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Phwoar! Jennifer Byrne

In which Tom Whitebait endures the inevitable interview with Jennifer Byrne. It’s supposed to be about the new book, phwoar, but inevitably the talk turns to bloody Cliché Street again. The Interview “Phwoar,” he breathes, sinking back into his chair, feeling … Continue reading

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Snuff’s Missing Links 6

Listen up youse pigs. Before Snuff’s wonderful links, I don’t know how long this will be up on iview, but don’t miss the excruciating interview Jennifer Byrne does with Tim Winton, with bonus shots of the magnificence of his more … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wintoning 1

Jaidyn Jaxxon has kindly agreed to do some Wednesday Wintoning! Awesome! Phwoar, he breathes, stretching one arm out beyond the confines of the ancient floral couch. I’m baked. It has just gone ten o’clock; and already, the street outside is … Continue reading

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Wind Street

The long awaited appearance of Peter Garrett talking about his favourite book Cloudstreet  on the ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club was last night. Peter I believe claimed it was one of the best books of all time. Every guest tried … Continue reading

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