Weekend Worstoff 20

Instead of international worsts, I thought I’d use this worstoff to try and clear just a few of the giant backlog of submissions. A couple of people have been after this lovely sticker. Fuck off we’re full. Finally captured by Chris.

We're full of it

We're full of it

and David Cohen caught this abomination at Araluen.

Cunt really has become the word of the year hasn’t it? (It’s the new bastard I hear.) Alex snapped this in his architecture class as Curtin. I’m really more worried about the person who is hanging themselves in the background. What’s the future of architecture in Perth looking like Alex? Some more budding Convention Centre designers in this year’s crop?

There has been some discussion about fading Chinese restaurants in Perth. here is a shot of the interior of the Ambassador in Cannington I found in my archives. Former Gold plate, now just white plate. I still don’t have a shot of The Firecracker.

Worst well this weekend.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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42 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 20

  1. Cookster says:

    Chris is lucky he didn’t catch a few rounds from the m-16 this Nam vet (by the look of those military bars?) no doubt has stashed under the front seat of the Pajero.

    Alex, is teh cunt pic some kind of bizarro suicide note, ie, I am a cunt and therefore I hung myself in tutorial room 104.cunt?

    Poodles… yes, I have one. A small one with a nasty skin rash and a tendency to go all Linda Blair when cornered.

    That’s all.


  2. chris says:

    No the driver was a fifty something behemoth woman with a permanent look of disgust on her face. There was a sticker on the other side which said ‘come to our country then speak english’ of similar. all class…


  3. Vic Demised says:

    Aliens all, let us reject
    for we are young, gun-free.
    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil
    though not for refugees.
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    which we refuse to share.
    Your boat goes down?
    Your children drown?
    Australia doesn’t care!
    In spiteful strains now let us sneer:
    Advance Australian Fear.

    David, are you sure that is a real dog? My son made something just like it out of pipe-cleaners and cotton wool when he was in kindy. Actually, his was more life-like.


  4. David Cohen says:

    Vic, LA errs: the pooch pic was sent to me by a source, so I can’t say for sure. It’s 50-50 I reckon.

    My wife agrees with LA about cunt being the new bastard and predicts we’ll be hearing it on Home and Away within 12 months. In our day of course bum and bloody were the words you used if you wanted to set off a social/parental neutron bomb. You didn’t even THINK the c-word.

    The best musical use of the word is, of course, local performer Don Smith’s song, ‘What You Lookin’ At, Cunt?’


    • Rebalehan says:

      TISM were a bit handy with the c-bomb. The album “”Censored Due to Legal Advice”, was to be called Äustralia, the Lucky Cunt”.


      • orbea says:

        It was called “Australia the Lucky Cunt” with a Ken Done koala shooting up on the cover. I have a copy of the disc.
        Then Ken sued TISM, then TISM changed the cover art and album title with Sinead O’Connor tearing up a photo of the pope.

        The TISM album http://www.tism.wanker.com.au had the classic song “I might be a cunt, but I’m not a fucking cunt” with the accompanying video a pisstake of the Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson sex video. According to wiki its a parody of a Mimi MacPherson sex tape.
        TISM Ron Hitler Barassi is now plying his wares with “Root” country music I believe, dont think they have toured Perth yet.


    • orbea says:

      thirty five months and Home and Away still havent dropped the cunt


    • Ljuke says:

      Tony Martin once recommended substituting the expletive “fuck” with “piss”. Not in an attempt to tone down the swearing, just because it feels good to shout “PISS!” when something goes wrong.


  5. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    The Ambassador? Went there for my send off do from the Public Service. Don’t remember the twirly dragon pillar thing, but then, I was probably too ecstatic at the thought of never having to deal with either pollies or the general public ever again to notice anything much.

    I seem to remember the food was OK though.


  6. Vic Demised says:

    David, I thought the C word quite a lot. But I gave it a capital C.


  7. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Interesting to note that the sticker holder in photo 1 is a Vietnam veteran (note the campaign ribbon sticker underneath).

    Probably has a right to say his piece about reffos after being spit on by his own countrymen forty years ago. YMMV.


  8. Bento says:

    Pedro – I don’t see the connection. Are you suggesting these ‘reffos’ had something to do with Australians’ reactions to the Vietnam War?

