Fax it West

Discussion of Fairfax’s new online site has been moved here. What about The West’s online revamp as well?

So the tired old West finally got some of the competition that we media whingers have been asking for for years. What was the result? First viewings of the Fairfax challenge could be summed up with the (not even) word “meh”. Hands up who was expecting an ultra slick online tour de force that would sweep the The West’s cringeworthy online version into the bin? Didn’t happen. The result was a Sydney Morning Herald with a few Perth locations clumsily slotted in.

You have to wonder why a media organisation looking to topple a tottering and frankly embarrassing incumbent in The West Online would turn to Howard Sattler? The same Sattler who had to slink out of Sydney as a craven failure with an audience of two stray dogs. Is it possible to be more out of touch? Come on, GET IT TOGETHER FAIRFAX. We’ve been awaiting your arrival for 3 years and you give us THE ABILITY TO HEAR 6PR LIVE? What the hell is wrong with you? Did you do no research at all? Snap it up and do it quick, or pretty soon you’ll be offering 6 new Holden in 6 weeks.

Sadly the only really good aspect is that The West may finally have to lift it’s game, dump the dead weight (Paul Murray etc) and finally get its online shit together.

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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  1. skink says:

    Everything I wanted to say is said better by this old piece from The Onion:

    “what this town needs is a shitty community website”



  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    The West’s “revamp is just turd polishing, still the same lack of online content and hardly as many stories from the dead tree version.

    re Fairfax, it’s basically a localised version of the SMH website, with the inclusion of Howard Sattler.


  3. skink says:

    what has changed on the Waste’s site?

    all I can see is more content from 9msn, including the shameless fluff piece about Eddy raising the ratings on ACA

    and a really scary photo byline of Pam Casellas. I know what mask I’ll be wearing next Halloween


  4. levonjp says:

    You’re right about the Pam Casellas pic, Skink… she looks like Gary Oldman did in ‘Hannibal’. Maybe she’ll get eaten by pigs too.


  5. Ljuke says:

    Blowing their own horn a bit:

    “Fairfax launches WA’s first online only newspaper” is apparently their most read story.


  6. skink says:

    the moderator on TWAToday has woken up and started deleting my posts – so I call on you all to monster their blogs with suitably scabrous criticism of their inane content –

    especially that Daile Pepper
    or Shallow Spice, as I shall call her


  7. skink says:

    good grief Frank!

    urinating in public, walking with open drink containers, driving without a licence, lippy teenagers giving the finger

    – it’s a war zone out there!


  8. Hughie says:

    I’m sorry, this isn’t about WA Today, but it’s relevant enough in a way. Just got an email from someone in Channel 9…

    “Weather girl has already been put on a diet (little chunky for the camera) and told not to wear so much make-up around unless she’s going on camera!”


  9. Sunili says:

    Skink, you’re on fire — TWAToday, Shallow Spice — Love it.

    I was excited for like 20 seconds and then I actually had a look around. Their talented staff of what, three people at 6PR? seem to be bylined in everything.

    Le sigh.

    That seems to be my motto for the moment.


  10. David Cohen says:

    Go skink!:

    June 10, 2008 12:54 PM this is supposed to be insightful – a blog with a “hint of spice”?

    it’s more like the Swan River – very shallow and may make you throw up if ingested

    I can only wonder: are you just aping the style and content of other SATC wannabe bloggers and mentioning some local landmarks?


    Sunili was much nicer!


  11. Hughie says:

    Well, despite the fact his first post doesn’t appear till tomorrow, I’ve been lucky enough to leave a comment on Sattler’s blog. Whether it’ll go up is another matter of course.

    “Howard Sattler is… boring.”


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Well, despite the fact his first post doesn’t appear till tomorrow, I’ve been lucky enough to leave a comment on Sattler’s blog.]

    Now let’s predict the topic:

    Will it be about Pensioners, Child molesters, Yoof Criminals, Hoons ?


  13. Hughie says:

    That’ll be Northbridge hoons, I’m sure, Frank… “News” piece today leads to opinion piece tomorrow leads to “outrage” among WA readers leads to another article on Thursday about the same thing…


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  15. skink says:

    I think you mean “fucking outrage”, which is the official term used by the MEAA Journos and Juggers Union these days


  16. Sunili says:

    David: I commented in the first 20 seconds of hopeful innocence that there was something decent about Perth online (other than TWOP of couse). Then I saw the other things written by Shallow Spice (1/3 of all Perth-related non-syndicated-from-Yonder-East conent) and realised I had been hoping in vain.


  17. Rolly says:

    Like all the foregoing.


  18. Frank Calabrese says:

    And no new stories or breaking news section either.

    Bland and boring – just like 6PR.


  19. RE : watoday as smh rejigged. There’s a lot of paralells between Sydney and Perth , like , um … Candice Falzon !!!! , ( be careful of Rooter O’Reilly from the West Coast Eagles ) , Carps makes a nice Morrie Iemma , Howie Rattler is Alan Jones’s spiritual brother , the list goes on and on.


  20. I prefer the bigger photo feature of the west redo better than the fairfax page, which doesn’t seem all that exciting to me.


  21. Let’s look at it from both sides. To Fairfax’s advantage, they are not saddled with Blowhardus Knowallus Paul Murray, but on the other hand there’s Howard Sattler. They have to be very local to beat the West (Not taking on The Worst of Perth, a big mistake). but if the West starts to lift its game, they’ll be in trouble. Perhaps what is most likely is that The West will have to actually do something for a change, which might be good for everyone, including West shareholders.

    They need to sweep out the embarrassments like Murray and Casellas, and start using the small amount of decent content writers they have effectively, Pennells and Naglazas and a very few others.


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  23. Mango says:

    Does anyone else read the Sydney Morning Herald online? This site is an EXACT copy, with an attempt to make it local.
    Obviously they saved on the website design!


  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Does anyone else read the Sydney Morning Herald online? This site is an EXACT copy, with an attempt to make it local.
    Obviously they saved on the website design!]

    As is the Perthnow Website an exact copy of the other News Ltd websites, and the MyTalk websites etc.

    It’s called Corporate branding :-)


  25. Tim Cooke says:

    All Fairfax news sites have the same look, they re-launched late last year with much controversy. The old look of the Fairfax papers was one of the better ones going around. One thing with a site that is simpler it can be updated quicker, updating the west would be a nightmare. and people surely its about content and not how the site looks.

    I think a lot of you people are missing the point. This is more competition for The West and that can’t be bad?
    The bloging team looks better than The West’s shockers and any news source that won’t publish Pam Casellas, Michelle Philips or Jessica Strut has my vote.
    Oh what a happy day it will be if Fairfax ever launch a WAToday daily (real daily newspaper that’s SEVEN DAYS not 6 *cough* the west *cough*) print version.


  26. Tim, I was thinking the same as you. Competition for the West? Great! but I am more reminded of the arrival of Nova Radio. remember the claims of something different and better? What do we get? Another station that would employ Gary Shannon if they could.


  27. occidentprone says:

    At least Carpenter should be happy – champion of free press that he is. 6PR offices should batten down for a raid should Fairfax luck upon a leak.


  28. Yes looking on the bright side Lannie McT doesn’t have to travel that far now to tickle the tummy of a Fairfax journalist.


  29. lauredhel says:

    The Opinion lineup is cringeworthy. Tick-a-box demographics, and (so far) vapid lilywhite-middleclass-suburban-conservative writing.


  30. B.T. says:

    I looked at the WA Today site. Boring infotainment. Nothing to make me want to add it to my favorites. I’d rather walk to the newsagent for an old fashioned newspaper.


  31. Rolly says:


    Now that’s something that would be nice…..an old fashioned newspaper.


  32. skink says:

    Frank – you were right!
    Sattler’s first column is about pensioners.

    no posts on his blog yet, so get in quick


  33. B.T. says:

    Rolly, do you mean an old fashioned one where journalists actually knew something about their subjects, and didn’t just rerun wire service stories or do google searches for their misinformation?

    That seems like too much to hope for.


  34. skink says:

    I managed to get a post onto Sattler’s blog,

    and got in a plug for TWOP in the process,

    do I get a T-shirt?

    (Frank – apologies for cutting and pasting your contribution)


  35. Rolly says:


    Yup, that and where journos wrote about what they saw and heard, not wandering off into flights of fancy. And where editors had sufficient work to do simply keeping up with the flow of material instead of encouraging the generation of specious and media lead stories.
    It’s got to the state of us seriously needing freedom *from* the press.


  36. squib says:

    I like the Fairfax site but I normally read the SMH online so maybe that’s why


  37. Sunili says:

    “He’ll cop the lot, but what he’s not is… boring. When Sattler talks, the audience listens.”

    Hrm, we can predict his topics…. Not boring AT ALL.

    “When Sattler talks, the audience adjusts their hearing aids” may be more appropriate?

    And maybe he could donate those mutton chops for Betty’s-neighbour-Berryl’s dinner tonight? Eek.


  38. Sunili says:

    PS: “Sit back and enjoy the ride as Chalpat Sonti steers you through the often confusing traffic of a booming WA economy, offering simplistic solutions for complex problems. ”

    Wait, they make the Indian guy sound like a taxi triver? Wow, at least Apu can be called a ‘small business owner’.


  39. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Yeah Skink I also posted proforma reference to intertubes and to Worst of Perth on Rattler’s WAtoady effort together with a test of linking. See how it goes.


  40. skink says:

    there’s a cracking article on TWAToday entitled “Metals boom gives boost to stolen car rackets” that suggests that there is an increase in car theft due to the “elevated precious metals market”

    I just took a look under the hood of the Commodore to see if I could find all that gold and silver, but imagine my disappointment when all I found was rusty steel and rubber hose.

    later they interview a copper who says: “We have arrested some offenders, I wouldn’t say many…a slight increase this quarter…it’s not really an area of focus.”

    not really a story then, is it?


  41. skink says:

    Bill – WAToady – genius – much better than mine – I’m going to borrow it from now on.

    I trust you use LOTS of capitals to signify your OUTrage and complete DISGUST at the way the goverment TREATS the old people WHo worked hard TO build THIs lucKy CoUNTry


  42. levonjp says:

    I dunno about The West lifting it’s game. I heard their new radio ad for the website. It was in a robot voice. Because, you know, you look at a website on your computer, and computers have electronics, just like robots do, and in no way is this some 1980’s era advertising bullshit.


  43. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Yes and feeding the old budgers on a lentil only diet would solve the gas crisis.


  44. Ljuke says:

    Maybe these old people should get jobs as weather girls on channel 9?


  45. skink says:

    The moderator at WAToady is getting more picky, and has just taken down some of my earlier postings, especially my jibes at Shallow Spice and her “Sex and the Subi” column

    I suggested some topics for future columns:

    1. G-strings poking out of the top of pants – just what is that all about?

    2. Champagne – just why does it make me giggle so much?

    3. should a girl play the rusty trombone on a first date?


  46. Frank Calabrese says:

    [ managed to get a post onto Sattler’s blog,

    and got in a plug for TWOP in the process,

    do I get a T-shirt?

    (Frank – apologies for cutting and pasting your contribution)]

    No worries, this was hot off the back of the “Rally” last week :-)


  47. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’ll bet this came direct from the office of the Liberal Party :-)


    * ann
    * June 11, 2008
    * 10:11 AM

    Howard – Some of these stories told by our WA pensioners are JUST heart breaking:

    Buying DOG BONES to eat, Gathering vegetable scrapes from supermarkets bins, Eating dog food mixed with rice and vegetables, Unable to buy meat as the price is so high, Going to bed early to reduce their fuel consumption – as the cost of electricity and gas was so expensive and Unable to drive their cars as the cost of Petrol has risen so high.

