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I’m beginning to suspect Murdoch’s Jesper of deep, deep irony. Not content to label Murdoch University’s odour as “Old Turd”, he’s now complaing that they have a tavern, and outlets for legal drugs. Quite often also music! This post is very very funny. I bow to you Jesper. The deadpan is perfect. “Quite often also music”. Gold.

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60 Responses to More Svenkage

  1. David Cohen says:

    Well, as we now know, on the ferry to Rotto there is quite often also water.


    • Relm says:

      It is beginning to get a bit suspicious that you notoriously insist on completely missing the point.


      • mrs stone says:

        Yes Jesper he is notorious and suspicious. Go get him tiger!


      • Jesper, the point of your post is that you are a master of irony. No need to labour it. I get it. Who could fail to get that point? Why are you suspicious? I love your work. It’s one of the best posts I have read outside my own blog. What else can i say?


        • mrs stone says:

          You can say you agree the repetitive view of water from Freo to Rotto is mind numbing and unoriginal.
          You can say you agree that Bars on Institutes of Higher Learning are unecessary and unprofessional.
          You could say…Oh fuck it, you know where I’m going with this.


  2. skink says:

    returning once more to when I was a student…

    in my day there were only three acceptable places to be:

    in bed, in the bar, or on a demo.

    Once we staged a sleep-in protest in the bar, which allowed us to combine all three.

    it was most uncouth to be seen at a lecture before midday.

    the only people at those lectures would be foreign students, and when the lecturer came in and said ‘Good morning’, they would write it down.


    • Grrr says:

      Arguing, Internet, Olympics comments aside, and as amusing and pointless as blog wars are (although I am hoping for the Beaufort St Krew to get theirs from Mykonos), I have to say that I don’t understand:
      if he hates Murdoch so much why does he attend?

      Hell, when I was there we didn’t have a tavern at all, and there were no legal drugs on campus…. although I seem to recall the Resistance stand smelling like Maryjewana.

      “Quite often also music” is, indeed, hilarious. I can remember when Painters & Dockers played there…. Oh, the destruction.

      (PS: Did anyone notice in Western Suburbs Weekly that ‘Little Cloud’ has been nominated for awards?)


  3. And this allows me to test the new feature that allows polls to be embedded in comments. Go to polldaddy if you want to try.


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  5. mrs stone says:

    Sorry TLA,

    Think Lawsey, think Rattler, think Jesper.


  6. Bill O'Slatter says:

    He must either be Elliot Goblet or Steve Wright.


  7. Rolly says:

    Or is a past-master as a piss taker.

    Your choice.


  8. Snuff, we’ve run out of reply space, but yes Conrad is pretty good as a an ESL student. I did find the Secret Agent a little disappointing after Heart of Darkness though.

    I think old Jesper might be tarting for stats, as he probably had 2 hits per year previously, but now gets a lot of attention as irony meister.

    I still haven’t looked at his irony post. No-one has yet disabused me of the notion that it has a dictionary definition of irony. ie “wikipedia defines irony as a scandinavian explaining a knock knock joke in english.”

    If it doesn’t have that, I’ll take a peek. Just let me know.


    • Snuff says:

      Indeed, TLA, although having initially also learnt French, English was technically his third language. Each to their own, but I’d have to agree that my dogeared old copy of Heart of Darkness is testament to more rereadings than my more pristine copy of The Secret Agent, notwithstanding the alluringly elegant notion of blowing up time, and the fact that I simply have favourite authors rather than favourite books.

      Your suspicions regarding Jesper’s Masters of Irony post are as perspicacious as ever, so you needn’t bother. His Random “art”.. Gallery, and selected texts Writings, however, are well worth a look.


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  13. Snuff says:

    Today’s been an ironic day for the ages, but not this ironic.


  14. The Legend 101 says:

    ECU’s much better.


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  16. skink says:

    isn’t arguing whether ECU is better than Curtin rather like squabbling over whether athlete’s foot is better than a verruca?


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