Justice Once

More from Hotblackdesiato. We’ve had a house dauber before Hottie. He’s probably right about the death of justice. It has the feeling of a letter to the editor to the West. The house is great. It reminds me a little of KGB Headquarters. I just wish you had a shot of the car! I remember the car parked in Freo. Someone may have a pic. He’ll probably supply one when he hears about this post.

Hotblackdesiato says…

This fellow didn’t get an outcome he wanted in the courts so then drove around with a coffin on the roof of his very tatty old falcon station wagon with writing down the side proclaiming the death of justice in WA. He also did it to his house, which is now daubed in all manner of diatribe. The house would have been a good Worst even if he hadn’t really put a seal on it! Its on the corner of Moran Crt and Beard St, Stevie Wonder couldn’t miss it…

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About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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21 Responses to Justice Once

  1. meccano101 says:

    Wow, this needs to be placed on a heritage list, its fantastic.


  2. The State library is archiving TWOP, so at least the photo will be available in the future. Seriously, I think people will be glad these things are remembered.


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I’m sure the interior is the epitome of taste and refinement though


  4. Rage says:

    Kudos to this guy. It’s a shame he hasn’t daubed the supreme court building also.


  5. Rolly says:

    Justice has never been easy to come by. In some cases it is practically impossible. But nothing has changed, it’s always been this way. The poor sod had just not seen the writing on the wall, so to speak.


  6. Nettie says:

    There’s a van that drives around the Midland/Basso area that I’ll try and get a photo of next time I see it. I think it’s got to do with the stolen generation or maybe cruelty to women or something (you can’t really tell, the slogans painted all over it are slightly obscure) but it reminds me of the falcon described.
    I see it everywhere I go but I’m sure now that I actually want to see it, I won’t run across it again in a hurry.


  7. tomthrett says:

    this looks like a really nice builidng, pity about the doofus painting all over it,


  8. Van ter Horst is affectionately known as the “Moron of Moran Street”. Strange fellow, but I am glad he finally got his justice.

    I signed his petitions, back in the day. You really should get a picture of his car (station wagon iirc), with the black coffin on the top, and similar rants on the side.


  9. Mez says:

    It is a really nice building. 60’s Brutalist architecture wasn’t very big in Freo in the 60’s so it really stands out (more-so with the pathetic daubs of a severely disguntled man). I love the staircase and rooftop viewing platform. Has one of the most spectacular views in Fremantle. The guy was in dispute with council about the height of a neighbour’s wall. He was actually in the right but council approved the wall anyway. he went on hunger strike, bolted coffin to car, lost wife and kids, painted house, erected mobile phone tower on roof (yes it is), flew aboriginal flag (until local noongar group asked him to take it down please), locked himself in and drew the curtains.
    I live around the corner from here and have never seen him on the verandah taking in the sunset
    sad really.
    Comment slightly edited for legal paranoia -Lazy Aussie.


  10. Golden1 says:

    Wow Mez – it’s really great when people are able to give the history of some of these places.
    Comment slightly edited due to legal paranoia – Lazy Aussie.


  11. Nettie, I’ve seen that van parked at Bunnings Morley, pretty sure all the slogans are jeebus related.

    I’m looking out for it too, probably be the same deal, when you wanna see it you never will!!

    Hi Lazy Auzzie, did you go down to Busso and did you see the little park in town near the river with all the ‘public art’ …all practically in ruins, all pretty tacky and tasteless…we took some pics, but camera is refusing to spit them out :(


  12. Have had to edit a couple of the comments slightly. Sorry guys. Now that TWOP is well known, I have to be more careful than probably warranted. There are a couple of posts and comments in the archives that I’ve had to remove for the same reasons.


  13. Damn and Blast Morley Madness, I forgot your advice. Next time. I did get a couple of excellent shots though.


  14. Leonard says:

    To be fair to Jan ter Horst, he was completely shafted. He subdivided his block and sold the seaward half with a covenant that the buyer couldn’t build above a certain height, so that he could keep his sea views. His lawyers didn’t think to specify that the height should be above sea level.

    The buyer of the subdivision backfilled the block so that the house he built of the “legal” height (i.e. the height of the roof above the backfill, not above the site as sold) blocked ter Horst’s view of the sea.

    He took it to every court in the land and lost.

    That’s the worst of Perth, that people who try to do something simply and honestly get fucked over by devious bastards who are backed by the “justice” system.

    Because of what happened to ter Horst, now if you do a subdivision, you have to just about get every single grain of sand on the site included in the covenant.

    Without that, there is absolutely nothing to stop someone building a house next to you that’s one hundred metres high by building ‘foundations’ one hundred metres high, as long as the door is on the ‘ground’ floor.

    It’s easy to laugh at ter Horst if you don’t know just how badly he was treated. What would you do if someone “legally” put a brick wall a metre in front of your lounge room window, after you thought you had made a legally “sound” contract that they could do everything they liked except that?

    I can’t remember the name of the person who bought the subdivision, but they are my nomination for the worst person in Perth.


  15. I think most commenters have been pretty sympathetic Leonard. It’s a sad state when you have to slogan your own house, right or wrong. He’s getting to air his case again here. I still want a shot of the car though.


  16. Shohan says:

    Watching the slogans change every couple of months is a fun sport. Yes, he updates!


  17. squib says:

    Well people I’m sure if your neighbour put a mobile phone tower on their roof you might be a little less than impressed

    [sorry about the belated comment but I missed this entry]


  18. The Legend 101 says:



  19. Lloyd Jacobs says:

    Visited Jan today to install a telephone service.
    I am from NSW and had never heard of him until I pulled up at this interesting house this morning.
    Rather fascinating interior and experience…….


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