Who will pay for bad journalism?

Now finally some journalism we can really get our teeth into. Nurry, Mosellas, Cohen et al can merely dream of a scoop like this. Global warming is a British (British mind you) conspiracy to cause global genocide. Seemingly Prince Philip has something to do with it, and the British Imperial stooge Kevin Rudd.

I find it touching that someone thinks that  Britain could still influence anything. We have had the 9-11 truthers, whose agenda for twaddle seemed to be a drought of girlfriend, but with copy like this, you’d be beating yourself off with a stick. Their logo also seems to include a giant penguin, an animal who will be first up against the wall when Prince Philip gets his influence stuck into them. A refreshing and mind expanding read. I recommend it. Found in Wembley Markets by Chris. Thanks for that mate.


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90 Responses to Who will pay for bad journalism?

  1. Snuff says:

    As Lawrence said, I am just going outside and may be some time.


  2. skink says:

    I belive that this is a classic application of Godwin’s Law:

    first to mention the Nazis loses:



  3. Rolly says:

    I worry about people.


  4. Bento says:

    Say what you will, but I like having the La Rouchies around.

    It’s comforting to have a safe buffer of lunatics before being forced to decide which of the quasi-fascists or crypto-racists to put last on the ballot paper.


  5. skink says:

    boy, I must lead a sheltered life, because I had never heard of LaRouche before today.

    he really is king of the crackpots. Some of his conspiracy theories are so bizarre as to border on comic genius.

    global warming is caused by radiation from the Crab Nebula.

    the new world order is being created by a conspiracy involving Queen Elizabeth, Henry Kissinger, the Rothschilds, the World Wildlife Fund and HG Wells.

    and here was me thinking that the real conspiracy was between The Illuminati, the Inter City Firm and The Wiggles.


  6. Cookster says:

    Completely off topic, but Frank are you out there? STM has sent you a direct message on Twitter to let you know you’ve won an iPod Shuffle – you have to respond before Friday or your prize will be cruelly snatched from your grasp.

    Jayzus, I’ve been getting emails from CECA… be fucked if I know where they got my email address.


  7. Bento: I share your concern with the quasi-fascists adn the crypto-racists, but what about the wife-beaters?

    Who to put last is always the hardest call.


  8. Big Ramifications says:

    I like the pic of the skulls.

    “This is what genocide might look like” type deal.


  9. chris says:

    Well the back page ( page 4!) has a photo of Obama with a Hitler type Moustache. Take that Obama!


  10. Paracleet says:


    I’m tempted to order the DVD.


    • shazza says:

      Gotta love the title for Sir Frank MacFarlane –
      ‘Australian Eugenicist and Bacteriologist/Viral warfare proponent.’ I mean who isn’t?


  11. chris says:

    I want to know who puts this newspaper ( complete with stand) at the uber middle class Wembley Markets of all places. I nearly choked on my beef teriyaki.


    • Cookster says:

      When you say the Wembley Markets, do you mean that god-awful food court where you pay $10 for a plate of slop out of the ‘bucket-o-curry’?


      • chris says:

        Oh come on Cookster. The Wembley markets are certainly at the upper end of quality viz the ‘deep fried turds’ that are food courts in Perth. Been to Carousel lately?


        • Cookster says:

          Jesus Chris, the last time I went to Carousel was when my girlfriend at the time was working there as a pharmacy assistant. That was 20 years ago.

          There is a decent Asian-fusion restaurant there and a remarkably good Spanish food shop, but the rest is pretty bog standard and not that cheap.

          As far as decor, I’ve often thought it would make an excellent worst of candidate – particularly the ‘rock star’ images above the gloomy indoor play area.


        • Cimbali says:

          The whole of the carousel area is the biggest worst around. You can spend 40 minutes driving around the outside of that shopping centre and never actually find the way in!


  12. CB One says:

    I’m pretty sure this bunch hawk their wares at the corner of William and Roe at least one morning a week.

    I don’t like conspiracy theories shoved in my face until at least 9.30am


  13. Caribou Bob says:

    Well this puts the Pelican to shame, I am taking notes for our final edition.


  14. Caribou Bob says:

    Then again they’re still doing better than Grock…


  15. Jim the Expat says:

    Keep ’em coming guys, you flyboys crack me up.


  16. Paracleet says:

    Given the rabid response of the 9-11 truthers I would hope for a truly gratifying reaction from the purveyors of this periodical given level of lunacy displayed. But instinct suggests that the membership of the Australian Citizens Electoral Council is approximately 1 in each State. Their reading list might not encompass this blog and they can hardly answer the phone to their friends calling about it with the tinfoil helmet in the way.


    • skink says:

      according to Wiki they have 549 members throughout the country

      as to the question ‘where does the money come from’, they received one donation of $862,000, the largest single political donation in Aus history, from a Queensland cattle rancher.

      Probably sick of getting buzzed by flying saucers on his station


  17. Max Headway says:

    I’ve seen people handing out the CEC rag at Fortitude Valley station, and was tempted to do up to them and sing, to the tune of “Teddy Bears Picnic”, “If you support Bretton Woods today, be sure you’ll be crucified”


  18. Cookster says:

    The latest from my CEC e-letter:

    “This week’s proclamations of economic recovery, from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, President Barack Obama, and Kevin Rudd, amount to spitting into the wind of the exploding mass strike revolt in the U.S. and elsewhere, that is being driven by the worsening economic collapse.”

    Cheery bunch, aren’t they?

    “Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s most accurate economic forecaster, who is warning of a mid-October economic breakdown, identifies this growing revolt as a true “mass strike”, like that of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. Not long prior to that historic event, East German Secretary General of the Communist Party, Erich Honecker, declared that the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) would last a thousand years. But the people’s movement succeeded in bringing down the Berlin Wall in less than six weeks. (Click here to view a 7-minute video on this subject).

    “Mr LaRouche warned President Obama this week to beware of walking in the footsteps of Honecker, who was completely out of touch with reality.

    “Other world leaders, like Kevin Rudd, who have rammed “recovery talk” down the throats of the masses will face the same fate if they fail to speak the truth and propose real solutions as the economic breakdown crisis escalates over the months of September and October.

    “Ultimately, if they wish to survive, politically, even physically, they will be forced to turn to the real economic recovery plans of LaRouche and the CEC:

    • Bankruptcy reorganisation, through the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill;
    • Replacing the globalised monetary system with a new credit system, based on a new national bank;
    • Large-scale infrastructure development, to meet current and future water, power and transportation needs.”

    If they wish to “Survive… physically” WTF? Watch out for the odd looking bloke hanging out on the grassy knoll.


  19. xald says:

    The stock photograph of skulls really turns this from “Schlock” to “Scary”. At least, I hope it’s a stock photograph.


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