Truth Generator

You believe what you want to believe in this world apparently, according to my twitter feed today anyhow. Or maybe I’m the one being pranked. Am I? I hope so.

@theworstofperth Menstrual pain simulated in male lab rats. “No particular reason,” said Professor Fiona Brown, project leader.”

Dear TWOP,
I came across your Twitter about Fiona Brown’s ‘work’ in simulating menstrual pain in male lab   and wasn’t able to find an original article/reference, would you be able to send me anything/point me in the right direction as to where you read/heard this? I run a campaign against Vivisection and am always interested in scientifically erroneous experiments.
Thanks very much,

Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Animal Liberation
04xx xxxxxxxxxx


@theworstofperth McGowan downplays incredible stats. 90% of Rockingham cars have been on fire in the last 12 months. Even those that haven’t been stolen have…

@xxxxxxxx asks, What the???? Is that true?? #Perth

Yes it’s all true. Including this.
Edith Cowan
May have been man” . A researcher has poured doubt on the claims that Cowan was WA’s first female parliamentarian. DNA from…

And yes the Swan river dolphins really did die of ennui.

Good day. I SAID good day.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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96 Responses to Truth Generator

  1. shazza says:

    Whoa! I’m not getting a prank vibe TLA.


  2. orbea says:

    That’s fantastic! I can imagine AL trolling the phone book looking for Prof Fiona Brown to complain AFTER they’ve painted the protest sheets.


  3. Ljuke says:

    So it’s true about Foyle’s War, then? Foyle’s PHWOAAARR!


  4. shazza says:

    There is a Dr Fiona Brown. She’s into kidney care.


  5. Rolly says:

    I’ve had the great misfortune to have had several interactions with “Animal Liberationists” on topics unrelated to animals (other than the human kind).
    Attempting to gain some insight to their mental and emotional condition over nearly a decade, resulted only in the conclusion that the professional mental health services, in WA at least, are failing us all rather badly.
    Rabid; imbued with an exaggerated sense of their own importance and prone to misbelief, misinformation and misinterpretation on all fronts.
    (A bit like politicians and business operators really.)
    I pity the poor bloody animals, if they ever fall into the hands of this bunch of mad anthropomorphists.


    • I’m going to book you in with Professor Brown.


      • orbea says:

        Just book Rolly into a sow stall


        • Rolly says:

          Don’t get me wrong, orbea, I grew up in an agricultural environment.
          Many of our food production methods would be proscribed if they were used to rear our beloved puppies and kittens.
          I do not, in any way, condone the mass production methods that are used currently.
          There is little need for the huge amount of animal protein that is currently fashionable, but it is financially beneficial to do so.
          “It’s the economy, stupid.”
          Nothing else seems to matter.


          • orbea says:

            I agree with you, I dont think the mental heath services are failing WA, the Government is failing mental health services.

            Rabid; imbued with an exaggerated sense of their own importance and prone to misbelief, misinformation and misinterpretation on all fronts.

            You were talking about psychiatrists weren’t you?


            • Rolly says:

              I could have been, I spose.
              I haven’t seen one (that I know of) in a few decades, so I really have no idea.


      • Rolly says:

        If she’s into kidneys, she’ll know all about the pain of ‘the stones’.
        Worse than difficult childbirth, according to a couple of female acquaintances.
        So the research would be quite unnecessary.


  6. Bento says:

    To be fair, the Perth Tram is a truck.


  7. skink says:

    Shallow Spice may have left TWAToday, but they have a new Queen of Inanity:

    ‘My Jennaration’, a pun worse than ‘Pep Talk’

    “Shazza” was my alter-ego, who magically materialised after one too many bubbly beverages. She is a mess – loud and very obnoxious. Shazza’s morals are a little looser. She has slapped people – hard – passed out in public and drank a bar dry in her time.”

    purely coincidental choice of name?


  8. poor lisa says:

    I’ll still be checking the price of dried apricots in Claremont Quarter during CHOGM


  9. skink says:

    “Alcohol can unleash the ‘Shazza’ in all of us”


  10. B.T. says:

    Truthiness! Facts don’t matter.


  11. The Legend 101 says:

    Stop stealing my line im the one who made up xxxxxxx in the first place i dont know why but i regret doing it.


  12. DMc says:

    I fail to see how inducing pain in rats would be “scientifically erroneous.” Unless, of course, there wasn’t a null hypothesis.


  13. RubyRuby says:

    Everytime I see the title of this post I hear it in my head to the tune of “Smooth Operator”.

    Is it just me?


    • orbea says:


      old person who listens to fm radio


      • The Legend 101 says:

        i dont but my dad does and i have to put up with it when i go in his car.


      • RubyRuby says:

        Hang on – I missed this the first time around…

        Are you describing yourself or me?

        Because I’ll have you know that I’m NOT an old person who listens to FM radio. When I get tired of 720 I have now discovered the joys of 990 – BOTH on the AM band.

        Please get your facts straight before you go posting potentially offensive comments, please, Orbea.


  14. The Legend 101 says:

    Just a reply to Orbeas comment today at 2:12pm. Seriously Orbea im digusted and offenended by a way. One put down or more like chance and i will tell The Lazy Aussie to ban you negitive abuse forever. It makes me sad and i bet you feel so good about yourself.


  15. orbea says:

    why would you want to talk to my Dad?


  16. jayden's dad says:

    this is Tony Baxter here Jaydens father. i understand he has been sending messages to your website under various names and is now very upset. now i look at the website all I can say is you should be ashamed of yourselves for the photos language and the way you speak to my son. hes a very good boy – teachers says smart for his age 12 and certianly above the likes of you. hes also been very sick lately so you should give him a break. even if I knew what Enders is i would not go there to meet you. if you have ever have THE GUTS to meet me ask at the Strand pub any day after 5pm


  17. DMc says:

    Wow, I go away for a week and it’s all gone to shizen. Not that I’m ever around more often than that.

    But to answer the original queries of dubious value, “Whats that got to do with anything? and ive never seen you here DMC are you a new member?”

    Ummm… It’s got to do with the original posting. You know, the one at the top with the quoted letter containing, “I run a campaign against Vivisection and am always interested in scientifically erroneous experiments.”
    And no, I’m not a new member. I’m neither new nor a member.


  18. The Legend 101 says:



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