Creamed Crab

Creamed Crab would seem so very wrong if it wasn’t brought to you by ABBA. Creamed Crab by Bucks Fizz just wouldn’t sound appetising. The serving sugestion is to squeeze it out like a pallid dog turd. Thanks to Ljuke for snapping this at IKEA. Do you have to reassemble the crab yourself at home?

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24 Responses to Creamed Crab

  1. cybill says:

    Wow, flat packed crab – those crazy swedes


  2. Rolly says:

    Those red hordes of the beasties on Xmas Island seem to get creamed as they try to cross the roads.
    Pretty well packed flat too, many of them.
    Someone told me that they tend to ‘sing out’ a bit in the process.


  3. David Cohen says:

    Mamma mia! Will appearing on TWOP be Ikea’s Waterloo? The store will have to send out an S.O.S after this. They may have to counter the bad publicity by offering two for the price of one – then the winner takes it all.


  4. I understood those references.


  5. crankynick says:

    Guess I’m off to Ikea this arvo – I gotta know…


  6. Rolly says:

    Which ones LA?


  7. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    Whipped Crab would’ve never got up I guess! Gimme Gimme Gimme a Crab after midnight mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm…..


  8. Levon says:

    I guess the only thing to be thankful for is that it’s not in some form of aerosol can, like what the Americans have done to cheese.


  9. Rage says:

    Thankful or sorry, Levon? Cheese is beautiful in every form, even compressed liquid. Let all of the little cheeses come to me.

    Meanwhile, I’d probably take a chance on the crab meat. (Take a chance, take a chance, take-checka-chan-chance).


  10. Frank Calabrese says:

    Re THe ABBA Brand – I have on video an Abba Special from the early 90’s and the late Stig Anderson mentions that the reason why they reversed the first B in ABBA was that the seafood company had already registered the name as a trademark.


  11. Ljuke says:

    You have on video an Abba special? And people laugh at me for liking the Travelling Willburies. For shame.


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    [You have on video an Abba special? And people laugh at me for liking the Travelling Willburies. For shame.]

    It was the Ch 7 one which promoted ABBA Gold, there was also a similar one on Ch 9 which had clips of the ABBA in Australia special on the revived Bandstand hosted by one Daryl Somers.


  13. David Cohen says:

    Why doesn’t Microsoft Word have an ABBA-style reversed B in the Symbols option? It’s a disgrace!


  14. poor lisa says:

    As it’s the 13th best band logo in the world, they tend to sue people who try to use it, probably even microsoft.


  15. poor lisa says:

    Wu Tang Clan’s is better? I don’t THINK so.

    And just back to # 10 – is this what they call seafood in Sweden? Scary.


  16. Rage says:

    Now now, poor lisa. The wutang clan ain’t nothing to fuck with. The misfits, however… Ugh.


  17. crankynick says:

    I think it’s that or pickled herring, poor lisa, and I’m pretty certain I’d take the crab-in-a-tube, personally.


  18. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    Mandurah is losing out “Big Time” (thanks Brendan Nelson), on this lucrative opportunity – “Crab Town” has the whole crustacean market surrounded, but clearly this golden moment has slipped through the net!

    Come On Mandurah get the whipped crabs out, you’ve still got time!!


  19. Rolly says:

    Crustacean BDSM , BCF?


  20. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    This is very weird – ABBA’s all time greatest hits is on telly tonight!! Wonder if we’ll see any crab?


  21. John says:

    its actually pretty good. i found some in the fridge the other night. after a drunken night out. i couldn’t help but try


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  24. The Legend 101 says:

    Its Sweedish food,Good stuff they may eat this is sweeden so it might be strange to some people.The ikea food is nice so stop judging it. Go to ikea and order the sweedish meatballs you will be suprised with the taste guys. I recommend you do that. Also the cakes are yum to.


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