Weekend Worstoff 9

A shot of me being funny at the comedy debate at The Charles Hotel and the rest of the entertainers. Thanks to the Conservation Council.

I had forgotten what a delightfully dingy old hole The Charles was. Although the front bars have been tarted up, which when I used to go there often, still had the running sewer style drains in front of the bar, the venue area still had the sticky carpets, black paint and mirrored columns of the past. Love it. Took a phone shot in the equally dingy back stage area of this poster of WC Handy, which was ironic, as there was no wc back there. Not handy at all. WC (bog) Handy is the Father of the Blues for those with weak bladders.

Here’s another international worst from my China travels. What home could be without a family of stuffed deer to brighten up the loungroom. From a stuffed deer shop in Dalian Northern China.

This is an attempt at two worsts in one shot from a moving vehicle. 1: Worst cornering by a bin truck overturned at the Mt Lawley subway, and 2: an old quarter window, which for those who are too young to remember, was used to create a high pitched whistling sound whenever you drove a car.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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26 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 9

  1. Cool. Very dingy!

    And Here’s some love that needs sharing.


  2. Is that a shot of you actually being funny or attempting to be funny?

    Why don’t you try being funny on the blog occasionally?


  3. FX. 说什么?喝了太杯白酒吗?大家笑了。


  4. squib says:

    Is my gravatar working?


  5. Bento says:

    Squib – no.

    Wow LA – that pic looks like you are indeed being very funny.


  6. Squib is that better be a biscuit.


  7. Russell says:

    LA – did the celestials not have any punctuation of their own? Did they have to muddle along in confusion until we showed them the usefulness of question marks? ???


  8. King of Bayswater says:

    I was already running late for work & coming down guilford rd when i encountered the traffic jam caused by that ******* bufoon!! How can you not know if your truck is too tall for a bridge!.

    A few years ago i saw a removalist van that had hit the 7th Avenue bridge in Maylands & the roof had been torn right open – There was furniture & other belongings smashed & strewn all over the place. Felt sorry for the poor bastard who hired them.


  9. And yet no-one comments on a family of stuffed deer being offered for sale.


  10. Bento. “Hot As” wouldn’t even begin to describe the performance. I covered pubic hair of porn stars, vegetarians, Humvees powered by human waste, honeymoon suites with composting toilets, lesbians, I did Bono impressions, slagged off Peterr Garret vegetarians, greens.. and that was just the intro.


  11. SkyLantern says:

    #9 How dear were the deer?
    #10 Where’s the podcast?


  12. Jay says:

    Hey LA,
    I was there and I loved it. Wrong shit about the spa and bad puns about “bush” but all good really. I especially loved Darth Vader who managed to not say anything much at all and be very very funny. Your inclusion of a different language was tops (although Xavier doing karaoke Thriller was better).

    As for the deer…. wrongness but there is plenty of wronger stuff out there.


  13. Thanks jay. All worst of perther’s should have been there. That environmentalists got tickets ahead of them says so much.
    Wronger than a family of stuffed deer? Really?


  14. skink says:


    did you use my Obama Black and Green gag?

    if so, did it get a laugh?

    if so, please put a cheque in the post

    that’s one heck of a suit, did you borrow it off that real estate agent?

    you need to practice raising one eyebrow in an ironic manner if you are to keep up with that shower


  15. I actually meant to but forgot skink. I think it would have got a laugh.
    #12 jay. Yes Malcolm (Darth Vader) was fantastic.


  16. Rolly says:

    “As for the deer…. wrongness, but there is plenty of wronger stuff out there.”

    Yeah. Like sleazy little Johnny getting a gong in the OA honours after all the damage that he and his idealogical blinkered cronies have done to society.
    Geoff G got one too, for all his sins, but at least the sod had a decent heart.


  17. skink says:

    I think we should all thank Bob Hawke for denying little Johnny the opportunity of following Menzies to a Knighthood.

    We can only hope that the award will be pinned to his chest with : “here’s your gong, now bugger off”


  18. Frank Calabrese says:

    Just saw David “Fucking Outrage” Cohen on Ten News in regards to the Upper House Inquiry into the Sunday Times Raid looking very Catweazlesque and not wearing a tie.


  19. David Cohen says:

    LA wouldn’t lend me his, Frank. He’s paranoid it’ll get smoked octopus stains.

    Yes, more secrecy today. No insight into who ordered The Sunday Times invasion. Who? Why? When?

    I’m thinking of nominating Adele Farina (ALP), George Cash (Lib) and Giz Watson (Greens WA, who was also present at LA’s comedic triumph last week) as Worst Of Perth-worthy, as they’re the Upper House inquiry…


  20. cimbali says:

    LA I think that might be a shot of you being a thunder bird puppet.
    As for the stuffed deer – is there some sort of Pied piper scenario happening here where the little lame deer lying at the end of the row misses out on being herded into the slaughterhouse because it can’t keep up? or has it just been shot already.
    Happy to hear you got night soil into the mix at the debate – there should be more of it.


  21. Rolly says:

    what do you expect in such a shitty venue?


  22. Angela Trevithick says:

    Awww! The Charles! I used to work there :) I did the ACDC tribute concert night. It rocked out. It is indeed one of the dingiest pubs in the world (and I can say that having been to many, many dingy pubs across the globe), but there’s something tackily great about The Charles. That being said, I was working there over three years ago, so I don’t know whether I’d approve of this ‘tarted up front bar’.


  23. Birkette says:

    Hey LA, was Steve McKiernan doing a routine, or did he just want to get his head in the photo?


  24. He was one of the serious debaters from each side.


  25. mrfarenheight says:

    This website makes absolutely no sense at all (in my opinion)……..the end


  26. Oh I see the problem. The blog is in celsius, but you are working in farenheit. The boiling point must seem way out to you.


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