    So, after helping to build our lucky country – this is the manner in which we repay our Pensioners.

    However is our Prime Minister – Kevin Rudd and his Government Ministers LISTENING?

    The PURE WASTE of OUR MONEY by this Junior Diplomat or so called Australian Prime Minister:

    Kevin Rudd gave Toyota $35,000,000.00 and the Victorian Labor Government also gave $35,000,000.00 – amounting to $70,000,000.00, that is $70 MILLION – towards a so called Toyota Hybrid car to be build in Australia.

    But, WHY – as Toyota was already planning to build the hybrid locally regardless of this Rudd and Labor Government funding???

    Kevin Rudd has just paid $70,000,000.00 that is $70 MILLION dollars for a PHOTOGRAPH???

    Also, $35 million to $40 million – is our Price for Kevin Rudd to BUY a seat on the United Nations Security Council – I repeat $35 million and $40 million.

    Asia-Pacific Union – how much money will be paid to Mr Woolcott, 80 years old, to try to bring this DUDD Union together????

    Kevin Rudd IS a Junior Diplomat – NOT the Prime Minister of Australia?

    As an Australian Citizen and Taxpayer – I am truly ASHAMED in the manner in which we the people allow our Government to take such poor care of our AUSTRALIAN PENSIONERS.

    Kevin Rudd shoud be ASHAMED!!]


  48. CK says:

    Completely OT, I know, but I just have to share this via Wonkette


    …go to John McCain’s humble store RIGHT NOW and see the amazing product reviews before somebody gets wise. Here is a sample review, of the Embroidered McCain Travel Bag: “This bag is quite possibly the best travel bag on the planet. It is great for keeping pictures of Obama, Hillary, Bush, Cheney and your scantily clad mother. It also will hold 5 toothbrushes, 1 anal probe, and 14 crayons for the hygienically minded senior citizens. My favorite feature of this bag, and they don’t tell you this when you buy it, is that it will give you a 10% discount at any Hilton hotel worldwide. If by chance you decide to stay at the Hilton in Hanoi, it enables you up to 5 free years of free stays. You can beat that deal with a bamboo shoot!” ELEVENTY BILLION WHORE DIAMONDS.


  49. skink says:

    Frank – there’s more on there now – here’s an old bloke crapping on about Rudd meeting the Japanese and how he shoudl remember those that built the Burma railway and so give more cash to the olds.

    was there ever a time when coffin-dodgers didn’t complain about the size of their pension?

    did you ever hear one of them say: ”well I think it’s very generous of the State to let me retire at 65 and pay me a wage to do sod all until I finally kick the bucket at 85. It’s a lot of money in total, so I’m just going to crank up the heating, fix myself a sweet sherry and put my feet up in front of Wheel of Fortune. Can you smell wee?”


  50. Frank Calabrese says:


    I’ve noticed that – btw “Ann” according to one of the Pollbludger regulars is “AnnofWA” who is a regular poster on the News Ltd blogs .

    to quote the poster:

    Rx Says:
    June 11th, 2008 at 4:32 pm
    Frank Calabrese #463

    I think I can guess, without even looking, who wrote that. Ann of WA?

    I can tell by the phrasing, the oddly-placed capitalisation and the obsession with Rudd being a “Junior Diplomat”.

    Have seen “her” malicious howard-licking posts on News Ltd blogs. Will no doubt maintain the rage for years to come.]



  51. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’ve spread the word and hopefully Sattler will be reduced to mud :-)

    Fulvio Sammut Says:
    June 11th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    You are spot on Kina. Ann it was. I’ve just posted on Sattler’s blog that he might want to change it’s name from Mad as Hell to Mad Ass l’s.]


  52. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Yes Frank noted the “junior diplomat” obsession myself. A Grog Hoggy level of obsession. “junior diplomat” probably plays the same role in her world as YWLs play in Groggys.


  53. skink says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have chosen not to publish your comments on WAtoday.com.au because they have been by nature malicious, vindictive and have added nothing to the issues being raised in the blogs. We are happy to post your comments when you wish to genuinely engage in the topics being discussed.


    Liam Phillips
    Chief of Staff

    Fairfax Digital
    Level 1, 169 Hay Street
    East Perth WA 6004


  54. skink says:

    and funny

    he forgot to mention funny


  55. Frank Calabrese says:


    Re Liam’s letter – Diddums. I see Fulvio’s comment got published, and what’s the bet you will be banned from posting full stop.

    All we need now is David “Fucking Outrage” Cohen to declare this a threat to the Freedom of the press :-)


  56. Frank Calabrese says:

    BTW, Liam Phillips used to work for The West – nuff said :-)


  57. Rolly says:

    Hey skink, your

    ………”well I think it’s very generous of the State to let me retire at 65 and pay me a wage”….

    should read ..”and pay me one quarter of the minimum wage…….”

    Try it mate – long term – after 25 years of chronic illness.
    Then perhaps you’ll appreciate what poverty induced social exclusion actually means.


  58. skink says:


    sorry, you missed my point – which was that the pension has never been enough under any government and there has never been a time when those dependent on it have considered it adequate. For Sattler to start the new website off on that issue is lazy and predictable. No offence was intended to those of you that built the Burma Railway. I agree with several postings that wonder where the whopping state and federal budget surplus has been going these last years, and why it isn’t being directed towards education and health care, and a few dog bones for the old folks.

    re Liam Phillips: he is the aforementioned spotty oik who will entertain us with “outside the square’. Have you seen his photo? How old is he? has he started shaving?

    chief of staff? of how many? I count four.


  59. Sunili says:

    Hahah Go “Sir” Skink! You’re an outlaw now!

    But it kinda seems unfair to get in trouble for comments that “add nothing to the issues being raised in the blogs” when those blogs add nothing to issues being raised in real life in the first place.

    And Liam Whatshisface’s title is “Chief Of Staff”? Did DigiFax set up shop in Carp’s office or something?


  60. Frank Calabrese says:

    [And Liam Whatshisface’s title is “Chief Of Staff”? Did DigiFax set up shop in Carp’s office or something?]

    Nah, it’s a workstation in the 6PR building with a single desk/pc to share with the on air staff :-)


  61. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Skink “nature malicious, vindictive and have added nothing to the issues being raised in the blogs” whereas Ann is uplifting , pleasant and correct in every respect. Social exclusion can be a virtue ; it gives you a very clear perspective.


  62. skink says:

    I forgot to give you Liam Phillips email:


    now you don’t need to make contact via a moderated blog, you can write to him direct and tell him your thoughts

    latest hot breaking news: “Mitchell Freeway on-ramp closed tonight”


  63. Sunili says:

    Re the gas crisis link — hrrrrm, Taxi Driver AND Shallow Spice wrote that article? Wow, it must be really cosy around that computer!


  64. PeterF says:

    I don’t think anyone’s unsympathetic to pensioners in genuine need (notwithstanding Skink’s attempt at humour by exaggeration).
    The problem is that the issue conflates different categories of need among the aged.
    Those whose sole source of income is the pension – especially the single (as distinct from the shared couple) pension – are clearly doing it tough in the face of inflation of the items they buy. It was ever thus.
    However, there are many retirees now who enjoy the (valuable) fringe benefits from a part pension. Plenty of these are in comfortable circumstances and have carefully arranged their affairs to qualify for the benefit. The very fact that welfare has to cope with plenty of comfortably off folks as well as the truly indigent is why it’s so expensive to improve the lot of the really needy.


  65. Rolly says:

    Did anyone notice that the google ads at the bottom of the page on the gas article are for martial arts etc.?
    Not good for the osteoporosis I wouldn’t imagine.


  66. skink says:

    By my count there are four people at WAToady, squashed in a broom closet on the first floor at 6PR:

    Spotty Oik
    Shallow Spice
    Taxi Driver
    Bald Guy

    they all get to write articles and once a week write their own column and moderate their own blog. No doubt they have one day of the week each when it’s their turn to make the coffee and on Friday they send out.


  67. Rolly says:

    Your point is taken but it should also be remembered that a component of the original income tax impost was intended to cover future pension entitlements.
    Note the word = entitlements.
    It was never intended that the state pension should be considered as a welfare payment subject to means testing, but as a product of an enforced savings scheme.
    Successive governments have, without exception, plundered the funds to their own advantage and consequently shifted the burden of care of the elderly and invalided onto the present generation.
    It might be said that todays taxpayers are actually benefiting from from the misuse of the previous generation’s labours, as the consolidated revenue into which the taxes were paid, has contributed to the infrastructure and services that they currently enjoy without question as to their origins.


  68. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Friday, June 6, 2008
    Patti Chong starts blogging on Thursday

    Log on to WAtoday.com.au every Thursday for Patti’s latest instalment of The Verdict, as WA’s most flamboyant lawyer delivers her judgement on the legal issues that have got WA talking. ]

    OK, presict the tipic time, after my first successful prediction re Sattler – I reckon it will be an article defending the courts over “Truth in Sentencing” or defending Troy Buswell, thus ensuring a safe liberal seat :-)


  69. Frank Calabrese says:

    For David “Fucking Outrage” Cohen:

    It seems that Access 31 aren’t telling the full story re their financial woes.


    Let me just say that the Station Manager has form in sending community broadcasters into some kind of financial crisis. 2 examples being RTRFM and Information Radio.

    I am speaking as a former Committee member (but still a financial member)of CTV Perth, a founding member of the Ch 31 Consortium.


  70. David Cohen says:

    Frank, you were lucky today: I was all set to be interviewed again by Channel 10 re A31 – and yet again LA wasn’t providing any neackwear. But it was cancelled after news of the bail-out filtered through.


  71. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Frank, you were lucky today: I was all set to be interviewed again by Channel 10 re A31 – and yet again LA wasn’t providing any neackwear. But it was cancelled after news of the bail-out filtered through.]

    Have you got a copy of the media release of the bail out ?

    CTV Perth and myself would be very interested in what it is – Ch 10’s item was very vague about it.

    email me fcalabre at bigpond.net.au (change the at to @)


  72. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Conroy has passed the buck back to WA, who btw have already given Access 31 over a $1,000,000 in Lotterywest funding for equipment and the upgrading of the Belmont Studios.



  73. skink says:


    you strike out this time: Patti has decided to go to bat for Bill Henson:

    “Bill Henson, if you are ever charged, I will defend you pro bono.”

    Patti should read the news


  74. Rolly says:


    She probably already has; that’s how she can afford to make the offer.


  75. skink says:

    I suspect that Patti’s column was written last week, and hastily subbed this morning before being posted. Since she’s reheating old news, perhaps she could give us her thoughts about the Mercedes Corby case, or maybe David Hicks.

    I tried having a dig on WAToady, but I appear to have been banned.

    as Billy Bragg once said;” if you’ve got a blacklist, I want to be on it.”


  76. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I suspect that Patti’s column was written last week, and hastily subbed this morning before being posted. Since she’s reheating old news, perhaps she could give us her thoughts about the Mercedes Corby case, or maybe David Hicks.]

    Or Eric Edgar Cooke :-)

    I like Liams comment on Sattler’s blog :-)


    * Liam
    * June 11, 2008
    * 07:13 PM

    Er…I might have missed something, but wasn’t WAtoday being touted as an alternative to the Worst? That being the case, I think it should be pointed out that they’ve already got this sort of disingenously shrill, reactionary, right-wing smalltown crap – masquerading as editorial commentary – well and truly covered by Paul Murray and a coterie of other provincial losers. Please don’t insult the intelligence of your readership before you’ve even won them over.]

