Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

We want the finest humanity known to, er, humanity. We want it here, and we want it now. It is here, in the Perry Lakes development. Imagine calling the ambo from your home. “It’s near the intersection of Equality and Destiny.” Is it your destiny to buy here? Or – the humanity! – can’t you afford it?

If you can’t afford it, why not be in the draw for the Lone Pine, the Quinn’s Post, the Hill 60 and the Krithia? The link doesn’t seem to have the details, but the media release said: “We wanted to do something special to honour the legacy, the sacrifice, tradition and spirit of the ANZACs and the 100 years of service by Australian men and women,” Mr Traini said. “We’re proud that this prize, whether the winner rents the homes for $165,880, sells or lives in them will be a real life change for one Australian.
“The main stand-alone five-bedroom, three-bathroom house with spectacular waterfront views and plunge pool has been named Lone Pine and includes ANZAC artwork and a special edition ANZAC book.
“The other three four-bedroom, three-bathroom open-plan homes also have magnificent water views and have been named after the Gallipoli battlefields of Quinn’s Post, Hill 60 and Krithia.”
All up it’s worth $3.4 million, which probably gets you a shed (assembly not included) on 50 sq m in Perry Lakes. I trust the Lone Pine has wrs, an ubo, and a pty. The photos are lovely.

Excuse I: time for a plunge in my own pool, under our relentless blue sky!

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17 Responses to Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

  1. Reign of Error says:

    Has Cambridge finally solved the conundrum of what’s behind the green door? Shakin’ Stevens must be feeling a sense of relief.


  2. Reign of Error says:

    The tiered arrangement on this pole leads me to suspect some signs are created more equal than others


  3. Reign of Error says:

    Feng Shui is all up the shit here. Humanity needs to be where Equality sits and vice versa. Don’t these planners know fucking anything!


  4. Snuff says:

    Fresh in our memories.


  5. I like the prison next to the pool.


    • rottobloggo says:

      I forget which street it’s in. The council has told the owner to demolish, as nothing’s happened for two or three years and the neighbours are restless.


  6. El Guisto says:

    It’s actually not a swimming pool. It’s part of a prison emperor colon had secretly built for political dissidents. What you see there is where the water torture was administered and the vertical hanging performed.
    Snickered the emperor, “you should see how compliment they are when they’ve been hung up by their thumbs and ad their goolies electrocuted! N then a quick dunking until theys arf drownded n theys do anyfing I want. Ha ha ha”.


  7. Reign of Error says:

    Elizabeth Quay as it nears practical completion. Just the urban art installations to go


  8. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Wood fired ovens are right on trend.


  9. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    No pool fence? Better watch out for the Google sky ranger.


  10. El Guisto says:

    I understand Lizzie key is the new dunking pond…the emperor Colon is concerned over 50% of voters will not favour him at the next election so they may need a little ‘watery persuasion.’


  11. Zuben says:

    Good Lord someone s actually entered the perry lakes redevo !

    Scares me to death just to ride past it !


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