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Line Dance

Again Illusiver. Near Bunbury. I thought they marked territories with their musk glands down there?

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The Fish Lit Hit

Kill Tim Winton? Please nobody follow this exhortation. I’m serious. Because I’d probably get the bloody blame for it. By Illusiver. King’s Square Fremantle. Is it a schoolie forced to study Cliche Street for their finals? Ben Elton? I would … Continue reading

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The Hidden

Illusiver noted this public art hidden behind Melville Council. If I recall the piece was part of Fremantle Sculpture by The Sea, an altogether more positively scaled event compared to the rather lopsided Cottesloe. But why is this hidden? Or … Continue reading

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Torture Chamber

I guess the breaker trips sometimes when you apply the wires to the testicles? By Illusiver. Ex Myer building Fremantle. I believe it is now an artis-anal ugg boot and Krazy Tee shop. There may have been a rooftop bar … Continue reading

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The Knights of Kulin

The fish are by Opus Dei by the way. By Illusiver.

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On the streets of Fremantle

Some lovely snags of Pakenham Street Fremantle from Google seen by Illusiver. The street violence, the graffiti. It just needs a going out of business sign and a struggling ugg boot shop. Essence.

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Some arts, possibly but probably not vandalised. Nah I guess the text is deliberate, otherwise, where’s the C&B on the cockroaches? Booyeembara Park, Fremantle. By Illusiver.

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Freo Finance

Is this connected with the Cock-Burn move? Good times. By Illusiver.

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We got ourselves a Chi-nee

Oh noes! Teh Asian! Only yesterday we were in the region of the once a year shower at Margaret River. Today down to Walpole, where your oriental can now expect to chow down on some dim sum style Mrs Macs … Continue reading

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