    It seems the Sattler Haters are outnumbering the Pro Sattler Forces :-)

    Methinks this blog idea won’t last long :-)


  77. skink says:

    I wrote a similar missive direct to WAToady’s Chief of Staff in response to his email yesterday, saying that we already had one blowhard ignoramus in this town so don’t need to trundle Sattler in from the cold. Surely there has to be a fresh voice somewhere in Perth, someone irreverent and witty, biting and scabrous? A champion for us all?

    I actually wished TWAToday well, because it is only with the success of the website that Fairfax might consider a rival print daily in Perth. So far they are letting us down.


  78. Did the west copy the fairfax header or the other way round? The black and blue with the shrunken heads at the top?

    The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the nova radio launch. The promise of new and different, but the result – more of the same crap indiscernible from the rest. The only choice is between a “Crew” of cretins, a “Bunch” of c*nts or a “Murder” of Shannons.

    This is why i think FF will be in trouble if the west gets it together. Teh West have a well established local presence. They are just really bad at doing it at the moment. Fairfax have nothing. They are not going to have different stories. I can’t see them getting exclusives on the on the freeway on ramps being closed, and it is already clear that they won’t have better writers.



  79. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I actually wished TWAToday well, because it is only with the success of the website that Fairfax might consider a rival print daily in Perth. So far they are letting us down.]

    Yep, they only update their stories once a day and don’t even have breaking news stories, heck with all the resources of the 6PR Newsroom, you’d think they’d have a clue – this looks like an afterthought set up in a disused corner of the 6PR Bunker with a couple of reject hacks from The West.

    And if they insist on using 6PR people to Blog, why not have Bob Maumill or the Sports Today People commenting.

    But then again on the latter, maybe not :-)


  80. Yeah, give Maumill a brief to go nuts. What the hell, bring back his sex advice show.


  81. Rolly says:

    Skink, Frank C and others;
    *please* stop posting links to TWAT: I can’t resist them and when I get there and read the crap I get more cynical and depressed than ever!


  82. Sunili says:

    So Taxi Driver has done the “Pensioners will be cold now the gas is off” thing TOO… Do you think they do Theme Weeks?


  83. Frank Calabrese says:


    You’re right, THERE is a theme in the blogs – now why didn’t Patti & Fiona get the Memo ?


  84. Sunili says:

    Frank — Maybe the memo was written on a post-it and stuck on the shared computer? They should remember to text Fi and Patsy next week if those two lassies are lucky enough to Do A Thommo and remotely send their copy in from those gosh-fandangled BlueBerry things.


  85. Paul Nurry says:

    Let me make it clear from the outset, that at first blush, methinks that I Paul Nurry am now NOT part of the crappiest blogging team in Perth with the advent of Fuckfax. As an expert on blogs, I can tell you that Howard Sattler does NOT wear a backward baseball cap while blogging, which is what methinks at first blush is teh modern. I know it is not possible to blog without a backwards turned hat, which I Paul Nurry as an expert on fashion, know that the young kids are doing now. In fact they got that hat thing from me the young punks. And let me also blow on the topic of Pam. That is her natural colour. I Paul Nurry, who is an expert on skin colour, at first blush can tell you that it is not a black and white photo.

    And on the subject of skin colour, let me also say at first blush that methinks that from the outset that Patti Chong may not be from true Aussie anglo parentage. Now before all the do gooders and tree huggers at first blush come out of the woodwork and swear black was blue that Chong is an Irish name, and Patti is as white as a nun’s nightie, I Paul Nurry as an expert on demography and phrenology, state that at first blush that Asians are fine, but to be Asian just to curry favour with our new prime minister is at methinks a bridge too far. Is she going to turn black if Obama wins? Teh fuck she is.


  86. skink says:

    am I missing something with this gas shortage beat-up?

    do old people die of hypothermia in Perth?

    I know that there was a cold snap in France last year, and a lot of old birds fell off their perch, but in Perth?

    It was ten degrees last night, and although at one point I thought “ooh, it’s a bit parky, I might put a sweater on,” I never once felt the urge to panic about frostbite.


  87. lauredhel says:

    It gets down near zero for a few nights each winter. In a poorly insulated house and for a person who is already unwell, sure, that might be too much of a strain. For someone with existing cold-sensitive respiratory complaints, even less severe temps can cause exacerbations.


  88. And if you’re a pensioner who really needs to smelt aluminium on a massive scale. You really stuffed.


  89. Now much as the role of cynical old bastard comes hard to me I have to ask where is evidence of all these old bludgers dropping off the perch due to hypothermia. I sniff stolen meme in all of this. A quick google reveals that hypothermia is playing on the BBC , otherwise in Perth you have to fall in the water and stay there.


  90. Frank Calabrese says:

    And We have our first leak :-)


    And Police wouldn’t have far to go as one of the specialist squads (Internal Affairs) is on the floor above TWAT :-)


  91. Frank Calabrese says:

    And the Northbridge Warzone video is recycled again as part of this story :-)



  92. Sunili says:

    “Revellers” x about a thousand
    “Inspector Beer”
    “11,000 people spewing onto the street at 2 o’clock ”

    Oh goodness, this is almost funnier than a story from The Onion!


  93. skink says:

    I had a dig at Chris Thomson on his TWAT blog about the Warzone video. I think he concedes that it is lame.

    I can’t help but suppress a giggle every time I see an article about Inspector Beer complaining about public drunkenness.

    maybe they should form a task force of Inspector Beer, Sergeant Stubby and Detective Trolleyed.


  94. Rolly says:

    Yeah, but I don’t get the way that this whole problem is being handled.
    Isn’t it an offence to be inebriated in a public place and isn’t also an offence to serve liquor to an intoxicated person?
    And why the hell are the transport people being asked to cater for brain dead piss pots who haven’t the nouse to arrange for transport home *before* setting out to homogenise their grey matter at significant cost to their wallets?
    Just build a nice big sobering-up facility to put them in and then send them home in the morning with a nice big bill for the accommodation.
    Don’t put up the price of grog, disadvantaging those of us who don’t have surplus funds, – just make the miscreants pay more toward the social cost of their stupidity.


  95. skink says:

    to be serious for a moment – there is a real problem with out-of-hours transport in Perth and Fremantle. Public transport finishes at midnight, except for a handful of nightrider buses whose routes are limited. If you are out on teh twon after that, drunk or not, your options are limited. You cannot drive, because the booze buses ringfence Freo and Northbridge. You could have a designated driver, but who wants to do that?.

    The only other option is a cab, but there are not enough licences, and those that have them do not want to go into Freo or Northbridge at night. the result is huge queues at the cab ranks, mostly of perfectly well-behaved folk. The hard party types are still going hard at that hour and will do so until daylight when they do the ‘walk of shame’ up Beaufort Street

    the City of Freo threatened to start their own minicab service, but that just got the taxi drivers up in arms. Lannie threatened to increase the number of licences – with the same furore. she has tried an interim solution of ‘peak time’ second-class taxi licences, but that is halfbaked. And don’t even get me started about the shitfight trying to get a cab at the airport, or trying to hail a cab on the Terrace during rush hour.

    basically Lannie needs to round up all of the cab drivers, give them a good slap around the face, and give their licences to nice hardworking peope who do not want to pick and choose who they stop for.

    either that or create a proper metropolitan public transport system that runs at night and has an express rail route to the airport.


  96. Yes late night reveling is a problem in a low density city. A number of deaths and injuries per year are associated with allowing drunks to congregate or not getting them home quickly enough. The solution of running late night trains and actually charging more than the standard charge doesn’t seem to have occurred to Lannie McT. Part of the problem with Perth’s public transport system is the missing two billion dollars she dropped on the Perth to Mandurah rail system which should have been at most the Perth to Atwell rail system.


  97. John Ryan says:

    Well I had high hopes for the New website thought I read the SMH online.
    Still its better than nothing,hi Frank please don’t inflict Bob on us as another AFL propaganda effort would drive me nut,it bad enough with the 6PR Liberal, AFL dance show in the mornings.
    Then Simon where can I fit Buswell the chair sniffer in today,AFL show.
    As for Howard I,m as sad as hell,what did you think of the stunt in the town hall,I did not notice them moaning about Howards 12 yrs of neglect,tried to tell them to but I,m on the ignore list at 6PR.
    Maybe I should be nice to Simon and stop asking why they only cover one sport on his sports show,and asking why he does not ask the Editor and reporters of the Worst about their links to Brian Burke.


  98. skink says:

    but again, the State government is awash with cash, even after everything they spent on the Ghost Train, so I really need someone to explain why we can’t spend it on education, health and transport infrastructure.

    You can’t blame Lannie for the Ghost Train, that was Richard Court’s vanity project, along with the Chamber of Echoes on the foreshore


  99. No Skink the ghost train is Lannies..


  100. skink says:

    No, it was Court’s:


    Lannie might hold responsibility for the cost blowouts and teh route change, but the ‘vision’ was Dickie’s


  101. skink says:

    personally, I thought the purpose of Mandurah was to keep those sort of people as far away as possible from the rest of us, out of sight over the horizon. The last thing we wanted was a means for them to get back to Perth where they only get confused by the moving staircases.

    I had hoped that once the bypass was complete they would put a fence around Mandurah, Gitmo style, to keep them penned in.


  102. Rolly says:

    Careful, skink,
    There’s a number of legal eagles who are bailing out of the metro mayhem and choosing to live where they have easier access to their floating gin palaces.
    I actually took advantage of the Sunday public transport freebie for the oldies and took a run to Mandurah one Sunday. Surprisingly well patronised.
    Now, if we could convince the powers-that-be that effective policing of existing statutes is preferable to a regulatory overload, the condition of the windows and seating materials might improve.


  103. Rolly says:

    Re. the late night reveling:
    Whilst we continue to confuse imbibing a few grogs in the process of enjoying ourselves with a perceived necessity of getting tanked up as a prerequisite to having a good time, we’re going to remain a socially confused community.
    This is also adding to the move toward “ladette” behaviours as a consequence of the disappointment induced in the young ladies by the “brewers’ droop” encountered in their swains.


  104. The bill “Railway (Northern and Southern Urban Extensions) Bill 1999 Bill No. 73” under the Court government and assented to on 08/12/1999 authorized the construction of a railway from Kenwick to Jandakot to Rockingham and from Rockingham to Mandurah.
    Lannie McT was at the wheel when the Railway (Jandakot to Perth) Bill 2002 was assented to on 05/12/2002. The section of rail from Kenwick to Jandakot was of course not constructed.


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  106. skink says:

    Bill – isn’t that what I said? Court started the ball rolling, Lannie changed the route and completed the project.


  107. Skink each government had a choice of whether to proceed with a variant of the ghost train. It was not locked in at the time of change of government. So , for good or ill , it wasLannie’s.
    decision to proceed with the ghost train. I think the Liberal’s ghost train was an even worse plan. The crucial part is the Jandakot to Perth section. The rest is a waste , and the money should have been spent on other spurs e.g Fremantle to Jandakot. This would have involved a little thought rather than brainless electioneering.


