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Tai Ping on Their Arses

I specifically wanted to see the Tai Ping museum in Nanjing, because it highlights  one of the classic worsts in the history of the world. A Chinese guy Hong Xiu Quan in 1860s or so got it into his head … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 59

A few more from my China trip. La Pavoni in Nanjing could be a little slice of Midland. Apart from the artistic impreetion, which Midland definitely doesn’t have. And can someone tell me what the little lion is doing? It … Continue reading

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The Worst of Perth in China – White Dragon Rampant

Which of these bastards was holding the other white dragons? Tankmaster’s Wuhan office. Not more than a bushie’s blow from the banks of the Yangtse, on Behind Chang (jiang) Avenue. And I thought I’d throw in some Chinese boozie work … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 12

Was quite a good worst week this week, possibly highlighted by Skink’s amusing stoush with Howard “Riddance” Sattler on the Fairfax blog, with the moderator deleting both Skink AND Sattler at one stage. The post on The Fairfax Online experience … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 11 The Vanishing

A long anticipated worst vanishing has finally happened. The Jumbo is extinct. One of the lions had already been liberated last week, but the other was still attached to its pedestal. Must have been too heavy to carry off. I … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 9

A shot of me being funny at the comedy debate at The Charles Hotel and the rest of the entertainers. Thanks to the Conservation Council. I had forgotten what a delightfully dingy old hole The Charles was. Although the front … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 6

Four international worsts for Weekend Worstoff 6. Firstly a shot I took in Beijing. Don’t laugh, the Folk Music Club is in even worse shape. Mazarina sent in a nice worst from her trip to the Himalayas. I came for … Continue reading

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Bidet as it may…

I know we Perth people are not particularly “bidet savvy”, hey, I don’t think we’ve even gotten the washing hands thing going yet, however what I now know about bidets is that you always check the hot tap settings BEFORE … Continue reading

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LA calling from a Chinese jail

The Worst of Perth on Tour is having difficulty posting from China, so using Melbourne Meccano as a proxy. I know this is not Perth, but I thought you might like this one from Hong Kong. My doctor told me … Continue reading

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