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Mans’ Best Friend

Masterpiece. By Reign of Error. Esperance.      

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the E word

Maaaaate! Teh Worst has a page 3 EXCLUSIVE today, from the beautiful port city. But – alas – Stephen Pollock at Teh Chook had the report in his mighty organ four days earlier. People do get excited about cars, don’t … Continue reading

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Wild Esperance

What are they saying here? That if you decide to waste another 4 hours once you’ve passed Albany Wave Rock you might…what? Get some from a “wild” older woman covered in flowers? What is going on here? How would this image … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 198

Biscuit Boys sent this lovely worst on the USN Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier. (Right near the gift shop apparently). Some nice bad amateur artwork on a big scale. Wouldn’t there be at least someone amongst the thousands who could wield a brush … Continue reading

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Oozing On Up

Oozing? A worst by Perenium. Esperance Western Australia. From what I’ve heard about Esperance, they should take Perth Oozers and be happy they got them. Ungrateful rurotards. I’ll ooze wherever the fuck I want bumpkins.

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