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The Tour

Drunken January Santa pedalling towards the Nightosphere. My Hawthorn. Orbea.  

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Bungling bong banning Barnett botches boundaries

Where are the headline writers in this town? Haven’t seen this in rag one! There will be no better opportunity until the hoped for dreamed for “CCC Calls Carps a Cunt”. Not exactly connected, but Town (Yes Town!) of Vincent … Continue reading

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There, I’ve said it.

Nothing to boast about Mt Hawthorn. It’s not like we didn’t suspect it. By Ridge.

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That’s adorable

Oh Mt Hawthorn. May you never stop trying! Envibrancing has passed you by. By BX.

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Well are youse?

Although this has more of a Kalgoorlie Cup feel. BY WGG. Mt. Hawthorn. Or Hawthorne.

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Prince Angar of Avacal’s friend’s dog sniffed out a well crafted C&B in Mt Hawthorne, (Perth style). But the Prince was more concerned with the discarded hair gel nearby. It literally blew his mind. C’mon Prince, make the connection! I’m … Continue reading

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Registered Road

Daniel B notes an attempt to actually register a road. It doesn’t count if you try to spray paint your own road rules. You might as well write “No Sigmas”. Mt Hawthorn.

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The Mt. Hawthorn Monster

Minimalist masterpiece by Daniel. Mt Hawthorn.

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The smile behind…

Lovely sinister sign juxtapositioning, combined with cock and beard graffiti. Donna gordin be-cocked and be-bearded with a smiling Keenan leering behind. Yes she’s a local, that’s why she has a willy drawn on her. By Jaidyn-Jaxxon. The whole photo is … Continue reading

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Wine Line

How about a nice serene winebottle garden border to take us to an afternoon space. By Orbea, Mt Hawthorn. With wine prices as they are, using the full bottles wouldn’t be that much more expensive. wa wine

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