Mint Fresh, John Curtin Gallery Speaker Series.

Your Nutrition and Hydration on the Gallery Scene, brought to you by The Worst of Perth.

For those that work any large organisation, for any type of meeting, eyes all turn first to the catering. One glance at the single packet of Arnotts Family Assorted biscuits is enough to tell you, even before the first word is spoken, that the budget hasn’t gone through. If you see the Aldi equivalent, then you might as well clear your desk.
What a vote then, of confidence in the future of the John Curtin Gallery to see genuine chocolate Mint Slices, and cookies with substantial nuggets of chocolate, served for the latest of their speaker series.

Obviously the Moccona is sending out mixed messages, being little more than Copper Kettle in an expensive bottle, but as all meeting goers know, Moccona is for looking at, not drinking. It’s saying, we can afford to buy 4th tier instant, ( above Pablo, Copper Kettle and Nescafe…) The fact that it’s not very good coffee is not the point here, just the fact that it doesn’t come in a drum.

I also love that unlike Lawrence Wilson Gallery at The University of WA, who put on pizzas and snacks and actively encourage students – non fine art students – to attend artist talks and arts related cultural events, John Curtin Gallery seems to have the laudable policy of keeping this world class facility basically a secret from the massive student population. Thank goodness. Think about the run on Mint Slices for a start.


Foreground, Arnotts Mint Slices, Background artwork by Brian Robinson.

Speakers Series: Dr Susanna Castleden & Ms Mandy Downing, Wednesday 13th November 2019
Organised by John Curtin Gallery

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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5 Responses to Mint Fresh, John Curtin Gallery Speaker Series.

  1. Again I wonder about the US situation. Mint Slices or not BSWAM?


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