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No, thank you

Such a polite letterbox, so disrespected. By Bento, who points out that it means “The Pig”.

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Bento claims this North Perth effort is Perth’s shittiest wall mural! Strong words, and a strong field in which to make them. Have you not been to Curtin recently Bento? *shudder*. No, this is well down the field. There’s no … Continue reading

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Chained Heat

Bento sees a quarantined caged and enraged Cocos that has all the horror of Manus Island and the thrill of a teenage female prison movie. PMH. 

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Registered Lawn

Registered lawn masterpiece by Bento. I’m guessing it’s not the high frequency 950 bus route. Bayswater.  

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Played World

A Cartridge World and a wall mural. There was a small bar in a fire station when I was last there. Can a dozen rub and tugs be far away Busso? By Bento.  

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Billionaire Blobs 1

Bento was outraged by our billionaires being hailed by means of rock blobs. This one of Lang is oddly near to – certainly within stenching distance – of the dunnies at Hillarys. For some reason. There’s a fence to stop … Continue reading

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He was the King of the whole damn thing

By Bento. Leederville. – I tell a lie, WEST Leederville.  Whether Boll Kent is also C&B royalty is not clear.   

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Low Ballin’

The bar is set so low in Fremantle. And seldom cleared. A soaping per groin use lower even than Dennmark. By Bento.    

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I don’t ask youse pigs for much, but if you could crowd source this for me for xmas. Pioneer World yessss! All offers presented. By Bento. Although is that a parapet wall or a Juliet balcony?  

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Sassy must be pretty well fixed too if he/she can just treat smoking implements as disposable items. Come on Sassy, upcycle you mad cunt! By Bento, Bayswater.

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