  108. What’s in Jandakot that you’re so keen to train it to Bill?


  109. a. More than Mandurah
    b. Completes a circular rail line for Treaty of Waitangi day
    c. Has interesting suburbs on the way
    d. Get drunken yoofs out of Freo on a Saturday night
    e. For future planning
    I’m not locked into this particular branch , but the point is there should be more branches around the suburban area not out into the bush. Urban planning interacts with transport systems so that building railways lines which paralell the coast encourages urban sprawl. The chickens are coming to roost with the global warmin and peak oil.


  110. Rolly says:

    The busiest aerodrome in Australia, that’s what LA.


  111. skink says:

    Bill – are you getting excited about teh new harvey Norman megastore at Jandakot. The CUBs will require a freight train to get their new super-widescreen TV home.

    I can’t even remember what the point was. are we praising or castigating Lannie for the Ghost Train?

    I guess in a few years nobody will remember all the porkbarrelling that went on the railway, they will just be wondering why anyone thought Port Bouvaaaard was a ‘resort lifestyle’

    Isn’t this thread supposed to be bagging TWAToday?

    how did we get onto trains and pensioners?

    Liam Phillips did a lame “humour’ piece about how he dare not turn on his laptop to write his column in case it crashed the power grid. I suggested he power it off the static electricity in Patti Chong’s hair.


  112. It sticks in my craw to say it, but the West’s online is much better. How sad that we’ve been waiting for years for Fairfax only for it to be such a dud. You’d think they’d want to start off with a bang. Carps must feel like a bit of a twit for promoting it so much. He must have wished he’d sent an underling like McGowan to the launch.

    Re power crisis. The gas heaters are turned off in the Curtin tavern. Flamin cold drinkin there.


  113. Yes the West’s headliner “Gas shortage puts WA pork industry in peril” certainly has that standard West “hubcap lost on causeway’ feeling about it , though “Pork eating” is probably upset about it. No mention of hypothermia ala ” Comedian in hypothermic shock after beer at Tav”.


  114. Rolly says:

    Stop reading the bloody rags, e-version or otherwise, and the advertising revenue will collapse.
    You’ve got to stop feeding the fucking parasites!
    (With apologies to DC for pirating the ‘F’ word. No such sympathies in respect to what I think of the scrofulous mob he works for.)


  115. skink says:

    we’ve given WAToady a week, and it has shown itself to be as perochial and pissant as the rest of WA media. Having more media in Perth just seems to spread what limited resources there are even thinner – diminishing returns and so on. Today’s blogs are so weak they are not even worth taunting. It would be like torturing a sick rodent.

    Saying that the Waste’s site is better is like saying that herpes is better than syphillis.

    next week I will return to getting my news from Eastern States and overseas web media, and good old 585.


  116. Herpes is better than syphilis.


  117. Rolly says:

    Herpes is less smelly than hispes.


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  119. The facebook WAT’day group. Anouther outlet (or inlet?) for whingers.


  120. skink says:

    Oh god, I can’t stop looking, it’s like a car crash.

    Daile Pepper wrote a piece about Troy Barbagallo’s boxing match, and that his motto is “Float like a butterfly, sting like an army truck.”

    she has illustrated this with a photo, that she took herself, of Troy wearing a shirt which is emboidered with that motto, but which actually says “..sting like an army Tank”

    with a little picture of a tank, just in case you’re a bit slow


  121. skink says:

    OK, here’s a test:

    at 1pm today the ABC website posted a story that Troy Buswell has sacked Rob Johnson.

    neither the West nor WAToday have posted that story on their sites yet – despite the Waste running a front page story this morning about the possibility of it happening

    let’s see who gets it up first

    phnarr phnarr


  122. Looks like I’m going to have to run a news site here to kepp you and Rolly Happy.


  123. Frank Calabrese says:

    [neither the West nor WAToday have posted that story on their sites yet ]

    Nor has Perth Now published the story yet.


  124. skink says:

    and the West wins!

    they posted the story at 1:34, although they put 1:13 on the post just to look quicker. their story is only two pars long lifted from the ABC

    no news from TWAToday yet.

    alright, I’m over this now


  125. Frank Calabrese says:

    [they posted the story at 1:34, although they put 1:13 on the post just to look quicker. their story is only two pars long lifted from the ABC]

    I think the ABC took the story from AAP, TWAToday are still waiting for the Red Cat bus to take them to Parliament House :-)


  126. skink says:

    and limping over the line in third place at 1:52 comes TWAToday


  127. Frank Calabrese says:

    And still nothing on Perth Now.

    Have they given up the ghost ?


  128. skink says:

    maybe they should rename it “Perth Not Now, Maybe Later”


  129. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Perth Now take up the rear at Dead Last.



  130. You two and Teh Beard have been even more disappointed with Perth’s online media than me. And I didn’t even notice 100 comments come and go.


  131. skink says:

    did you realize that there are more posts on this thread than on all the WAToady blogs put together?

    same four people, mind


  132. Rolly says:

    And probably double that in amount of reasoned thinking.


  133. Frank Calabrese says:

    Howie’s latest column – I had a hunch it would be this topic :-)


    As predictable as a fart :-)


  134. Sunili says:

    I wish whoever is doing the sub-editing over at TWAT will learn how to use commas soon. They’ve made Shittler’s incomprehensible BS even harder to understand. How is that possible? How??


  135. Rolly says:

    13:35 WST and not a single comment.
    Is it because, like Perth’s motorists, TWAT readers are all asleep at the wheel or, again, just not seeing what’s there right in front of them.
    Or maybe they’re just not reading the silly sod’s epistolary emissions, considering them to be in the same vein as other forms of ejaculations.
    (OK for punctuation Sunili?)
    (God, it took me 10 mins. to type that!!!)


  136. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Or maybe they’re just not reading the silly sod’s epistolary emissions, considering them to be in the same vein as other forms of ejaculations.]

    Or did the negative posts in his last post by Skink and others scared off his usual bunch of nutcases ? :-)


  137. skink says:

    goddamnyouall – you made me read it

    I promised myself I would not go back to TWAT this week.

    now if I can only break the habit of posting on his blog


    I think I’ll wait until tomorrow, and if there are no posts on his blog, I shall cackle with joy.


  138. I looked at Sattler’s myself for the first time. Isn’t that a photo of Davros?


  139. Sunili says:

    I sent a long snarky email to Roy Fleming, who replied that he’s happy to discuss my points over coffee. If anyone wants to join me, send me a comment via my TWAT post and I’ll email you details.


    Rolly – very impressive :)


  140. Frank Calabrese says:

    Methinks the photo of Sattler on TWAT is an old pic.

    Here is his pic on the 6PR website


    Comapre it to http://blogs.watoday.com.au/madashell//assets/headshot-index.jpg

    Hmm, Dodgy to say the least :-)


  141. Rolly says:

    Bloody ugly either way.


  142. This is the most recent pic of Howard.


  143. Frank Calabrese says:

    Can anybody access this page on TWAT ?


    I’ve tried both Firefox 3.0 and IE7 and the stupid page wants me to install the Adobe Flash plugin which I already have.


  144. Rolly says:

    Nah, Frank,

    It isn’t even opening this a.m. on f/f (Latest mac ver.) on a newish iMac with the current Flash.


  145. Watoady can’t afford to pay a javascript programmer.See for example.


  146. BrownBook says:

    Skink, tremendous work on Slatter’s latest rubbish. I do remember all the demagogues pushing really hard for the Truth in Sentencing laws. Funnily how quickly they forget.


  147. skink says:

    I thank-you
    I also posted a comment suggesting that with only one post on his blog in 24 hours, he really is an irrelevance, but the moderator canned it.

    I see that Sniffer has dodged a bullet again.

    if he really is ‘bulletproof’, as Barry Court suggests, perhaps we could send him to Iraq.


  148. Frank Calabrese says:


    But you used Big words which Howard, nor his audience don’t understand :-)

    What’s the bet Howard’s “Blog” will be replaced by Simon Beaumont and his Big Kahunas ? :-)


  149. Frank Calabrese says:

    Latest Radio Ratings have come out – let’s see how popular Sattler REALLY is ? :-)

    Click to access perth408.pdf


  150. skink says:

    well, well

    6PR have the biggest slice of the over 55’s – who would have thought it?

    and a cracking 0.1% of young people.

    and there is a noticable dip in 6PR’s audience share right about 4 o’clock.


  151. CK says:

    Nice post skink


  152. skink says:

    Frank – I checked, and the longest word I used was ‘legislation’, which is difficult to avoid on a legal thread.

    my first draft did have an even longer word – ‘sanctimonious’ – followed by a very, very short one


  153. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Frank – I checked, and the longest word I used was ‘legislation’, which is difficult to avoid on a legal thread.]

    I should’ve said long sentences with concepts which Howard and his fans would have difficulty understanding :-)


  154. The trick is Skink to completely agree with Rattler but either use a moniker which indicates you are brain damaged e.g Always Write or Legend or other techniques ( refer Grog Hoggy)


  155. skink says:

    responding to Sattler’s opinions is very like aguing with Hoey, and equally as fruitless.

    Sattler has some crap up on his blog about the gas shortage – how domestic gas consumption only accounts for 3% of the state total. this is bollocks. I tuned in to 6PR for teh first time last night just to see what the fool was like on air, and heard him badgering some poor sod from Alinta, and refusing to listen to what the guy said. 3% would only be usage from domestic gas heating – ie gas flame heaters and gas-fired central heating. It doesn’t include gas hot water systems, or the fact that most Perth homes have reverse-cycle electric aircon, and the electricity comes from gas powered generating stations. Alinta said quite clearly to Sattler that in cold weather domestic users account for over half of the entire energy requirements of the state.

    I really can’t be arsed putting that up on his blog. Rather just leave his blog with no respondents and tumbleweed blowing through it


  156. lauredhel says:

    Looks like they take 16 hours or more to approve comments. No chance of having an actual conversation there.

    Do they only work mornings or something?


  157. That’s why nearly all the newspaper blogs are so lame and detached. Very few will respond quickly enough for any reasonable dialogue. You never get such poor service here.


  158. skink says:

    the site is also very heavily moderated – it is probably not a delay, just that your post got binned.
    only about half of my posts get up, generally because I question the editorial policy – today they have a blog in praise of juvenile rugby drinking games, after they just published Fiona Stanley’s piece on the dangers of binge drinking. they canned my suggestion they might be guilty of mixed messages.

    also, any post on Sattler’s blog that contains the words “cupid stunt”, gets deleted.


  159. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Example: Completey Write writes : Yeah Agree with Youse 100% Howard why can’t Alinta GET it threw there’s thick heads that domestick gas consumotion is only 3%. WHat is go on heres ? THIS IS A GOVENMUNT CONSPIRACYU .


  160. lauredhel says:

    It wasn’t binned, skink – it’s up now.

    There was nothing abusive in it, and I didn’t question the editorial policy; I was, however, asking Fiona Stanley for a reference for her bald assertion that the “vasty majority” of emergency department admissions are alcohol-related.


  161. lauredhel says:

    Hee, “vasty” = typo. But I rather like it, and I think I’ll use it from now on, even when it’s not Talk Like A Pirate day.


  162. skink says:

    ah yes, I saw that and actually went looking for some data. Couldn’t find anything specific, they seem to keep more data on fatalities than admissions.

    I almost put up my own question on that thread – I have always wondered exactly how much of the health system’s resources are directed at ‘self-inflicted’ injuries and illnesses caused by smoking, drinking, drugs, sports injuries, obesity, poor diet, dangerous driving, lack of exercise and simple stupidity.


  163. skink says:

    note also that their moderators only seem to work office hours – post before 8am or after 6pm and it can hang in the ether until someone shows up to work.


