Not without my Ipod

Nick spotted this Walkley quality item from The Subiaco Post. At least one ipod taken? The fucking humanity!  Police are refusing to confirm that an AM radio and a flab blaster were also netted in this haul. Perhaps this is one of the famous ironic pieces from Outrage Cohen, the Post’s New Age Paul Murray? ipod

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5 Responses to Not without my Ipod

  1. Snuff says:

    However, Senior Sgt Hussey has released this identioh, bugger.


  2. Slanderer says:

    Unlocked doors in 2009? That will get them going all nostalgic on talkback tomorrow.


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of teh Ourage, I hear Krazy Kim is still in the wilds of TVW at the reunion, the TV footage looked good, but the shot of an ageing Reg Whiteman and his good friend the Obese Feline in the same shot was a bit unsettling.


    • Frank, went to display of 50 Television years at Fremantle Arts Centre. Was diverting for about ten minutes. Could have done with a fatcat head or two though. Not good for a meetup. No large scale piss purveyors. Also the incredibly low standard of the Freo Print awards finalists (particularly the winner) make me leery of visiting the Yartz Centre for a while. Made me wish I had got a bag of potatoes and made a primary school style print.


      • Frank Calabrese says:

        Damn, not even Kingsley Koala or Flapper ?

        I still reckon we should to the meet, then adjourn to a nearby watering hole for drinks


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