While Snuff continues his ancient slumber, a few things. Firstly. People are noticing this stream of twitter gold flowing right? “German Shepherds “may be Jewish”. Intensive DNA testing reveals the German Shepherd dogs are related to Canaan Dogs, Israel’s national breed…” Nothing? Is this thing working? It’s funny right? Maybe I should ask Garry Shannon. He knows funny.

Here’s Garry “I’m not pretending to be funny” Shannon telling Gary Adshead he’s not funny on Facebook. When Garry, who doesn’t have a funny bone in his body and wouldn’t know funny if it got out of its car and punched him while he was watering his garden, tells you you are not funny, then you’re really not funny. Or maybe that means you are funny? Or maybe they are both not funny. In any case, Garry claiming to be able to tell the difference is definitely funny. Also this “Golden Age” of 6PR? When was this? Was it perhaps coinciding with a period that Garry was working?

Garry deadpans, possibly in a Russian accent…

“It’s not very often I criticise the things I hear on the radio, however this time I will make an exception. At 11.40 this morning I was in my car, had 6PR on and heard Gary Adshead talking about the Russian-Ukraine crisis, and how serious a situation it is, and even how some people here in Perth were very concerned about relatives who live in these areas. After saying all this, he launched into possibly the worst, piece of radio I have ever head. It was a mock interview. One was suppose to be Russian President Vladimir Putin, the other was someone with no talent at all, pretending to interview the Russian President. They both spoke in their Aussie voices, obviously no one could do the accents, and the content of the skit was nothing short of atrocious. I think I know the people who wrote and recorded this piece of crap, so just a word of advice, if there is just one thing I have learnt after 38 years in radio, if you’re not funny, don’t pretend to be, you’ll get caught out every time, and that thing this morning was anything but funny, it was seriously bad. If Adshead thinks this is the way to entertain a radio audience, well quite frankly he should head on back to writing for tabloids. I truly thought 6PR’s ratings had fallen about as far as they possibly could, I stand corrected, I feel they have a way to go yet. After making Perth Radio my life long career, quite seriously, it makes me sad to listen these days, so I very seldom do. What was once great, is now floundering.”

A media commentator said to me, “Had 6PR gone from the credibility of ABC to its current state of disrepair I could understand their whinging. However, 6PR has been floundering for nearly 10 years. It can never ‘go back’ to what it was. It can only go forward to something better. A task which apparently seems too much of a heavy lift.

Yes. There was no Golden Age of 6PRacist. Only a shithouse age, followed by an equally shithouse age with less ratings.

Can I also point out how savvy (and funny) The Asia Beat is. Only a couple of weeks ago it reported that “Anwar Sodomy last hope for Malaysia’s UMNO.” Thanks to Snuff for this link yesterday. Obviously Malaysian leaders are avid readers of The Asia Beat.

Speaking of The Asia Beat, I will be making some more of these Hot crescent buns, if anyone wants some for Easter. For the (surprisingly large number) of people who didn’t get it, yes, I am head baker Adeeb. Peace be upon me.20140216-140936.jpg

One last thing, if you live anywhere near Baysie, please give some email support to the TWOP associate who wants to open a small bar cafe in Bayswater. He promises “No drinks in glass jars.”

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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32 Responses to Thingz

  1. orbea says:

    Even Gary Shannon’s life-long support of the front bar at the Shents couldn’t keep it open, and he gave full support. Unfunny, conservative music choice, 1970’s sexist racist misogynist dull as dishwater commercial radio cardboard cutout


  2. Bento says:

    He’s talking about Clarke & Dawe, isn’t he?


    • I think it’s even funnier than that. I think it may have been 2 6PR hacks “doing” Clarke and Dawe. Search for Garry’s actual post on FB, where commenters agree that Adshead is “No Bob Maumill.”


  3. rottobloggo says:

    Why have I not looked at Gary’s Facebook before? Before several posts about the Malaysia Airlines plane, he spoke about Derryn Hinch:
    “Well, you can’t hold a good old radio guy down. Derryn Hinch amazes me, he really does. Derryn got out of jail today, after serving a 50 day sentence for his controversial broadcasting. On release today, Derryn was greeted by his very attractive, 34 year old girlfriend, While in jail, Derryn turned 70. Bit of life in the old dog yet, good on him. I also noticed Derryn has a new look, while in jail it seems he’s lost the trade mark beard, he’s now clean shaven. The new look was a bit of a shock, he now looks like a really old member of the Wiggles.”
    And then:
    “Just had a think about that, Derryn Hinch Is 70, his attractive young girlfriend is 34. So she is 36 years younger than Derryn. If I had a girlfriend who was 36 years younger than me, she would be 21. Yep, I’m up for that, but I think it would be a short term relationship, maybe a weekend or two.”
    She’s plunged from “very attractive” to “attractive” – please explain?


  4. billoslatter says:

    Even more Gazza goodness, Me bitter and twisted no way.
    “Over the years, this person becomes the music director, the assistant program manager, and eventually, the program manager. So after many years, there you are, you’ve built quite a reputation as a great radio announcer, and all of a sudden you are taking orders from a person who was no good at what you do. Believe me, after all those years, after being rejected, because all along they wanted to be an announcer, these people see this as their time, they are bitter and twisted and take great pleasure in telling you how to do what they could never do. I know two of these guys who are still around today, both of them should never have stepped inside a radio station. They have the people skills of a rabid dog. I hope that gives you some insight into the wonderful world of radio.”
    Brad McNally will be turning in his grave.


  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    Then there is this post about a possible sale of 6PR And as for the peole pining for the Good old days – next they’ll be wanting Garry Carvolth & Jenny Seaton back


    • They could do worse. Wattsie for example. I can’t see Jenny bringing that frisson of racism that the station needs. I like how googling watts and Martin 6pr brings up TWOP ahead of Wikipedia.


    • billoslatter says:

      Frank, the talk of 6PF’s (Perth Footy) sale was just a setup for a “joke”, however is Shannon right that nobody would buy the overpriced dog ? Arsehead, for example.does little that TWOP hasn’t done.


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