you they will, and then they do fuck all? Yeah. Have we had Shane before?  … Continue reading

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Modern boobs

Notable Perth Modernians include 1 Prime Minister, 6 Cabinet Ministers, 9 judges, 2 Major Generals, 1 Rear Admiral (heh), 8 Diplomats, 15 Rhodes Scholars, 7 leg men, and at least 1 boob man.  Or boob lady.  Ladies can be boob … Continue reading

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The Hill

Someone apparently boasting about living in Hamilton Hill. Surely a poor man’s White Bum Valley? And the place is sending out mixed messages. Is it a quiche place, or a Beam & Cola place?

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Another Pete F. from Kwinarnia, soon to be the hub of malevelant floating shoppers.

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