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Tall Timber

There may be New York style and Perth style C&B, but Newport Melbourne style could expect a warm welcome wherever they hang their hat. By J J.

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Tullio asserts – with good reason that Murdoch’s Bush Court should be renamed. Any suggestions? 

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100 Flanges

Went to 100 objects from the British Museum exhibition. Some great things. Surprising lack of C&B over 4000 years. There’s this from Ancient Greece. Isn’t it facing the wrong way for that period? I didn’t think they were that flange … Continue reading

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It’s Inevitable. 

I don’t care who you are. Eventually your thoughts will turn to C&B. Cottesloe. I guess she worked in the meat and two veg section?  UPDATE: Vanished Worst as at 10am – is that a record?    

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Melbourne style. With unusual bonus boozie.  

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Outrage Sunday 183 fine dining

There’s nothing I like more than Corean kimchi (if you don’t include Cobe beef, Cansas corn, or Calamunda waffles). As per Bethany, they’re selling Belgian stuff here. Krazy Kym loves it when we “go Dutch” and I bring her some “rollmops” … Continue reading

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Afternoon Delight

Despite the possibility of constructed worsts, I’m going to allow ex Perthonian Ian B’s Brisbane skies. Because he says he,”Saw this and thought of you guys”.

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