Vibrancy Inspector

I have a new Tshirt, “Vibrancy Inspector”. No Alcohol, New Years Eve, Cottesloe Beach, That’s Perth. However the “Perth The Bunbury of The North” is a clear winner with buyers. It is a damn good design I have to say. I don’t know why the Bunbury Tourist Board isn’t buying it in bulk.  There are some new greeting cards available too, including the sinster burnt out miniature village and no alcohol. Tshirts and cards can be found here.



What says Christmas like a burnt out Hansel and Gretel cottage?

The Best of the TWOP twitter newsfeed this week. No comments on the Shazza tweet huh?

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Mother attacked over fart collection throwout. A Morley man who collected farts in jars for 15 years “snapped” when he found his mother had…

SWest Sharons brawl over nickname. A night at an Albany hotel turned bloody as 3 women fought over the right to be called “Shazza”. “Shaggsy…

Italian blogs run foul of censors as use of “Pagina” blocked. Despite being Italian for page, the word pagina has taken on sexual connnotations…

Mandurah a ghost town as new highway opens.  Derelict brothels, abattoirs and crab shops are the result of the Mandurah bypass bypass opening…

New highway brings culture to Bunbury. Exotic goods like coleslaw, post-it notes, and suede have hit Bunbury for the first time. as Perth-Bu…

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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24 Responses to Vibrancy Inspector

  1. Snuff says:

    Very nice, TLA, but you forgot No Apostrophes.


  2. That was the best part!


  3. Snuff says:

    Fair enough.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    Start buying those Bongs before Colin makes em illegal to sell.


  5. Cellobella says:


    Brilliant work.

    Bunbury of the north…. *chortles*


  6. shazza says:

    You know TLA, I have also been called Shaggsy in my time. I would like to state for the record I was not one of the 3 ladeez involved in the Albany scuffle, but if I had, I would have kicked those scrags racks.


  7. Bill O'Slatter says:

    On the right track LA. I want one with a picture of Klam O’Klammity sayin ” Vibe up Dudes or else”.


  8. mandible claw says:

    I once spent an alcohol-free New Years at Cottesloe once – think it was one of the first years they had the policy in place.

    The night was punctuated by shouting matches and even fist fights between tracky pants-wearing Transperth dwellers of all shades and an incredible display of unnecessary force by the coppers, who chased some dude down the road and tackled him face first onto the pavement. Think he was selling ecstasy or something.

    In short the worst NYE I’ve ever spent, dunno if alcohol would’ve made it less or more violent but it definitely would have been more interesting.


  9. mind if i use the no-alcohol pic for my blog?
    Well I’m gonna do it anyway but i hope you approve…
    Every time I start to review European bar/nightlife it becomes a rant about Perth’s… everything…


  10. Zuben says:

    Hah ! Re Bunbury , Oscar Wilde would have approved ! Except to him it would have been all south …


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