Gonging the Shagger’s back

Are the rumours true that oft worsted Dennis Lillee is to be honoured on Australia day for being a curmudgeonly old bastard and bafflingly uncommunicative WACA president? A long, long time ago I wrote a few articles for Timezone Magazine and wanted to interview Dennis about the Dennis Lillee pinball machine “Howzat!” I tried to contact him and came home one day to find a message on the machine berating me for not being there when he called. Wot fuck? He apparently wanted me to sit at home next to the phone in case he ever called me. 

Lillee’s Lair

Firm but manky.

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34 Responses to Gonging the Shagger’s back

  1. rolly says:

    Don’t leave message on my answering machine if I’m going to have to talk to your answering machine?

    Showing your age a bit there, TLA.

    TGF emails and SMS texts, though I have had a juvenile twerp of an offspring berate me for having my mobile turned off and for not replying to his texts for over an hour.

    Shock! Horror! Tweet, tweet and share your personal affairs on internet “social” sites with total strangers that you wouldn’t share floorspace with if you met them tete-a-tete.

    I’ll sit on the veranda and talk to actual people any day, with, or without, glass in hand; but bugger having a load of airheads intruding into my daily life with a lot of inane prattle.

    It’s bad enough on this blog at times ;-)


  2. Snuff says:

    I wonder what Anthony’s secret was, TLA ?


  3. monkeypants says:

    that bloody dennis was a fine looking piece in his time:

    damn fine indeed.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    It’s official:

    * Name: LILLEE, Dennis Keith
    * Award: Member of the Order of Australia
    * Post-nominal: AM
    * Date granted: 26 January 2010
    * State: n/a
    * Suburb: n/a
    * Country: n/a
    * Citation: For service to cricket as a player, coach and administrator at a national and international level, and through roles with charitable organisations including those providing support for children with special needs.



  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    Correction, Cowper didn’t get a gong, but the ALP’s John Cowdell did.


  6. Frank Calabrese says:

    And here is DKL’s Bio:

    Mr Dennis Keith LILLEE MBE
    For service to cricket as a player, coach and administrator at a national and
    international level, and through roles with charitable organisations including those
    providing support for children with special needs.

    Australian Test cricket bowler, 1970-1984; 355 Test wickets, 103 One-Day wickets, over 800
    wickets in all first class cricket during his career.
    President, Western Australian Cricket Association, since 2004.
    Founder, Dennis Lillee Fast Bowling Academy, 2002.
    Specialist fast bowling coach, Australian Cricket Board, 1997-2001.
    Conducted coaching and development programs for elite fast bowlers in India, for over
    20 years; also involving most international cricketing countries’ top fast bowlers.
    Conducted coaching for New Zealand elite fast bowlers, for 2 years during the mid 1980s.

    Founder, Dennis Lillee Disabled Sports Foundation, since 1989; fundraising arm of the
    WA Disabled Sports Association.
    Member, Board of Governors, Sony Foundation, since 1999; charitable arm of the Sony
    Group of Companies.
    Patron, Steel Blue Foundation, since 2004.

    Awards/recognition include:

    Appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, 1981.
    Inducted into the International Cricket Council’s Cricket Hall of Fame, 2009.
    Inducted into Australian Cricket Hall of Fame, 1996.
    Member, Australian Test Team of the Century.
    WA Cricketer of the Century 2000.

    Taken from:



  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of DK LIllee here are a couple of singles recorded in his honour – the third being dedicated to his partner in Crime Rod Marsh.


    Trivia – The Wozzers featured amongst their number, one Steve “Grumpy” Collins, who is now a producer for Harvey Deegan on our favourite wireless commercial station – 6PR :-)


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