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They will not take our potholes

More sign based philosophy. Big on ideas, short on spelling. Three people sent this. This one from Reign of Error. Mosman Park. 

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Cock burned Cougars 

I saw a sign recently, Kalamunda Cougars training, but missed it. Reign of Error sees a cock burned version, (it can happen I assure you). I guess there will be quite a few Cougars hanging around when the Damien Drum … Continue reading

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Show us your bins

Leave your bins out? Apparently Bayswater has been protesting every week for the last decade. Come on Alfred Cove! Let’s get this 4 storey development built! Let’s put our bins out and make sure DAPS won’t force us to have … Continue reading

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The Bucket

A Northbridge ciggie bucket nexus Sunday morning. We’ve all been there yeah? By Reign of Error.

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Good one Granddad

Reign of Error documents a piss trough in Cunderdin. I love the dedication of Worst fans. And by the way, cunt flaps. I thought the official term was Bush Flaps outside the city boundaries but whatever Granddad. Rock and Roll.  … Continue reading

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Mans’ Best Friend

Masterpiece. By Reign of Error. Esperance.      

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Crab Town City Limits

Literally. By an associate of Reign of Error.    

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Last days of the Taj

Going to miss this shithole when it finally goes. They were even going to have an Area 51. By Reign of Error. Mosman Park Oswal mansion.  Obviously.    

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Head On

All very well for The Post to be scooping the West over serial killers, but what about the dildo head-ons on Stirling aka Pedo Highway in Mosman Park? Get. it . Together. Bret. Christian. More than just a bit of … Continue reading

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Who is the dude?

What on earth is in the water in the name and shame command centre for Perth streets? Maybe a dose of Valium is called for? If not naltrexone – if that’s still a thing. What’s going on in there? This … Continue reading

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