  164. Vasty is cool. Vasty Nasty’s are on teh piss.


  165. lauredhel says:

    This is hilarious. There are some people who are mighty pissed at anyone daring to question a statement the hallowed Dr Stanley.

    And a whole lot of “Who the HELL do you think you ARE??!”

    I’m guessing Dr Stanley herself really doesn’t want these people on her side.


  166. Some kind of Venn diagram showing those on the piss, those unable to remove Barbies, light globes or other foreign objects from back door, and those with other complaints is required from Dr. Stazza.


  167. skink says:

    never argue with an idiot – they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience


  168. Frank Calabrese says:

    We need to have the Howard Sattler Drinking Game :-)

    Take a sip of your favourite liquid when he says the following:

    Eric Ripper
    Juvenile Crime
    Social Workers

    Any more to add ?


  169. skink says:

    you forgot Struggle Street.

    I always thought Sattler lived on Sanctimonious Street, at the end of Blowhard Boulevard, just off Hypocrisy Highway.

    don’t make a wrong turn into Alliteration Avenue


  170. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I always thought Sattler lived on Sanctimonious Street, at the end of Blowhard Boulevard, just off Hypocrisy Highway.]

    You’ve just described his address in Dalkeith (I think) – either there or nearby Nedlands or Peppermint Grove.

    Real working class suburban boy that Sattler :-)


  171. skink says:

    now that Little Johnny has gone, should we refer to all the self-made suburban lower-middle class dinky-di true-blue bigots as Sattler’s Battlers ?


  172. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, he DOES live in Peppermint Grove :-)


    And I wonder if his Lobbying company is working for the State Government.



  173. Sunili says:

    Skink, you really should correct that stat re 3% thing. Where’s Dave? Some needs to be Fucking Outraged re the misuse of stats.

    Wait, is Shittler actually IN the MEAA?

    Re drinking game: could I suggest
    -political and bureaucratic incompetence (note will only ever refer to ALP)


  174. skink says:

    it can’t be a proper drinking game without rewards and forfeits, one of which is usually sculling the drink in question.

    one forfeit could be to eat a spoonful of dog food

    another forfeit could be that you have to spend five minutes on the phone arguing with AnnofWA – the one with the random CAPITAL letters and the ‘SHAME on you’ rants.


  175. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Rattler’s joint can be yours for a mere $5.95 mill.


  176. skink says:

    actually – I think this is turning into a Sattler version of that old favourite – corporate wankword Bingo

    put all the phrases in a Bingo grid. when you hear one, cross it off. First to get a line horizontally or vertically shouts ‘Bingo’ and sculls a beer.

    I feel a creative moment coming on…


  177. skink says:

    urgh – that house is a bit effete for a chest thumper like him, isn’t it?

    not many book in the library, which rather confirms that he seldom lets facts or learning get in the way of opinion.


  178. Frank Calabrese says:

    [not many book in the library, which rather confirms that he seldom lets facts or learning get in the way of opinion.]

    Probably Despenes collection of Cookbooks and Mills & Boon Novels :-)


  179. Frank Calabrese says:


    Time for a post on his Blog asking is he practising what he preaches re conserving energy and posting a few images of his House :-)


  180. David Cohen says:

    Actually that’s $5.995 million Frank.


  181. Frank Calabrese says:

    I love this :-)


    * wholetthecatout
    * June 18, 2008
    * 02:37 PM

    Howard, did you copy and past this from Paul Murray’s blog? Isnt it common sense on how reducing energy use would help? How will knowing what caused the explosion help the current situation? I was really hoping WAtoday wasnt going to be another Liberal hack paradise]


  182. Rolly says:

    Hee! Hee! Hee!

    This is *so* good.

    Keep it up (him) Chasps :D


  183. I can’t believe that this one is still running after more than a week. There is a big difference between Sattler and Murray though. Sattler is more manipulative and he leaves no doubt as to his absolute contempt for his audience. Murray on the other hand actually thinks he is a good journalist. Yes, Paul Murray is a terrible and almost unbearably plodding writer, but he hasn’t got the malice of Sattler.


  184. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Yes, Paul Murray is a terrible and almost unbearably plodding writer, but he hasn’t got the malice of Sattler.]

    Oh, but boy he did try during his stint on 6PR – I’m pretty sureMooner was behind one of those “Rally For Justice”


  185. Paul unfortunately sounded like asthmatic housewife on radio, which didn’t help. Now you mention it, he did seem to be a tad vicious, angry and hysterical when I asked him for a signed picture of himself and Howard Sattler for our clubhouse.


  186. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Sattler is more manipulative and he leaves no doubt as to his absolute contempt for his audience.]

    Case in point Peter Blurton and the Margaret & Shane Foundation.

    [Juvenile crime

    Between mid-1990 and early 1992, a number of high-speed chases involving cars stolen by repeat juvenile offenders resulted in the deaths of 10 people, including a businessman and several young parents. All received considerable media attention, most notably from 6PR’s Howard Sattler. On 25 December 1991, 22-year-old Margaret Blurton and her infant son Shane were killed in a crash involving a 14-year-old offender in a stolen motor vehicle. Margaret’s husband Peter survived, and gained public sympathy through bedside interviews to print and electronic media. A candlelight vigil was organised outside Parliament House on 4 January 1992, and exactly a month later, responding directly to the public call for action, Lawrence and deputy leader Ian Taylor tabled the Crime (Serious and Repeat Offenders) Sentencing Bill 1992,[4] which was rushed through parliament despite the advice of a committee that it was “unworkable and unsustainable”. Peter Blurton established the Margaret and Shane Foundation to channel both his own grief and the immense public sympathy into a workable force to fight for the rights of crime victims. The law, however, turned out to be defective and Lawrence later declared it to have been a mistake.[5] The Act was repealed in June 1994.]



  187. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Sattler is more manipulative and he leaves no doubt as to his absolute contempt for his audience.

    Exhibit 1 – Peter Blurton.

    [Juvenile crime

    Between mid-1990 and early 1992, a number of high-speed chases involving cars stolen by repeat juvenile offenders resulted in the deaths of 10 people, including a businessman and several young parents. All received considerable media attention, most notably from 6PR’s Howard Sattler. On 25 December 1991, 22-year-old Margaret Blurton and her infant son Shane were killed in a crash involving a 14-year-old offender in a stolen motor vehicle. Margaret’s husband Peter survived, and gained public sympathy through bedside interviews to print and electronic media. A candlelight vigil was organised outside Parliament House on 4 January 1992, and exactly a month later, responding directly to the public call for action, Lawrence and deputy leader Ian Taylor tabled the Crime (Serious and Repeat Offenders) Sentencing Bill 1992,[4] which was rushed through parliament despite the advice of a committee that it was “unworkable and unsustainable”. Peter Blurton established the Margaret and Shane Foundation to channel both his own grief and the immense public sympathy into a workable force to fight for the rights of crime victims. The law, however, turned out to be defective and Lawrence later declared it to have been a mistake.[5] The Act was repealed in June 1994.]



  188. Frank Calabrese says:

    hmm, My last 2 posts have been caught in the Spaminator – Can you retrieve one of them please – they both say the same thing :-)


  189. skink says:

    yes, in my reply to Sattler’s blog about Truth in Sentencing I was going to remind Sattler about Carmen’s three strikes rule, similarly implemented in response to the baying crowd stirred up by him and his kind. It resulted in minors being banged up without due process – the worst threat to habeas corpus in local history, and it got the UN and Amnesty watching this little redneck town.

    but TWAT only give you 300 words


  190. Paracleet says:

    Post in two lots? Or perhaps do something more productive like telling it to the Marines, banging your head against a brick wall or flogging a dead horse.
    Not much point in arguing with those who are but an empty shell.


  191. Would Barra really say that?


  192. Paracleet says:

    I’m channelling the true spirit of Barra. A Platonic ideal if you will. Rather than what would actually come out of his mouth. Assuming it was coherent enough to reproduce faithfully.


  193. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Would Barra really say that?]

    Well his old man John would say that considering he is the WA spokesperson for the Australian Family Association, and also Barra was once touted to be a candidate for the Liberal Party – but some event/comment put that idea on ice.

    hmm, Barra & Sniffwell would’ve made a great leadership team :-)


  194. And if you’re channeling Barra, you’ll need a very big channel.


  195. skink says:

    the scary thing Para, is when that Barra gravatar is shrunk to a tiny size in the side bar, it looks a bit like you at first glance.

    (not true really, but I hope it might scare you enough to change it)


  196. skink says:

    and Para – the twin posting thing is blocked – to stop opinionated self-righteous windbags like me just going on and on…

    you are right, I tried banging my head repeatedly against the car radio on the way home whilst Sattler was on air, and it felt exactly the same. Actually it felt a little better due to the adrenaline rush of doing this whilst overtaking on a roundabout.

    Four years ago I made a New Year’s resolution never to read the letters page of the Waste ever again, and last night the penny dropped that the blogs are the same thing, the same bunch of nutters, but with less editorial control, and no spellchecking.


  197. skink says:


    Carmen has tried to distance herself from that 1991 fiasco:


    I see that Patti Chong has quickly changed her blog today to one critical of mandatory sentencing


  198. Frank Calabrese says:

    Ann of WA is in fine song on Sooky’s blog :-)

    Oh and Go Patti :-)


  199. CK says:

    Dammit, I can’t get any of the opinion pages to open. I do enjoy Ann from other blogs, in view of the fact that she’s BARKING fucking MAD! AND what is KEVIN RUDD Going to do about IT!


  200. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Dammit, I can’t get any of the opinion pages to open. I do enjoy Ann from other blogs, in view of the fact that she’s BARKING fucking MAD! AND what is KEVIN RUDD Going to do about IT!]


    I’ve reposted it in toto at Poll Bludger :-)



  201. Frank Calabrese says:


    Your comment has been posted on Patti’s Blog. Good Work.

    Now I wonder if Ann’s Comment exceed the 300 word limit ? And I love the person who mentioned Howie’s House :-)


  202. skink says:

    actually, the comment about his house was also me. I have several mild-mannered secret identities that I use if the moderator has had enough of skink for the day

    Patti Chong originally posted a column about the importance of being tolerant towards people with mental health problems. Perhaps she read Ann’s comments and had second thoughts.

    I don’t know about Fiona Stanley being a National Treasure, I think that title belongs to Ann. She deserves her own column


  203. Frank Calabrese says:

    [actually, the comment about his house was also me. I have several mild-mannered secret identities that I use if the moderator has had enough of skink for the day]

    And you’d think they’d be able to weed out sock puppets by IP addresses :-) So much for them being able to moderate their blogs :-)


  204. skink says:

    not if you have more than one computer, linked through more than one network, in more than one location (well, home and work)

    “multiply, our adversaries will” – Yoda


  205. CK says:

    Thanks Frank. It’s quite apparent that she receives most of her OPINIONS via secret transmissions to her fillings from the likes of Pies, Mooner and teh Boltwit. She’s really a laugh a minute.

    It’s a COMPLETE JOKE!!!!


  206. Paul Nurry says:

    Sitting in a picturesque British pub this morning, I suddenly realised how much of an expert I was on UK subcultures. I Paul Nurry am now an expert on how being stabbed in the UK is more painful than being kicked in the cotswolds. One of the Powell’s, was either Enoch, Colin, or Bud, once said “Rivers of blood.” I know it’s not as interesting as something I Paul Nurry would have written, like “at first blush,” or “from the outset,” but there you are, just shows how these famous cunts are less interesting than I Paul Nurry.

