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Outrage Sunday 256 The Road Home

One of my Bassendean associates, Mad Maddo, sent this frightening pic. She had her drone up, looking for illegal lime trees. She found a dinosaur that shat itself to death. Big poos, big story: I’m surprised it hasn’t been on … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wintoning 1

Jaidyn Jaxxon has kindly agreed to do some Wednesday Wintoning! Awesome! Phwoar, he breathes, stretching one arm out beyond the confines of the ancient floral couch. I’m baked. It has just gone ten o’clock; and already, the street outside is … Continue reading

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Kerb your muffler

Those who don’t dispose of their used mufflers are the real criminals when it comes to street art. Dispose of your mufflers in a registered facility or artists WILL get hold of them. Kojonup.

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The Key

A charming addition to the Creepy Hollow post by Chris. I love it. Why not?

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Creepy Hollow

Hot food horror show slash servo between Williams and Kojonup. I don’t know. I’ve got nothing. By the Paracleet. Hey! It’s teh Paracleet again!

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