Great Eastern Highway

For god’s SAKE. Great Eastern Highway is so famous it gets the Wiki treatment – and yet our Flangemaster has not added it to the guide. Albany Highway is Bourbon Street, yet GEH still has nothing. It’s a fucking outrage. Especially when the route has such fine establishments like McKenzie’s Gentleman’s Club. gclub2

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50 Responses to Great Eastern Highway

  1. Plonka says:

    How about Great Eastern Whoreway? It ends up in Kalgoorlie after all. Or Whoreway to Hell?

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  2. Plonka says:

    Thanks, which one? Personally I like the Whoreway to Hell. I worked as a drillers offsider in my 20’s and spent a miserable 6 months living in Boulder.


  3. Plonka says:

    Snigger, giggle. Funny you should say that Sir Bill, as I wrote it I wondered what NF#1 would have to say.


  4. Plonka says:

    And, I don’t get it, TLA? I’m sure it’s funny, just gone over my head.


    • It’s a traditional form. She was only the fishmongers daughter, but she’d lay on the slab and say fillet. She was only the woodcutter’s daughter, but you could hear her ringbarking for miles… &cetera


  5. Plonka says:

    Oooohh. I’m with the programme now. I was pretty good on the fast feed lever too. But the drill bits were my favourite. We used to paint the flagged out ones pink. Nothing like a ute full of pink bits.


    • Misspent_yoof says:

      Did you sometimes have to drill in the mud?


      • Plonka says:

        Well, you know what they say, “When the river runs red, take the dirt track instead.” To answer that seriously, yes, yes I did. I also had to fire a shot in mud once with very bizarre results. The ground sort of went “flump” and then great columns of steam shot up about 60 metres……….. But you don’t really care about that do you?


  6. Plonka says:

    I just realised that made me sound like a lesbian! I have nothing against lesbians, but as I am not one and I’m single, I feel it is wise to clarify that. I wouldn’t want to put NF#1 off.


  7. Plonka says:

    He he he, yup, fairly sure. Maybe I’m sublimating? No, don’t think so. But, no issues with other peoples sexual orientations and gender identification. I’m evolved enough to realise that sex (in the context of gender) is ambiguous and that preference is just down to whatever floats your boat!


  8. Plonka says:

    Actually, I have an unrelated question for whoever would like to answer. I think I understand the geography when people talk about “The Western Suburbs”. They are the old money, long established places next to the coast, right? Places like Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Fremantle etc? Just realised I have more than one question. How far north and South does this definition go? I have trouble thinking of Cockburn in the context of a western suburb and Kwinana!? Also, how far inland does this area extend? Are places like Alfred Cove, Applecross and Booragoon considered as western suburbs?


  9. Rolly says:

    My Ghast is Flabbered.

    Subject = “Gentlemans” club, (had to think about an apostrophe there, but omitted one due to lack of certainty as to its correct placement) and the comments have wandered into the field of female sexual preferences.
    Not to mention the site’s potential as a dating forum.

    Will such deviations never end?
    From the topic; not the straight and narrow. (Of minds, that is.)

    I shall have to spend the rest of the day trying to unflabber.


  10. Plonka says:

    Or if you could somehow fly in and drive out it could be the FIDObahn. Or if you were driving, but running a bit late it could be the drive in late, drive out bahn.


  11. Plonka says:

    I’ll just shut up now.


  12. RubyRuby says:


    Worst. Dating. Site. Ever.


  13. says:

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