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A Hole

Have been several of this style of submission sent in recently. Maybe needs a new category. Redacted Graffiti? This one by The Colour H. It’s a nice but unworkable sentiment. Especially on Australia Day.

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Balcatta Boozies

For the first day of 2014. Boozies! Balcatta Boozies! By The Colour H.

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Another Worst Christmas

Tinsel Logs are disguising our surveillance cameras. Rumpapumpum. By The colour H.

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Mandurah fresh

Mandurah!?  Sure, and I’ll get my eggs from Darch, sourdough from Camillo, and wilted spinach from Jindalee while I’m at it. Even more astonishing than a piggery in Crabtown, is a bus, in Nedlands!  The communists have won.  There’ll be … Continue reading

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It’s a promise

By The Colour H. Morley. The Salvos like to keep their friends close and their 2nd hand stonewash jeans even closer.

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I guess this is a joke. Not knowing what streetwear is, I can’t be sure. Canvas is an alley bar club place I think. William Street. By The Colour H. Leather shoes?

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Summer is coming…

…apparently. By The Colour H who tells that cicadas chirp and the lion roars. The afro..? Yet another classic via a Myers store.

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