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Premier Colin Buswell

This on the WAToady: WHAT is going ON in the STATE GOVERNMENT? Thanks to Lunchtime O’Boulez for the tip.

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Outrage Sunday 65 On First Looking into Beechboro’s Homer

Much have I driven in Beechboro streets, And many worstly prams and specials seen; Round many Cocos’d gardens have I been ‘Fore ending it all in a Maccas seat. But one registered lawn I had been told That no-browed Homer … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 53 tsunami

It can be the only explanation for this, in Shenton Park: And this broken item, in Guildford: And this, in Claremont: At least these sad moments reminded me of a happier time on Maui, in Hawaii, where we danced the … Continue reading

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