Please let me paint dudes with tree beards

Seriously now, this wall mural madness has got to stop. I mean it. Wasn’t I just saying that wall murals were so boring and the most uninteresting idea you could ever have that even SUBI would be doing it soon. And here they are doing it. Jesus Subi, why do you continue to embarass yourself? Why can’t we do this.(updated). But instead of rain poems, we could have rain C&B? That’s the kind of thinking we need. But what we will keep getting is safe and predictable Tea towel worthy rubbish. Maybe a dude with a tree for a beard, maybe a fairy queen with wood nymphs in her hair, maybe Jimi, maybe Jimmy, maybe Marilyn. Come on you pissweak wall artists, give us something fucking amazing. You are shitting up the entire city with this pap.

But, I did like this from Matt. The painted out tagger pleading for a chance to paint perhaps The Fab Four, or Elvis. With a tree quiff. Highgate. What’s your Instagram?

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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14 Responses to Please let me paint dudes with tree beards

  1. And someone has gone really radical and painted a fucking whale in Mt Hawthorne.


  2. Rolly says:

    Whale oil beef hooked!
    It’s enough to give one the hump.


  3. The atheist says:

    Sorry, no whale heaven either.


  4. Snuff says:

    Finally, some decent graffiti street art.


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