    Relax, Bento, don’t feed the trolls…


  9. Ken Oaf says:

    Yeah Bento wot’s yer problem ? This cons-piracy ( reffo Vietnam )is up ther wiv all the other ones on this website : The Gogol cons-piracy , the zombie cons-piracy ( wich LA revealed) an the plumbers. After all these bloke fought for the country : fought for it to be free of reffos ; so rite minded , good , clean livin , folks coud go about there business wivout being interruped by someone who can’t speak English proper.


  10. flynn says:

    The abomination is who-ever did that to the poor pooch.


  11. Othello Cat says:

    Ken Oaf, I fink ya meen “carnt talk english gud”. Wut r ya? Sum kinda interlekchul?


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    No the driver was a fifty something behemoth woman with a permanent look of disgust on her face. There was a sticker on the other side which said ‘come to our country then speak english’ of similar. all class…

    So you’ve finally found Ann of WA’s (from various newsblogs) fame car then ?


  13. Frank Calabrese says:

    Worst TV Headsup – Talking Heads on ABC 1 at 6.30pm – Jill Perryman, aka Tod Johnston’s Mum.

    It is also replayed on ABC2 Tuesdays 4.30pm

    Though it clashes with the Great Election Debate on Ch 9.


  14. River Ralphie says:

    The ‘c-bomb’ on the back of the chair probably relates to the legend that Curtin University was going to be called “Curtin University of New Technology” until some bright spark realised what the acronym would be…


  15. Mazarina says:

    @ #3 – vic demised – brilliant! just wondering where that sticker might have been manufactured – my bet’s on China.

    what an awesome weekend worst off, so much fodder. good for the site, doesn’t say much for our fair citizens though…


  16. Marco Polo says:

    do you think the “fuck off we’re full” sticker is bad?
    I saw a customized number plate in Perth that says: FOFWERFUL
    That means that the state gov of WA has authorized a racist slogan on an official car registration plate. What does that tell you about this bogan state?
    I just called the transport dept on 13 11 56 to confirm that they actually did release such a plate and they told me yes, they have no problem with racist slogans on number plates.


    • fofwerful says:

      marco, GET OVER IT!!! its a fucking number plate.


      • vegan says:

        yes, it’s number plate with an offensive and racist slogan on it.

        how’s about you get over your tiny minded zenophobia?


        • Marco Polo says:

          Dear fofwerful. I have no problem with you expressing xenophobia in this forum or elsewhere. I even welcome you to express your anger at me being a foreigner (wog boy) living in WA. I’m a big supporter of freedom of expression and I can take a hit. What you might not realize is that a sate government has a responsibility to represents it’s citizens, so if they condone these slogans on their official registration plates, they are sending a clear message to the rest of Australia and foreigners visiting or living here that their state has a xenophobic view. It’s no coincidence that WA is the state where this is possible. Unfortunately it sends (another) message to the east that we are a bogan state. JJJ were so shocked that they did a hack show on it asking me to come into their studio. Even in QLD, the plate LOASFK got recalled because it was considered being too offensive


          • shazza says:

            Good for you Marco polo.


          • Bag O'Turnips says:

            Seconded. Bravo for your contribution to bringing illumination to this all-too-often benighted state of Worst Aboundshere. We truly have some fucking muppets both pulling the strings and having their fists up their own dateholes.


            • Bag O'Turnips says:

              And if I were the target-practicing type, I’d be taking aim at all those car windows and panels that have those egregious FOWF or LIOL stickers. But I know that violence begets violence and I would be conceding if I stooped to their level.

              Yeah. Fuck Off, We’re Full of Ugly Australians.


          • Anglo says:

            When you see why England and other European countries are going bankrupt is because of mass immigration policies.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx more moronic racist shitxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wilson Tuckey was rightxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All Immigration.Be happy that you are an Australian dont ruin it by overpopulating.You lucky ozzies


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  18. Bag O'Turnips says:

    And to think that it passed the vetting process, whereby earlier the numberplate “FIG JAM” was, as I have heard (I’m not 100% sure of the veracity of this story, or whether it is merely apocryphal), rescinded back in the mid-or-late-90s soon after it was issued, upon realising what it was an acronym for.

    At least FIG JAM is a harmless bit of schoolkid humour, unlike the other one with its sinister and wholly unsavoury undertones. Makes one want to consider the idea of scrapping vanity plates (a far more apt term , I feel) altogether, especially with the ones words composed with both letters and numbers (without puns), because someone else beat them to the punch earlier with the original intact word(s).


  19. The Legend 101 says:

    Is that dog real? its very ugly and girly


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