Firm but Manky.

A Perth worst that’s so perfect, it’s beyond quintessential. From Jazzrusso. Jazz, if you got the mattress when Dennis’ hair was like that, could I ask if it’s getting a little manky by now? He’s much more like THIS or worse these days. What a superb find. Is he still firm? And the chin. I just can’t keep my eyes off it. I wish Jazz had taken a bigger shot, so I could fill the screen with that incredibly outre chin. It’s like a scene from Caligula.lilleelillecu

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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45 Responses to Firm but Manky.

  1. Richarbl says:

    I used to have hair like that as well… in 1979


  2. shazza says:

    If that’s the only bed that gives him a good nights sleep, how has he been coping without it all this time? Or is that actually D’Lillee’s bed?


  3. pete says:

    I assume there was a reference to ‘bowling a maiden over’ in the promotional material at the time.


  4. Snuff says:

    There’s just so much to love about the great man, TLA. The chin, the field settings, the dancing. I’m surprised they didn’t use this shot of him, and I doubt he got much sleep this night. Here we see him sharing a laugh with a friend about one of his victims.

    I was at the WACA the day he took 8 for 29. I’m still pinching myself.


  5. Big Ramifications says:

    YOUNG and HUNG


  6. WAtching says:

    Am I to assume from this post that Tim Winton is unavailable for comment?


  7. curious says:

    jazzrusso sleeps with dennis? now that’s a worst.


  8. WAtching says:

    Apparently bed manufacurers use the same Brand Agency as mushroom merchants.


  9. Sadly the Hate Tim Winton thread is overwhelming this superb worst.


  10. Laser says:

    This has reminded me of a possible entry for TWOP. Does anyone actually have an “aluminium cricket bat” still lurking in a garage or a shed?

    I have not actually seen one for several decades. So a photo of one would be greatly appreciated.

    (As an aside I recall a one-day match between Aust and the WIndies at the WACA in the Lillee-Marsh days. Someone let a real duck onto the field when Greg Chappell came in to bat, as a reminder of his poor form at the time).


  11. The Lillee matress is up for grabs. Anyone interested?


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