    Now at first blush, some may call me a nervous Nellie for my pussy livered fear of being stabbed by a UK teenager while I sit getting bloated and drunk in a picturesque British pub.

    Let me say from the outset that rivers of blubber would flow, not to mention twenty plodding columns where I would deftly turn being stabbed into a boring event.

    Let me also ask at first blush that even while sitting in a picturesque British pub in the countryside, has any salt of the earth Western Australian noticed that NOT ONE SINGLE FUCKER except Skink Rolly and Frank Calabrese is reading the Fairfax online?

    At first blush as an expert on everything, can I say from the outset that I heard dogs barking in the distance while reading Patti Chong’s effort. That the dog in question was Pam Casellas doesn’t alter the point made by me Paul Nurry.

    At first blush Howard Sattler getting all of 10 commment on his posts, half of which were Skink in several dissguises, shows that I Paul Nurry am sitting in a picturesque British Pub… wait, I Paul Nurry almost lost myself for a moment… At first blush I…

    Wait that’s it… From the outset Fairfax YOU BEEN PWNED. That’s what you get when you mess with Teh Paul at first blush sitting in a picturesqu british pub.


  207. CK says:

    Thank you Mr Nurries for another well-reasoned, insightful column, a commodity so ofetn lacking in a media enoirnmvnt dominated BY GREEDY AND INCOMPETENT LABOUR SPIN DOCTORS!!!!

    I feel certain you could sovle the state’s TERRIBLE GAS CRISIS all by yourself shoukld you set your mind to it.


  208. Rolly says:

    Shit, P.M.

    I read TWAT at most twice and that extended my B.S. tolerance to the max.
    No more, no more.
    Apart from being close to GOD (see YWL blog) my desire to distance myself, to greatest extent possible, from the ridiculous rantings and selective editing of the mainstream “Media” demands of me that I make every effort to cross to the other side of the street from the local newsagent when necessity causes me to in that general direction.
    On Scarb. Bch. Rd. that can be extremely life threatening at any time of the day; be it the early morning not-quite awake commuters; the getting -the kiddies-to-school distracted Mums; the middle-of-the-day, slow-to-react octogenarians; the afternoon g-t-k-t-home/sports training Mums; the tired-of the-fucking-rat-race afternoon commuters; the got-to-get-home-or-the-missus-will-kill-me commuters who stopped for a quick one (or two) on the way home; or the crazy hoons who are inadequately cranially equipped to differentiate between a multiple-user street and the Barballego raceway; the early morning………..Oh! Bugger, it’s been a long day and I still have to get to the shop over there.


  209. skink says:

    Nurry – genius, once again

    I am now embarassed to be the only sad fucker bothering with TWAT

    I insist you change your gravitar to the new “we’re all doomed” grim grey photo byline that they use in the Waste.

    what’s with those photos? Nurry and Casellas look like a couple of old spaniels that have just had their dog food stolen by a pensioner


  210. CK says:

    I don’t know skink. I think the pic above has a nice ‘What’s this? Oh, I’ve gone and stuck my thumb up my arse by mistake. How clever of me’ quality about it.


  211. David Cohen says:

    Rolly, is that you I see boogying in the background in the photos of “the notorious Snakepit in Scarborough” in today’s edition of the West supplement 175 Years of Headlines??


  212. Rolly says:

    DC, How would I know?
    I never buy that disreputable rag.
    It is, however, possible as I was resident in the area in the ’70s.


  213. Frank Calabrese says:

    I supoose this should really go in one of the Troy Buswell threads, but because it’s from TWAT it might be appropriate here :-)

    Oh Great, Dan Sillyvan isforming a WA Branch of Fundies First.



  214. CK says:

    Frank, if you’re out there here’s Ann today over on Pies’ blog ranting about ‘carbone’ emissions.

    She’s hauled in the in the big artillery – bold type – to assist the weary capitalised footsoldiers, and which I couldn’t be F’d reproducing here. The italicised tank divisions can’t be far behind:


    ann replied to Greg
    Sat 21 Jun 08 (08:32pm)

    Greg – I was very interested in this comment:

    “You know I don’t see the GST as evil, I am impartial to it. We need taxes”

    Since the Rudd Government needs taxes – I wonder how much MORE TAXES we the Australian People will be paying extra when the Carbone Emission Trading Scheme is introduced by this so called “Mad Hatter” Labor Prime Minister???

    The following is a quote made by Chris Uhlmann – ABC’s political editor,in this article – Captain Chaos and the workings of inner circle by John Lyones June 21, 2008 in the Australian:

    “Petrol is a case study of how the Government’s focus on the news cycle is working against its long-term agenda. We have been treated to a daily slanging match over meaningless price cuts when Labor’s real task is to show the courage to make the hard argument for a carbon tax.

    “It makes you question whether the Government actually appreciates just how fraught introducing an emissions-trading system (for dealing with climate change) will be: it will dwarf the GST as the most dramatic, wilful change ever imposed on the economy. The longer Labor plays short-term politics on petrol, the harder the long game will become.”

    Greg I hope you read the above quote very carefully:

    it will dwarf the GST as the most dramatic, wilful change ever imposed on the economy

    The “MAD HATTER” is now running the Australian Economy – God help us all!


  215. Frank Calabrese says:

    Poor Howie can’t take a trick being blacklisted by Carps :-)

    Remember teh Paul Murray also being upset when Geoff Gallop stopped appearing on Ask The Premier cos of the constant whinging of the callers ?


    Oh and I love Skink’s comments about the Breaches :-)


  216. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, and note TWAT have reduced the word count to 300 words, from 500.


  217. skink says:


    Crikey has had a go at that Andrew Lyons article:

    “There are, perhaps, illiterate deaf and blind amnesiacs on a tropical island somewhere who aren’t aware that Kevin Rudd is a workaholic micro-manager, but the rest of us have managed to work it out by now. A few more may not be aware that Lachlan Harris is an ars-hole, but word of that had got out, too.

    In short, however tarted up and sold as shock revelations by his editors, Lyons’s article was all sizzle and no sausage.”


  218. Rolly says:

    “………,Lyons’s article was all sizzle and no sausage.”

    That seems to be a basic requirement for employment in the mainstream media.


  219. Frank Calabrese says:

    [“………,Lyons’s article was all sizzle and no sausage.”

    That seems to be a basic requirement for employment in the mainstream media.]

    Including, unfortunately, “Our ABC” :-(

    Exhibit A: Simon “Big Kahunas” Beaumont.


  220. Rolly says:

    Agreed, Frank,

    ‘Auntie’ does need a big dose of salts to get her awake and honest again and to clear out some of the “anal retention” that has beset her for several decades.
    It’s the ratings game, you know, that causes such alimentary blockages.
    Better nutrition might help. Tell Kev.


  221. Speaking of Teh Paul, did anyone read him on Saturday. it was a column about how he is always right about everything. What a conceited old bore Murray is. Is it possible for someone to not realise how bad they are?

    Saturday was almost self parody. TWOP’s own Paul Nurry couldn’t have done better.


  222. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Speaking of Teh Paul, did anyone read him on Saturday. it was a column about how he is always right about everything. What a conceited old bore Murray is. Is it possible for someone to not realise how bad they are?]

    Yep, he’s as bad as Sattler – no wonder Teh Paul pulled the pin at PR, the two egos would’ve been too much to bear.

    And speaking of that column :-)



  223. Rolly says:

    This from the ABC News on Line

    >The crisis has caused widespread havoc with some industries.<

    Widespread, some??
    How *wide* can *some* be spread.

    Please engage brain before operating keyboard.


  224. Rolly says:

    No, Frank,

    I will not give way to the temptation to click on the link!


  225. skink says:

    Nurry was indeed the first person to suggest that oil prices are going to continue to rise. Even though he admitted he nicked the line from a British paper, he thought of the idea first after standing in front of the BP on Great Eastern Highway and wondering why the numbers on the sign kept changing.

    Nurry must be very excited by the Pope’s visit to Australia, since it was he who first brought it to our attention that Benedict is a Catholic.

    I believe his next overseas trip will be to the Canadian forests, where he will be showing us just how right he was about those bears.


  226. skink says:

    Sattler’s getting a kicking today today – not one post in support. The TWAT moderator seems to have given up filtering it, one post on there calls him a dick.

    it’s just too easy to trip him up. here’s the article I quoted on his time at 2SM:


    my favourite line is:

    “I’ll bide my time. I’m only 56, and if John Laws retires next year, as I believe he will, more listeners will turn to me”

    wrong again


  227. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Sattler’s getting a kicking today today – not one post in support. The TWAT moderator seems to have given up filtering it, one post on there calls him a dick.]

    Yep, and from memory, Howard’s Perth Now Column only last 3 issues, will he beat it on TWAT, or will he retire humiliated AGAIN ? :-)

    Hmm, Just had a look on Perth Now, his old blog has suddenly disappeared.


  228. Frank Calabrese says:

    THe West got a Bollocking on Media Watch last night – Twice.

    First item re the name of the new Governor General.


    And an even bigger bollocking, regarding the photo and description of the grieving husband of the Woman who drowned while chasing after her dog.



  229. Rolly says:

    Saw that, Frank.

    Just imagine what they’re doing with reports on less high profile matters.


  230. Re: the husband grieving incident , if this were a just world Armstrong would be paraded through the streets to be pilloried. These are the weasel words his sliminess ( no offense to the slime world ) used to defend his decision to print the photos.

    “In these circumstances, the wishes and sensitivities of the family have to be weighed against the importance of the photograph in conveying the full depth of the tragedy for the public in a way that words alone cannot achieve.”

    Armstrong is the kind of scum we really need to get off the streets.


  231. Rolly says:

    Yup, B O’S

    He came across as a real sleaze.
    I can’t say that I’ve read or heard anything of his which has caused me to feel that he might be anything other than just that.


  232. Frank Calabrese says:

    And on Cue “Ann” has posted on Sattlers Blog :-)

    RE Limpwrist – He’s already been before the Press Council re publishing suss photographs, most notably a Juvenile Criminal, and a naked man who had murdered a family member.


  233. skink says:

    I have come to believe that “Ann” is in fact an alter-ego of Sattler, rather like Norman Bates’s mother.

    she lists the questions that she wants to ask Carps, and they are exactly the same as the ones in Satt’s blog. Maybe it’s just an echo in the ether.


  234. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Howard’s song ( from Forrest Gump)
    “Everybody’s talking at me
    I don’t hear a word they’re saying
    Only the echoes of my mind


  235. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Howard’s song ( from Forrest Gump)
    “Everybody’s talking at me
    I don’t hear a word they’re saying
    Only the echoes of my mind“]

    All together Now !!! :-)


  236. I thought that was Midnight Cowboy


  237. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I thought that was Midnight Cowboy]

    It was featured in both films, but of course it’s best known from Midnight Cowboy.


  238. “Going where the weather suits my Ho’s”


  239. Paracleet says:

    Barra feels this thread is excessively long


  240. skink says:

    tough – this thread will continue until Sattler is vanquished. It won’t be long, he’s running out of hobby horses

    Today: support your local sheriff


  241. This one has just displaced The real brothel is here as the second most viewed post. Still well behind The Worst of The West Australian in first place.


  242. Frank Calabrese says:

    [tough – this thread will continue until Sattler is vanquished. It won’t be long, he’s running out of hobby horses

    Today: support your local sheriff]

    He’s still got Pedophiles to be ranted against.:-)

    Speaking of wich, Howie would love how this article is written.



