Missing text, missing brothel

A  great find from Bento in the Borders “bargain” bin. Wouldn’t you just pulp a book that had missing text? Are you saying good riddance to the text Bento? Twighlight is a kiddies vampire book. The missing text included the following. Beaver damming, cork soaking, hat ratting, belt sanding, slow boating, chum bucketing, acid leaching, blue holeing swine flueing…You know the rest.

Bento also took a shot of an important vanished worst. The Jade House knock shop on William Street is apparently gone. You can see some of its sordid glory here. “Yes we have no orientals.”


About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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20 Responses to Missing text, missing brothel

  1. Grrr says:

    Strange, I was just down around the Jade House area last week. I didn’t notice it was missing.

    On the plus side, I will now find it easier to find Cafe Asia Noodles House.


  2. Bento says:

    That close-up has something of the Mapplethorpes about it…


  3. Groucho says:

    The Special Edition actually has missing text, that is why it is a special edition. The normal edition is different to the special edition having all the text included making is not special but normal.


  4. skink says:

    missing Twilight?

    is this another side effect of daylight saving?


  5. bolton says:

    I’m sorry but that book cover close up looks like two arses fighting over an apple.

    That’s not just me, right?


    • shazza says:

      HI bolton,

      I suspect you are yet to experience a Maplethorpe exhibition. I highly recommend it when next the Perth Art Gallery brings his collection to town. A must see for the whole family.


      • Frank Calabrese says:

        And aren’t Mapplethorpe Exhibitions usually held when there is a LIberal govt in power ? Though with John Day as Arts Mnister – lets just say he is no Peter Foss :-)


      • Grrr says:

        I made the mistake of googling Maplethorpe recently, while trying to help someone find some of his flower photography.

        I’m still traumatised.


  6. Rebalehan says:

    How do you know it’s an apple? It could be a wheel of edam cheese.


  7. MugPunter says:

    And indeed, they didn’t have any orientals. Apparently they were owned by the same company that had the establishment across the road at one time. (Does anyone remember the sitter named Meg and the fat taxi driver whose private number she had if anyone needed a cab home?) One wonders where the handful of homeless and substance abusers will shack up now that the building isn’t there. A photo-investigation may be in order when one next visits the seat of Western civilization in May.


  8. The Legend 101 says:

    Whats with the stickers,but hey who cares its Twilight and Twilight sucks so who really cares then.


  9. julie says:

    Mark i knew mary your mum


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