Outrage Sunday 226 bring me the head of Ingvar Kamprad

That ribbon-muter Bento has been to the big blue building again. IMG_8184
Has this cropped up in the Perth shop? Perhaps we’re not fussed? 2E8B7BF300000578-3322817-image-a-1_1447801438228
At least Ingvar doesn’t have shrunken Santa heads on his shelves. IMG_1895IMG_1894
Gotta run! I’m off to read a classic over a topped up soy mac with a twist of rage. Is this what Dome have in mind – from teh Wiki: In a 1958 interview in The Paris Review, Terry Southern asked Green about his inspiration for Loving. Green replied, “I got the idea of Loving from a manservant in the Fire Service during the war. He was serving with me in the ranks, and he told me he had once asked the elderly butler who was over him what the old boy most liked in the world. The reply was: ‘Lying in bed on a summer morning, with the window open, listening to the church bells, eating buttered toast with cunty fingers.’ I saw the book in a flash.” Phwoar! IMG_1696IMG_1918

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12 Responses to Outrage Sunday 226 bring me the head of Ingvar Kamprad

  1. Rong1 says:

    There’s that word again . . . inconveience? Spell check before hitting the Print button!


  2. Zuben says:

    Aren’t there libel laws in the u k ?


  3. Sir Bill International says:

    When the Sveriges put their melacholy to good use this is the result : innovation culture in the dismal fields of undertaking , taxation , economics and furniture. We can’t we , as the Innovation Nation, turn our minds to Rubik’s cube furnishings and make a motza ? Get Wesfarmer’s board on board , Crapender can do the PR ( the essential element in all of this bullshit), we’ll work the money through Luxembourg , down to the Cayman Islands , over the back fence , then onto a party of Chinee businessmen going to Macau , finally on the last race at Flemington. The only problem I can see is getting the various departments of Bunnings to work together.


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