  243. skink says:

    not sure if this belongs here or on one of the sculpture threads:


    She-Ra is planning a Sculpture Graden on Heirisson Island, and I think this is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

    LA – you need to lobby She-Ra to have a TWOP sculpture garden containing the boozies, the walrus, the arse scratcher, and all our other favourites. Headless Yagan can stay where he is.

    the article is worth reading purely for the magnificent line:

    “in other Heirisson Island news…”


  244. Paracleet says:

    Heirisson Island, being in the tital range of the swan, is unlikely to look much like it does now in 20 or 30 years thanks to the greenhouse effect. Have the budgeted for a sea wall to protect this sculputure garden? Assuming of course it becomes the priceless cultural artifact we expect.


  245. Paracleet says:

    Oh and this is a slow week too I take it skink?


  246. skink says:



  247. Bill O'Slatter says:

    I’ll weld together a couple of hubcaps for the causeway exhibition of found art and Paracleet thinking about the future is banned here in Always Happy land.


  248. CK says:

    Maybe you could include teh Sattler in the welding, Bill. He’s had all of three responses to his most recent rant over at TWAT – and they’re all TWOPs.

    Can’t be too long before he’s cast out on the footpath along with the hubcaps, second-hand mattresses, and radioactive microwaves.


  249. Skink, are you trying to make me look at Sattlers blog? I don’t want to. Is it really true that there are only TWOP commenters on his latest? Are you encouraging him?


  250. CK says:

    Skink, that’s just priceless. It’s the sub’s fault!

    Sattler is such a goose.

    And, LA, I’d suggest you go over there and give him what for. It’s really quite fun once your eyes stop bleeding.


  251. David Cohen says:

    I am puzzled…
    WA Today is print media?
    Skink has his own blog?
    “Please explain”.


  252. CK says:

    Good point FO. How on earth does he upload his copy from his ancient Hermes typewriter to the internodes?


  253. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I am puzzled…
    WA Today is print media?
    Skink has his own blog?
    “Please explain”.]

    Yep, and he has the gall to say on the Foxtel series (I have it on video) “Thanks For Listening”, that people who send emails are gutless and are too scared to go on air.

    The man is a Luddite.


  254. skink says:

    I can only assume that he looked back at my very first post which mentions TWOP and assumed I was trying to boost traffic to this site. Clearly he was too lazy to check out the site himself, or perhaps he hasn’t mastered the interweb, or has trouble seeing past the typex on his computer screen.

    skank? is that the best he could do? I don’t even like reggae music.

    or is he calling me a ho’ ?


  255. Rolly says:

    The man is a mindless twit and regular commenters are merely wasting their time unless doing so serves as an outlet for otherwise bottled-up wrath and bile ;)


  256. Frank Calabrese says:


    Time to quote from “Gambling On The First Race”, remind him of his last attempt at blogging on Perth Now :-)

    Howard hates the intertubes cos he can’t talk over people and cut them off.

    He’s lost the ability to control the callers.

    He’s one scared little boy :-)


  257. Seriously I’m not going to look. I was born a Paul Murray man, and I’ll die a Murray man. Riddance is lucky to have such loyal commenters as you Skank. Particularly if you are his only reader.


  258. Frank Calabrese says:


    Howard’s and Skink’s comments have been removed from the blog.

    The Sookie got upset.


  259. skink says:

    every single one of my posts on Sattler’s blog have just been removed

    I think you’re right Frank


  260. Frank Calabrese says:

    [every single one of my posts on Sattler’s blog have just been removed

    I think you’re right Frank]

    “Paging David “Fucking Outrage” Cohen ” !

    Can you please advise the house whether Mr Sattler is a member of your august organisation, and has WA Today breached the code of ethics regarding the removal of Mr Skink’s posts, which were not offensive, nor contained libellous content ?


  261. Be nice to add Riddance to vanished worsts one day.


  262. Frank Calabrese says:


    only your post on today’s blog has been removed – the others are still there.


  263. Rolly says:

    Pa-f*cking-thetic as always.
    Hasn’t got a convenient “kill” button so he resorts to pulling down valid comments.
    Too late Mr. S, the thinking minority has an effective method of exposing your hollow rhetoric as soon as it gets published, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.


  264. Post the conversation here Skanky.


  265. skink says:

    Subject: WA Today ban
    Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 13:57:09 +1000
    From: Roy.Fleming@fairfaxdigital.com.au
    To: skink1984

    You wil have noticed I’ve pulled recent blog comments you have submitted on Howard Sattler’s blog. I have also pulled one of Howard’s comments responding to you.
    I have closely monitored your comments to various blogs since our launch, and it’s pretty obvious to me you mostly intend to be malicious in tone and content.

    Please be advised we will not run your comments unless they are delivering something to the discussion.

    Many thanks

    Roy Fleming
    Managing Editor


    thanks Ray,

    after an earlier mail with Liam I have attempted to restrict my posts to the content and have not been posting on the shallow fluff pieces by your other bloggers. I commend you on the columns by Fiona Stanley and Patti Chong, and wish that your other local contibutors were so erudite and informed. I predict that those two will not stick around for long: I doubt they will want their opinions rubbing shoulders with such lightweights.

    I have however being paying close attention to the stuff being put up by Howard Sattler, and have been posting responses to his opinions in the hope of providing some balance. If WAToday are going to provide a platform for Sattler, then by rights you should provide an outlet for those that disagree with him. I personally believe that Sattler’s previous transgressions of journalistic ethics and his sanctions for racial vilification should disqualify him from further disseminating his views. I stand by my comment that if WAToday wishes to provide a ‘fresh perspective’, then getting Sattler to trot out his tired hobby-horses will not serve you well. In regard to his last post, if Sattler chooses to be a self-appointed advocate for the police, then he ought to provide some balance and ask whether public support the police might be reciprocated by the force getting its own house in order.

    You should note that the malicious tone and name-calling in this instance was instigated by Sattler himself and his post was directly adversarial. He called me a skank, which in my dictionary refers to a filthy promiscuous woman – which is a lame pun of the wrong gender. I chose to play him at his own game, but that bitter sauce appears to be only for the goose. Will he be receiving a ban for his malicious content?

    Sattler has a habit of cutting off those that disagree with him, or having the last word once his guests have left the studio. By heavily moderating his blog you serve the same purpose. Your stated aim in his biog is to stimulate heated redneck ratbag debate, by stifling that you have made it exactly what you didn’t want – boring. If you want to take down posts that are malicious in content, then the vast majority of the submissions to Sattler’s blog are piss-takes by people parroting the incandescent indignation of Sattler’s Battlers. Delete them and Sattler’s blog would be empty, save perhaps for the wind blowing tumbleweed through it, and the distant tolling of a church bell.

    You will have your desire: I will move on, as I suspect will the rest of the very small number of people that bother to read Sattler’s diatribes.

    I trust that you stand tall with your head held high, proud in your position as Sattler’s doorman. You should ask for a uniform and a cap.




  266. Frank Calabrese says:


    Send it to Media Watch – they’d love to have a run with this :-)


  267. skink says:

    yes, I was just considering whether any of the rival media might enjoy the story. I was going to ask Mr Cohen , since I am fucking outraged.

    I just realized that in calling me a skanky ho’, Sattler has implied I might bear some resemblance to Janet Albrechtson, and that really is the last straw.


  268. Frank Calabrese says:

    I reckon you should go on air with Howie and challenge him to repeat the co mments on air :-)


  269. Frank Calabrese says:

    [yes, I was just considering whether any of the rival media might enjoy the story. ]

    First stop – Perth Now :-)

    especially as they originally had him as a blogger and he failed miserably :-)


  270. CK says:

    Excellent correspondence skink


  271. This just gets funnier and funnier. CK,my altar ego Ken Oaf ( a simple minded churl) is aloud (sic) on Watoady using italics. HTML test


  272. Frank Calabrese says:

    And note their Terms and conditions page Missing in Action :-)


    When you get there you get this:

    Sorry your page was not found …

    We could not find the page you requested. This is either because:

    * there’s an error in the address or link,
    * due to a technical fault it has not been properly published,

    If you believe this is a technical error, please contact us, (choose Technical faults) and tell us the address of the faulty page and the address shown for this page.

    Lemme guess, they’re being rewritten as “Skink’s Law” :-)


  273. skink says:

    I did append my name a telephone number to my mail and asked him to rig if he wanted to call me names. I had hoped that that once a banter started on his blog that it might escalate into a face-to-face confrontation, but the editor clearly saw that coming

    I sent a mail to Media Watch – see if they bite

    does anyone by any chance have a copy of Sattler’s ‘skank’ comment and my reply. I wasn”t quick enough to copy it. does the old page lurk in the temp files or something?

    compliments to CK and Bill for your misspelt battler rants, and bonus cool points for the bold font. who is the Penguin?


  274. Frank Calabrese says:

    hmm, found the Terms and conditions :-)


    And it should be in your web temp files


  275. Skink the gutless turds at Watoady have the nocache directive on their site ( check via view page source on your browsers menu bar ) , however the search string skink site: watoday.com.au on google will give you the first line of your contributions.


  276. skink says:

    thanks Bill – I tried trawling my Temp files, but obviously there was nothing there.

    I got a bite from Crikey:”brilliant – we’ll get stuck in tomorrow morning”


  277. You’re going to get him readers for all the wrong reasons.


  278. Frank Calabrese says:

    [You’re going to get him readers for all the wrong reasons.]

    Or TWAT will either dump him, or disable comments on their blogs.


  279. skink says:

    I suspect that TWAT are tired of him already. I think that there are elements within Fairfax that don’t want him, and may even be posting their own snide comments on his blog. I think they pulled those posts more for what Sattler said than what I did. He might get a short spike in readership, but soon they will get the first month’s figures and that will speak for itself – just us sad sods.

    I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, until I’ve nailed that miserable bastard.


  280. As long it’s your sword that’s OK.


  281. skink says:

    ooh err, what a horrible unintentional double-entendre

    I am never going to be able to shake that mental image

    scarred for life

    as a demonstration of the power of mass blog monstering, read this:



  282. skink says:

    To: Howard Sattler

    unfortunately your gutless editor at WAToady chose to take down my posts on your blog, together with your pithy reply. This was a great disappointment, since it was the first time that you had chosen to reply to any of the contibutors to your blog, and I had hoped a dialogue might develop. Our little spat is now lost to posterity.

    Fleming has since decided to ban me from the website, so I will no longer have the opportunity of trying to provide some balance to your one-eyed views, which is the point of a blog after all.

    skank? my details are below if you ever wish to continue the name-calling.



    I am not the editor…that’s his perogative. However I was consulted and agreed…on the basis that you were simply using my every blog to promote yourself and your site.

    You are welcome to keep emailing me at my 6PR address.

    Regards Howard


    as I said on my post, I do not have a site and I do not know why you might think that I do.

    I have mentioned several sites on your blog, but none of them are mine

    I would be curious to know why you think I am promoting myself, when my postings are anonymous, and I post under a couple of usernames. What would I have to promote?

    whilst I can understand that the editor may be tired of seeing the same contributors on your blog, this is purely the result of their being very few contributors. Most blogs have regular contributors – for instance Ann, who posts on WAToday, theWest, and many others, without anyone accusing her of self-promotion.

    I have been making regular replies to your blog, but that is because I believe that your views require balancing with alternate comment. You have a habit of cutting off people on your show, or having the last word when guests have left the studio. This seems similar


  283. Why don’t you have a site, that’s what I want to know? It’s also a little rich to accuse someone of malicious comments when you are employing Howard Sattler isn’t it?


  284. Frank Calabrese says:


    Has this exchange been forwarded to both Media Watch and Crikey ?

    All I can say is “Get That Bastard” :-)


  285. Suggested title for Skinkies blog HowardSattlerisanidiot.com


  286. skink says:

    yes, all this has gone to Mediawatch, the Sunday Times and Crikey,

    we’ll see if anyone really gives a toss about Sattler any more

    I have no interest in my own site – this all got a bit out of control. I guess I have pursued it through this blog because the subject is: why is Perth so crap?
    and the answer that seems to come up on every subject from politics to architecture to media is that nobody can be arsed to make it better. We are therefore left with bumbling amateurs running everything (Carpenter, Scaffidi, Max Kay), or three-time losers like Burke, Crichton-Browne, John Howard, Sattler, Murray still controlling public opinion.

    However many times they get removed, they still come back, and we let them.


  287. Frank Calabrese says:


    Send this to The West, they’d love any excuse to tear down a rival :-)

    Inside Cover is a good start – perhaps it will help in gettin g rid of Gary Adshead off 6PR :-)


  288. Well at least you have the haven of The Worst of Perth skink.


  289. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Site http://howardsattlerisanidiot.wordpress.com/ created.]

    Bill, you have the evidence here – start posting :-) Your mission, to have Sattler retreat like the sook he is by the start of the next radio ratings period :-0)


  290. CK says:

    Skink @ 286: You are the master of you domain:


  291. CK says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s my 2 bob’s worth. Sadly, I’ve outed myself:

    Dear MODERATOR!!!,

    Well, I can only agree with skink.

    You might like to check out the dialogue here:


    Here we were expecting a stimulating blog where people actually discuss serious stuff re WA – and you had the opportunity to overtake the steaming pile of shite that is Teh Worst – and what do you come up with?

    Howard F’ing Sattler recycling automaton rants from the ’80s.

    He’s had three (COUNT THEM!!) posts on his most recent pile of garbage, and two of them were piss-takes.

    Must be lovely living in Peppy Grove on so little talent.

    Plus ca change, I guess.


  292. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hey CK,

    I think this deserves a post over at LP :-)


  293. Frank Calabrese says:

    From Fulvio Sammut on POll Bludger.

    [I heard a rumour that Buswell is about to be challenged for the leadership by Ann of WA. EXPECT to BE HEARING a lot OF news in FUTURE in CAPITALS with a lot of EXCLAMATION marks!!!!]



  294. Sunili says:

    Squeeeeeeeee! I can’t believe I missed all this!!! Thanks for the heads up, Frank.

    Shoot, I need to learn how to look through my temp files, I can believe they took down your comments, Skink. And yes. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BLOG??????


  295. Rolly says:

    [……Skink. And yes. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BLOG??????]

    Who wants to read intelligent well considered material on a blog, fer criste’s sake ?!?


  296. skink says:

    whenever I think of people who have their own blog, I think of this T-shirt:



  297. Skink , in life the thing is to fight the good fight whether you win or lose.


  298. Sunili says:

    Haha that T-shirt is so true. But I just like writing so I will keep blogging :-D



  299. Frank Calabrese says:


    Nothing on Crikey :-( Hope Media Watch pick it ujp, and I note one of CK’s comments has been posted :-)


  300. Frank Calabrese says:

    From Liam Phillips Blog.

    [The only body currently questioning the Government’s conduct is the media. And the Premier’s arrogant retort is to cut off communication, as seen by the current blackout imposed on radio 6PR and his fractious relationship with The West Australian newspaper.]


    Poor diddums, is it the fact that these organisations hector the pollies and talk over them and generally write outright lies (in The West’s case)


  301. Frank Calabrese says:


    The Airhead crew would love to hear about Howie’s little sookie act.



  302. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’ve been spaminatec, but I’ll try again, if it comes up twice please delete the first entry :-)


    The Guys at The Airhead would be most interested in your stoush with Sattler and TWAT :-)



  303. skink says:

    that’s a new one to me, Frank

    I’ll check it out


  304. Frank Calabrese says:

    And look what the cat just dragged in – Howard’s ill fated Perth Now blog located via Google Images of all places.



  305. skink says:

    plus ca change

    Struggle Street, Ann and Colin
    the only thing that is different is the government


  306. Pingback: Weekend Worstoff 12 « The Worst of Perth

  307. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Ann is on cue in the last satrtler blog :-)


    But today’s column on Surrogacy contains NO comments at all :-)

    He’s losing his touch :-)


  308. skink says:

    for those interested in the complexity of current police work:



  309. Frank Calabrese says:


    I seen it before and it’s a hoot – I dare someone to post it on TWAT :-)


  310. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm,. Taxi Driver does an op-ed piece about the ALP State Conference without comments being enabled.



  311. skink says:


    fame at last:


    as the King of Perth’s Knockers (ooh no matron!) I think it is up to you to savage the bastard

    Brisbane? I was there last month and it’s still a festering swamp full of retards.

    you know things are bad when you are getting grief from a queenslander, eh?


  312. Do I really want to comment over there? He also misses that TWOP is often a celebration of Perth stuff. I don’t know if I can be bothered making a comment on fairfax blog.


  313. “preppy social commentary.” , “Perth knockers” . It’s a thinly veiled attack on you LA by whatsisname channeling the spirit of Nurries.
    A poorly written piece by a pissweak writer , repeating the word knockers four times. Geddit. His fellow traveler, Sattler ,in brain damage has finally found his metier and has decided it’s time to give the boy’s parents a lesson in parenting.


  314. Rolly says:

    LA, I think that you might be right to maintain a dignified silence.
    The article has about as much substance as a wet and well used dishrag.
    And about as well written.


  315. Sunili says:

    Hah. Knockers. It sounds like he’s talking about Perth’s boobs.


  316. Ljuke says:

    I think it was an attempt to pull in the more hits from Google searches. He’s got the word “Knockers” in almost every sentence.

    P.S. Scarborough Sluts at Perth’s cheapest brothel


  317. He needn’t try Perth’s worst anal. TWOP still rules No.1 spot.


  318. CK says:

    I think somebody needs to get the paramedics onto TWAT, stat! Shallow, Taxi, and Madass’s latest posts have drawn at most two responses.

    It’s on life support and brain dead. Somebody should do it a favour and pull the plug.


  319. No CK it’s a zombie ; the undead , it wanders the land looking for a brain to bring it to life. Quick the silver stave.


  320. You two looking at it are the only things keeping it alive.

    They did have the opportunity to have TWOP on board, but the editor never even replied to several emails. Rude bastard.

    A little rich as so much of his views seem to come via this blog.


  321. The zombie is looking, looking in every nook and cranny for brains or talent. Unfortunately it’s very hard for a zombie to find these since it has neither.


  322. This just became the most popular post ever, ahead of the worst of the west australian and the brothel on Beaufort street. 3058 views.


  323. skink says:

    I know we’ve all got bored of bagging TWAT, but this is a gem:

    from Daile Pepper’s piece on the return of burlesque:

    “Participant Tina, 24, stripped down to her pasties in a classic striptease.”

    nothing is guaranteed to get a man’s juices flowing as much as a semi-naked woman with a Cornish pasty.

    now where’s the brown sauce?



  324. I was more surprised to get the news alert at 10am that a diggger had been killled in Afghanistan. I heard that news at 5:30 am on the radio and it was already old then. Why send out an alert that only shows how slow your service is?


  325. skink says:

    I see that Fairfax plan to shed 550 jobs

    does this mean that some in the Perth bureau will get a DCM?

    who do you reckon will be first to get their group certificate?


  326. I suppose there’s no chance that that plonker Fleming got the boot is there? That would be sweet.


  327. skink says:

    well, David ‘Robespierre’ Kirk has threatened a ‘headcount reduction’, so it would be interesting to start on book on who might be the first for the chop.

    the sackings are supposedly in the editorial section, but since they already laid off most of their subs, I can’t think who is left to sack.

    Kirk has promised that there will be no reduction in the quality of the journalism – I can only presume that he reckons it is already at rock bottom and can’t go any lower.

    I think the sackings should be a ‘Battle Royale’ style of sudden death. Fairfax journos should be fitted with exploding collars around their necks, and the first one to start a paragraph with a conjunction gets his head blown off.


  328. David Cohen says:

    And the band played on,
    But whose tune were they playing?
    Nor one or another.


  329. Well I’m glad they’re not going to reduce the quality of the Sattler output. How about the quantity?


  330. Bento says:

    I think they’re just going to get Sattler to reuse all his on-air ‘pensioner and hoon’ rants, so they can split the costs with 6PRacist.

    Oh, wait…


  331. Frank Calabrese says:

    Preview of Tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) West by William Bowe :-)

    Today’s West.

    Page one: Photo story blasting Carpenter for flying to Albany to discuss renewable energy, with an extra serve for “another back flip, this time on uranium”. Concluding line says Barnett “could not say how” his tax cut promise would be costed. Lead story says WA Police Union calls for violent juvenile criminals to be “named and shamed”; says Jim McGinty, “who has been the target of much of the public outcry over the so-called truth-in-sentencing laws”, would not return calls.

    Page four: Robert Taylor reiterates the attack on Carpenter over the Albany visit. Large two-column graphic blasts Carpenter over “U Mining U-Turn” and “Other backflips”. Fran Logan hammered again over the Varanus Island FOI request that was yesterday’s front page lead.

    Page five: “Labor does U-turn on uranium: Carpenter stuns industry and opponents by backing mining ban legislation just weeks after claiming it was not needed”. Smaller items on Institute of Public Affairs call for rail network and electricity generation privatisation, and shortening of bookies’ odds on the Liberals.

    Page six: Negatively framed lead on Barnett’s tax cut promise; Police Union criticises Liberals’ “school-based police officers” policy.

    Page seven: Gary Adshead colour piece on low debate ratings. WACOSS accuses both parties of failing the homeless and disadvantaged; Greens want Labor solar energy payment plan expanded.

    Page 20: Alston cartoon depicts naked Premier with small willy.

    Page 21: Wide-ranging attack on Labor by Tony Rutherford, mostly on education, with a small number of milder criticisms plus some praise for the Liberals.

    Page 22: Generally balanced set of letters to the editor, but headline reads “The Labor party has lost its way”.



  332. skink says:

    I saw that piece in the West.

    since they criticized Carps for flying to Albany, I can only assume that the West’s journo got there by bicycle.


  333. Bento says:

    I note Sookie’s latest column laments the death of his mother.

    Not ‘good riddance’ in this case, I see…


  334. skink says:

    I bow before you, Bento, in reverence of your having the Kahunas to say ‘good riddance’ to Sattler’s mother on his blog, and causing his listeners to choke on their timtams.

    the replies from the self-righteous are priceless: you nasty twisted prat

    How come you didn’t get banned?

    have they stopped bothering to moderate the Fairfax blogs? or do they hope a few more spats with Rattler will help his figures?


  335. I almost erased the comment about The Riddance matriarch from THIS blog.


  336. poor lisa says:

    ‘Worst of Worst of Perth’ Bento now that’s a title worth holding.


  337. Bento did you really say good riddance to his mother? Can someone screen save a pic. I’m glad I’ve got you inside the worst tent pissing out, than outside crapping in Bento.


  338. Ljuke says:

    Jesus. Howard is going to be “Mad As Hell”.


  339. Frank Calabrese says:

    It’s still there, and Bento’s response to the whingers :-)



  340. Pingback: TWAT TWAT TWAT TWAT TWAT « because I said so

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